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    In reply to Poturu:

    Here's a list of the 3 better sites where you can meet women prior to heading out to South America --> (1), (2), and (3) - in that order.

    Out of the three, you'll probably find the best variety from In order to really be able to contact these women freely and efficiently, it will serve you best to simply pay the $20-30/3month membership. If you're interested in some true GFEs, I would recommend these sites, but a lot of these women seem to be wary in weeding out whether or not you are sincere. Also, the better women seem to have been bombarded by guys writing them with posts akin to (ie.): "Hi I'm an American man who would like to buy your marriage for 2 years by giving you citizenship in the US ... you will be mine to do whatever I please for these 2 years" ... and have mentioned to me that they are relatively leery of people posting to them. Just my opinion, but these men seem to be giving those ladies rather reasonable deals ...!

    All in all, these sites are worth a look if you are willing to invest some time. Also, chatting with them on yahoo and msn can give you some more insight into their lives and what to do/see in Peru. However, (from what I've read) if you're looking for pure action without any strings attached, I have a feeling that you'll prefer playing your hand the bars/parlors/chongos ... and also by meeting girls without internet skills.
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    I received the following email and thought the group might be interested:


    Hi my friend,

    I will go to Iquitos in July and I'd like to know if this town
    is dangerous I will stay alone in Iquitos.




    Hi Giorgio,

    My impression is that there is surprisingly very little violence in Iquitos. This is what I observed and was told by the people there. Even the thieves do not typically employ strong-arm tactics and pick-pockets are the norm rather than violence. Groups of people in Iquitos have been known to chase and help aprehend thieves even though they were not victims but observers. This is in stark contrast to Lima and to a lesser degree in Cuzco where tourists are often victims of violent crime.

    Personally, I think the men in Iquitos have all been fucked to death by all the horny women there, and hence the lack of crime

    Have fun in Iquitos, il mio paisan'.


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    Hi Poturu and dandaman!!
    I can answer both!!

    Poturu....if you want to contact with iquiteñas, a good web is, free and with thousands of girls (specially from Colombia and Peru)...if you want iquiteñas, put it in the searching and you will have maybe 300 contacts of any age!

    Dandaman....I'm sorry, actually I dont know exactly my holiday days, so I will know in the future, but I would like to share hunting cholitas with you!! Yo are also a cholitas lover, so whe have more things and common!
    Where do you have had more success hunting cholitas? any special city?
    Its easy to find a cholita girlfriend in Peru, eastern men attract them a lot! But I had a problem of choosing!
    When Ill return to Peru, Ill try to go to Iquitos or a near city searching charapitas. People talked about them, and said that are horny but very jealous!!
    Last day, I found a site of a charapita pro....uau!! incredible and beatiful girl!! Look at all the charapitas are like her, ill have a lot of job!!

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    Iquitos is very remote. I would not say that it is isolated because it does get a lot of tourists. It is the gateway to the Peruvian Amazon and there are a lot of ecotourism-type lodges within a few hours' boat ride so people fly into Iquitos. You can't get there by land transportation (other than walking!). I was there in 2000 but just in and out on my way to the Explorama Lodge (so did not monger, unfortunately). It is hot as fuck there (I was there in late Feb. or early March) and you need malaria protection, yellow fever shots, and mosquito protection (although I have seen worse mosquitos a few other places).

    For a good historical and sociological overview, read "La Doctora" by Linnea Smith, a doctor from Wisconsin who set up a medical clinic down there (not in Iquitos but a few hours by boat near the Explorama). I had the pleasure to meet her while I was down there.

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    Just read your reports and they are very interesting. My wife is a peruana, from Lima. Both her and her family are always talking about the women of Iquitos, and how hot they are. She is hip to my mongering trips ( I leave for Bangkok on 2/14) and she knows what will happen if I go to Iquitos, but I still have her permission to go!! I always deny doing anything but she just laughs at that. Still, I hesitate to be so blatant about the hobby, such as going to Iquitos. Very few women feel THAT secure.
    Her cousin, who is from northern Peru, is pushing me to go in April. Think you might be going around that time?
    Another question: why are there so few posts on Iquitos on the Forum? Is it because it is so remote?


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    Hey Nibu, did you make it back to Lima in time for Xmas? I wish you luck in bringing your girl back to the US. Remember your kid will be an american citizen even if he is born in Peru. Good luck with your new family, especially your sister-in-laws who seem to gossip a bit. I did tell them you are "loco bueno." But this really isn't news. I'm sure that anyone who meets you would say the same thing. You are crazy, but in a good way.

    To answer your questions on Iquitos, Nila's Yellow Rose of Texas is a bar and sidewalk cafe next door to the famous "Iron House (built by Eiffel)." A lot of american ex-patriots hang out there. The owner is an american who is married to a peruvian (Nila). I was invited to Thanksgiving Dinner there and met a lot of americans who have lived there for many years. The day before, I met a nice peruvian girl there, talked to her for 5 minutes and invited her to my hotel. She said yes, and I had her in my bed within 15 minutes after meeting her!

