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    After a full year I am finally going to make it back to Peru. I am planning a side trip to Trujillio. Does anyone know of any Saunas or massage places that provide extra services. I have located info on nightclubs and brothels there but maybe something for daytime.rbc100

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    Quote Originally Posted by David_33
    That said, I know a 25 year old giant boobed perverted lawyer in Trujillo who loves to give bbbjs to decent looking guys.
    Hmm, i might need to look into this further next time i head up there. A bbbjs from a lawyer with big boobs may be just what i need to take the edge off of an 8 hour bus trip. Thanks David

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    Lots of cuties in Trujillo, the last Miss World is from there. But as you say, they are more conservative...this is due in great part to the smaller size of the city, everybody knows everybody and they don´t want to screw up their reputations. That said, I know a 25 year old giant boobed perverted lawyer in Trujillo who loves to give bbbjs to decent looking guys.

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    Spent a few weeks up in Trujillo with some friends, very clean and attractive city, real laid back city, beautiful ladies, but compared to lima they are certainly more conservative. Didn't do much mongering but did venture out on the town to a disco called El Palacio de la Cerveza, they were having some kind of beer promo.
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    Baia Rosa

    I have been to the Baia Rosa this Monday. Not that many Girls arround. They have arround 40 Rooms, on Monday about 12 Girls were working. People told me it's bussier from Thursday to Saturday. Entrance fee is 2 S. Girls charge 15 S. There is even a Collectivo Service back to Trujillio for only 2 S. I was surprised by the number of verry young Visitors. Seems to be normal for 18 year old boys to go there in groups to have fun.

    Reccomondation: Check out the Girls in Room 1, 3 and 34. In front of Room 34 there were sometimes 5 guys waiting.

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    LanPeru flies in every day for $182++ RT.

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    Trujillo soons like a promising place to visit on my upcoming trip.I know you can go there by bus but close to 8 hours.What options are available to fly there at a reasonable price.rbrandon100(rbc100)

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    Surfer's Trujillo Report

     the streetwalker scene being pathetic, the main options for pros are either the higher end nightclubs in the tupac amaru area (5 minutes from the center) or the two chongos about 15 minutes outside of town. the consensus seems to be that starlight is the best of the nightclubs and
    we went there twice. barbujas is also frequently mentioned and it is walking distance but we stuck to the best. no admission, 15 soles per drink (20 for some types) and same price for ladies drinks. excellent, modern, facility with plush booths around the outside an vip rooms with one way glass where “anything goes”. :d like an upscale us strip club. vip rooms are 60 per hour, the salida (take out fee) is 70 but the take out fee is not good for all night :+ supposedly no more than 2 hours. waiter hinted the chicas would ask 150. place is dead until midnight and open until 6am. one stripper maybe every 20 minutes. nobody tips. quite standoffish as most girls sat in booths on one side without mingling. place had way more customers at 5am than at

    there were two girls that were solid 8+, several 7s and nothing worse than a 6 out of a total of about 10-12 girls. one of the hotties is this tall, darkskinned beauty with a smoking body that looks almost egyptian or middle eastern. she never did strip, but she rolled around on the stage or in a booth in a most seductive way. she gave screwed up her phone number and email,
    but he balked at even buying her one drink.

    the brightest star at starlight is katrina, a 21 yo tall, white girl from iquitos with a cute face, smoking body and very sexy dance moves typical of girls from “the jungle” (the way people refer to iquitos and surrounding loreto state) . she seemed to be the stripper every third or fourth round (some girls never danced). katrina explained apologetically that her name preceded the storm in a sweet and disarming way (showing wisdom and sensitivity at a young age. small boobs, but otherwise very attractive. she came over (after i told waiter to call her) in a sheer white bodysuit that was sexier than bare skin. we each had a 15 sole screwdriver, and she was very friendly and affectionate, and she gave me a lapdance that was very stimulating shall we
    say. i tried to close the deal by asking if she wanted to come by the beach cabana after work (6am) but she claimed to be out of service for the day but said she’d like to the following day. but when i called it was voicemail blah blah blah. bummer as she danced so seductively she would have been a great model. when i go back i definitely want to complete my unfinished business with her.

    the chongos

    20 or so minutes northwest of trujillo on the highway out in the middle of nowhere are two chongos, milagros (miracle) and bai rosa (rose bay). if anybody has been to mustang ranch or other nevada brothels, a chongo is kind of like in that it is a compound out in the middle of nowhere. one of the big differences is that these chicas are true freelancers who rent a room for
    a per day charge. they decorate their rooms with personal effects in many cases. the other big difference is that here is no lineup with introductions by a madam. rather, they stand in the doorway of their rooms dressed provocatively soliciting the parade of horny guys with titilating comments or gestures while the patrons wander long hallways full of these rooms perusing thewares on offer as if shoppers at a market spying fresh produce. we were told it was 40soles in trujillo, and men pay 2 soles to enter the compound. the standard price for a session is 15 soles, but extras like anal or cim or fotos etc. may require a tip. but doing the math makes it obvious that these are high volume places that the many dislike.

