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    Hi!! These days I have been visiting this beautiful city!! Wow! Girls are very pretty! Incredible!! A cab driver from lima told me that girls from northern coast were the prettiest of all Peru! I think he had reason!! An if you are a foreigner and tall (like me) its funny to see all the girls looking you with a feeling of curiosity and sometimes desire! .. The only problem that I found was the very conservative society of this part ofthe country. Girls are more shy and reservated than great cities like lima. So..its more difficult to begin a short relation or even to catch non pros. But maybe is because i have lost a lot of time doing the turista and visiting chan-chan!!
    Well....I read the old Nibus reports about this citie (thanks for that!!)..and I was trying to follow the places that he had mentioned. My first stop wasnt was "Mi casita", and I found it (apart from Nibus reference), from a mention in the local newspaper. It sounded great, with a lot of teen girls in a fantastic place. But the reality wasnt different. The place is a dusty hotel in a dangerous road (cab driver saidto me), and when i went, there was only a girl inside....and it wasnt my tipe!! So, I prefered to escape of this place and go for the "official" nightclubs on Ave Tupaca Amaru. Well, that was a change!! really cool place but also expensive places. I tried Burbujas. There were maybe 8 girls, 5 of them very pretty for my taste. After my beer, i begin to chat with a rica hembra called Siviana, from Chiclayo. She was short, but had pretty boobs. We arranged the price in 100 soles. I think its to expensive! But well, it as the only oportunity to taste pussy decently. It was a cool girl.
    The only problem is that I have to stay here for two days exist actually a huelga of transport. So, I dont know if I could visite chiclayo and piura.
    When I could arrive at lima, and my peruvian gf are out of mi sight , i ll call you Nibu, and Judd (i have your number) thanks!!

    Wow!! Another thing!! Last week I wrote different messages to a different girls (well, 2 of them teenagers...I love them , and the 3rd 27 years old), from Cybercupido (, and the 3 girls have answered me!! And the 3 girls gave me their phone numbers and the girls want to go with me some night (well, first of all, chat, eat and dance.....the rest is only a possibility haha). Peru is fantastic!! Girls are everywere!!

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