    With respect to Papa Pirañas, I went there on a Thursday night and it was completely dead. Only four people were dancing (all employees). Papa Pirañas is a big modern disco, but Iquitos just has too many discos that are more popular. For peruvian bands, check out Agricolabank. I went on a Saturday night and thousands of peruvians were there. Girls there were propositioning me to take them back to my hotel. But be careful; I caught pickpockets with their hands in my pockets right after I paid to enter.

    Nibs, I went to the four Chongos near the airport on a Wednesday night. All were closed and the neighborhood seemed really dangerous. Check them out for us on the Saturday night when you are there and let us know how they are. Don't waste your time with Papa Pirañas, it's not popular anymore. There are newer, more popular discos. There was a giant new disco being built when I was there.

    So, take care my crazy good friend, and be careful not to let your in-laws jerk you around too much. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Next time you make it to Monterey, California, you'll have a place to stay and I can be the "tour guide" this time (but I have to admit the chica action here is nothing like Peru).
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    excellent question. yes, to get around the amazon you will need to take a boat. there are "rapidos" (speed boats) and "botes" or "lanchas" (slow-moving boats). in iquitos you will be lied to when you try to get information about boats. they won't tell you about the commercial services available with "rapidos" and will tell you that you have to rent one and buy all the fuel. i was told it would cost $1000 to go to pevas. this is bullshit, as pevas is just a couple of hours away by speed boat. with respect to manaus, there are no direct boats to manaus. you will have to go to the brazilian border first. rapidos to the border take 8-10 hours and cost $50. they leave from embarcadero el huequito at 5:00 am. regular boats (lanchas) take 4-5 days and cost 15 - 30 dollars, depending upon if you want a cabin or just a hammock. from the border you can get a boat to manaus. from the moment you arrive in iquitos you will be hounded to death by agents trying to sell you tours. tell them all to fuck-off. remember that they are only interested in the 30% commision they will get.

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    Hi Subaculture,

    To answer your questions, there really are only a few pros working the Malecon and Plaza de Armas. Nothing really outstanding, but they were young. They were asking for 50 soles, but could be bargained down to 30 (10 soles for the hotel included). So, that's 20 soles, about $5.70. But you missed my point, that in reality just about all the women of Iquitos are available and you don't have to pay them. They are extremely promiscuous and sexually aggresive. They will be the ones asking you to go back to your hotel! Even the strippers in the clubs are free of charge if you wait until after closing-time.

    Good luck,


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    here's the story of iquitos --

    it's paradise for the single male gringo looking for a little latina action. just unbelievable. the women here are similar to dominican women in that the society here is matrilineal (to use the anthropologists' terminology). that is, the women run the households here and are very open sexually. i actually had to turn down women who openly asked me to bring them back to my hotel - and they weren't hookers. i did some groundwork before arriving and met a few iquiteñas on the internet. much to my surprise they were more beautiful than their photos and ended up in my bed before i knew what was happening. the places to frequent are the malecon and plaza de armas. check out nila's yellow rose of texas and tell gerald "hi" from dan the scientist from california. gerald will help you out with tours etc. next door there is a british pub and tell sweet margarita you are a friend of danny's. i spent an afternoon with margarita on her day off last saturday touring the amazon river with a speed boat. we went swimming, and margarita wasn't shy about skinny dipping when she forgot her swimsuit. the best place for peruvian food is the hausai close to the plaza. for exotic food, visit el meson. try the "lagarto" (crocodile) there, it's the best in town. write me at
    [email address deleted by admin] if i can provide you with any other info such as hotel, etc. you will love the women of iquitos.

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    I finally made to Iquitos. Here´s the story. The *****s are cheaper and better in Lima. If you need a **** here, visit Agresivas Night Club on Tacna 173. I went here with three friends (two guys and a chick). The dancers give everyone a little lap dance after they dance. The girl we brought with us was from Ireland and this was here first time in a strip club. She was lots of fun. A similar club is Emmanuels a couple of blocks away. Also check out the Tropical where some gorgeous girls are stripping. The girls want 150 to 200 soles, but you can get their phone numbers and avoid the Salida (bar fine) of 50 soles. Also check out El Farolito, the Ricon de Lucy, and Las Divas. There are suspose to be four *****houses (Chongas) near the airport. I went but they were all closed. Seemed like a dangerous place to go at night. I would recommend avoiding it. There are a few young sluts in the Plaza de Armas, but avoid the Transvestites if you aren´t into it. One last word of advise. Make sure your **** has her ID card or they might not let her into your hotel.

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    With respect to the Amazon and Iquitos, the advice about being careful not to get drugged is not to be ignored. When I was in the Venezuelan Amazon (Puerto Ayachucho) on the Orinoco River I ran into some young girls that tried to drug me. What happen was that I invited these girls to my hotel to share a bottle of champagne. We were in the courtyard drinking together when the night receptionist called me to the front desk. He didn't really tell me anything and there was no reason for him to call me away from the courtyard. Very suspicious. When I went back and continued with the girls, I was afraid to continue drinking for fear of them having put something in the drink when I was away. I only had a few sips more, but that was enough. Later on that night and the next day I got nauseous. Lesson learned. Don't trust anyone, not the hotel employees (who in this case lured me away while my drink was being drugged) and certainly not the young sluts! Even though they are very young they are still very dangerous.

    By the way, they weren't hookers and never asked me for money. I did f**k both of them and never gave either of them a centavo. More on this later.
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