    milagros is the larger and older complex, and it has two separate buildings each of which requires a separate entry ticket. it is located about 500 yards off the pan american highway heading north out of trujillo. about 20 minutes out of the center, and perhaps 200 yards before the road junction with the road from huanchaco heading north, there is a 100 yard wide dirt road heading to the right. there is a horizontal line of brightly colored lights visible from the main highway that makes it very easy to spot at night, less so in the daytime. hours are 3.30pm until 11pm both here and at the other chongo. some strip shows on weekend nights.

    we both liked rose bay better, although it is smaller than milagros. technically the “consorcio salud (health consortium) lu xian long” according to the entrance ticket, presumably chinese owned, this modern pentagon shaped facility is located on the righthand side of the highway 4 kms north of ovalo huanchaco, the traffic circle with the junction of the road
    going from trujillo to huanchaco and the city bypass of the panamerican highway. bai rosa has younger, cuter , friendlier girls in a much newer and nicer facility placed out among what purport to be chicken ranches run by the “isrealis” but which have major mossad like security. whenever we would drive by at night these bright spot lights from fixed positions would follow
    us up and down the highway. lots of barking dogs and high earthen berms obscuring the view. there were security guards on foot with powerful flashlights too, as well as a jeep with police like lights patrolling up and down the highway at night. there was a field of what looked like california golden poppies we saw in the daytime, but something else besides poultry is going on to warrant the fortress like security as if they were guarding the colonel’s own recipe.there is always a traffic cop parked here so don’t speed (40 kms/hour on urban roads and highways and 80kms on the panamerican) and wear your seatbelt at all times.

    as i mentioned, gasoline in peru is about $1 more than in the us despite being both a producer country and quite poor. this does not sit well with the populace who blame the government. so they called a 2 day nationwide transport strike called a “paro” (stop). no vehicles are supposed to drive savaging the already moribund local economy. supposedly lima was not subject to it, but it effectively paralyzed commerce in peru’s third largest city for two days with angry mobs set up at choke points on the main highway out of town near the milagros chongo. the guy who rented us the car said that as foreigners we would have no problem, but this turned out to be not
    so accurate. in juanchaco, we saw several rocks placed in the road but basically all was mellow. so mellow in fact because there was nobody there because there was no public transport. really it was the way i prefer the beach to be.

    however, the paro meant the chongos were devoid of chicas as the darlings could not get transport. as we sat parked in front of rose bay wondering what the hell to do, we noticed a mediocre looking chica walk up to the gate of rose bay who was looking for a ride to get some food (because of the paro). lets us call her easy. necessity being the mother of invention, and
    with nary another chica visible on the horizon, easy ended up getting more of a ride than she ever imagined. screwed up sat in the back with her and before long was getting bbbj in the back seat as i drove. while she adamantly insisted that she had never done two guys at a time, she said she had done a group of british surfers in the civilized, british, way, to wit, one after another.

    soon after returning to our bungalow with a bottle of vodka and oj, we put a brazilian porn dvd into the dvd player (an 8.5 inch battery powered unit i bought for less than $200 at wal-mart) and plugged it intro the tv. before long, her inhibitions were vitiated and we proceeded to have a veritable bachanalia of vice so raunchy that 99% of the pictures are too xtreme for
    posting. after an hour or so, the peruvian employee came to the door which screwed up had wedged open to increase ventilation as it was quite hot from all that action. he surely heard easy’s cries of delight. he said the boss was unhappy and the girl would have to go. given that screwed up shared the owner’s nationality and language, he was selected to go speak
    with the boss about our activities. he returned about 10 minutes later to report on his negotiations with the owner. he reported that the owner’s peruviana wife was there and she insisted that it was a family oriented hotel (despite there being no other guests) and was not a suitable place for such debauchery. after another hour or so, we were hungry so we drove into
    town (not much out along the highway).

    but when we passed chanchan on the way into trujillo for dinner, after having been forced to drive slowly because there are portions of highway that are unlit and there were still plenty of rocks left in the road by the paro protestors, we had to pay some food money for the paro when we ncountered a group of teenagers manning a rock blockade made of rocks. but this was tame compared to what we would eventually face on tuesday. we gave 3 soles and they were cool and let us by. when we got to town, the streets were eerily deserted . there is a cluster of about 7 good restaurants with neon signs and good ambience one long block north past
    the stadium. an italian place with a large sign of a mobster out front on one corner, a parilla (grill) next door, a chinese place, and several chicken places including “chicken king” where we ate. excellent steaks and chicken (try the mixed grill). an absolute feast for 3 came to about $20 including all our drinks and a tip. tv with music videos and an indoor waterfall all add to the ambiance. better value, but less elegant than the restaurant at hotel liberador on the plaza.

    many of the other chicas at rose bay were quite cute and fresh looking. several chicas were foto shy, causing me to lose pictures of a couple real hotties, so on the last day i brought the carnaval mask in my chongo kit which worked for this 18 yo cutie from the jungle.

    mask pics-posted in foto section

    the chongos were not too strict in searching foreigners (my camera is big and hard to conceal),unlike in lima at las cucardas. this one, l, had ff sized melons that were so squeezable soft they put charmin tissue to shame. she was quite agreeable about pictures of her great assets. loads of personality too, like a young charo. good bbbj and non rushed, though i paid her
    well over the going rate if 15 soles to get a full hour, leaving two agitated regulars of hers waiting outside the door when i finally exited .

    in conclusion, imho trujillo regular girls are very friendly so the city definitely warrants further investigation.

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    Like Surfer says Starlite nightclub is kinda pricey and boring. Which reminded me not to go high-end places anymore. Low-end brothels are all the more fun.

    15 soles for any girl at the chongo´s. Discuss BBJ and time beforehand. I did one really tiny girl and she had problems with taking my dick. She gave me back half of my money because she couldn´t get me off.
    Opening hours 2.00pm-12.00, but it doesn´t really start untill 4-5pm.

    Here the addresses and info from the receipts of the chongo´s.
    - Panamericana norte Km. 572
    2 soles entrance fee

    - Via de Evitamiento Km. 5.81 1/2 Huanchaco
    del Ovalo Huanchaco hacia la Panamericana Norte

    In Bahia Rosa they have a drawing every Saturday at 8:30 to win a free session with the girl of your choosing. And keep your entrance tickets. When you have 3 you get one free entrance.
    Every tuesday, friday and sunday strip tease at 7:30-8:30-9:30.
    In the other chongo they have similar contests and live sex show shows on saturday and sunday.

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    Just Back from Trujillo With Screwed Up

    Each of us will be posting a report soon, but great action to be had at the chongos (there are two, Milagros and Bahia Rosa) for 15 soles ($5). Starlite nightclub has a few babes but pricey and not the friendliest club.

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    Infos about Trujillo

    Hi guys,

    I confirm what Kinpins wrote about the chongo.

    Price are still the same.

    In local newspaper it is possible to find some adds, about 15-20 adds.

    I called one and she asked me 80 soles for 1 hour to come to her place or to come to my place, but I prefered go to the Chongo.

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    Hey guys,

    I just got back from Trujillo and for me it is a hidden gem in Peru. It is very safe and cheap and you still feel like you are in a city. I didn´t get a chance to do much mongering because I was hanging out with my cousins my whole trip there, but I was able to get out once by myself. I headed straight to the Chongo. It is about 20 mins from the city and it is huge. 2 soles to get in and 15 soles for any girl you see. The chongo is very safe a lot of locals walking around and it is a very chill atomsphere. I would say there is about 50-75 girls there and I would rate them from 3-7 mostly and a couple of 8´s. If you take a taxi there it is about 10 soles each way. But there are also "Colletivos" that take to central plaza. Colletivos is basically 4-5 guys split a cab ride to and from the chongo 2.5 soles each way. It is like shuttle system.

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    As you can tell there aren't that many reports from Trujillo. I guess there aren't that many mongers going there or Huanchaco.

    But read my report just below yours. Every nite at 10pm there are street walkers on the corner of Calle Bolivar and Gamarra also you can check out the nite clubs on the 2 streets that I mentioned, there were available ladies in each club.

    One nite I went into a beauty shop and got a hair cut from a cute Trujillo gal, who invited me to meet her girl friends after she got off work at a certain bar. But I foolishly turned it down in order to hang out with my buddies. I probably should have taken her up on the offer.

    Take care

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    Thought I was going to be in Puira, but now looks like I am staying in Trujillo. Any info about where to go would be helpful.

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    Yes WSGers there is sex in Trujillo.

    Me and my buddies just finished 4 days in Huanchaco, hanging out on the beach and doing some siteseeing at Chan Chan and the Pyramid of the Moon. We also went to Trujillo several times to see the old Colonial Town and the prancing horses )Caballos de Paso).

    Through a friend of one of our hotel employees )Carlos, speaks English) we got turned onto some nite clubs on Calle Miraflores and Tupac Amaru. The best one was the Starlite Club. He also showed us a drive thru sex motel that had about 5 girls working, the SW scene, and were told about some changos outside of town.

    The next nite I went on my own and found 7 SWs at the corner of Calle Bolivar and Gamarra, 2 blocks from the Plaza de Armas. I approached a chica and asked her how much she wanted for sexo, she said 25 sols for sex and 5 for the room. So I said OK and we went to the Hotel International and I had sex with her. I didnt see any other action around there, except some trannies about a block away.

    We're on to Cusco now, take care.

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