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    Saturday Evening Dinner Plans

    Greetings Everyone,

    In lieu of having a dinner party at the Mansion this weekend, I and Silvina are hosting a group dinner this Saturday evening at 9:30pm at Cabaña Las Lilas in Puerto Madero.

    The Address is:

    Cabaña Las Lilas
    Avenida Dávila 516
    Puerto Madero
    Capital Federal

    You are welcomed and encouraged to bring a date.

    Please RSVP to me at

    When you arrive, the reservation is in the name of "Jackson"



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    Saturday Evening Dinner Party at the Mansion

    Greetings Everyone,

    I am pleased to announce that Silvina and I will host this week's Dinner Party at the Mansion, to be held on Saturday, October 9th, from 9:00 pm to Midnight.

    All local and visiting mongers are welcome to attend.

    The menu features Cabaña Los Lilas brand steaks, including Bife de Lomo and Bife de Choriso, along with a few chicken breasts and pork chops for variety, all cooked over an open charcoal flame in the Mansion's Argentina style barbecue.

    These steaks are identical to the ones served at Cabaña Las Lilias in Puerto Madera, from their ranch, and with their label. Simply stated, they're superb.

    Along with these 1st class steaks will be the usual accouterments of Argentina grilled sausages, provolettas, American-style tossed green salad, fresh baked bread, and a special dessert that I won't decide upon until I consult with the chef.

    Drinks include soft drinks, beer, wines and champagnes.

    All guests are encouraged to bring a date, but it is not required. I am going to invite a limited number of English-speaking female guests to keep the conversation lively.

    The Dinner Party will wrap up at approximately midnight, which should provide ample time for everyone to hit their favorite bar, boliche or disco for continued entertainment.

    Cost: A contribution of $50 pesos per person is appreciated. Proceeds to benefit the WSG Charities.

    Seating is limited. Please RSVP to me at for additional details and a map with directions in English and Spanish.



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    Apartment for Rent in Recoleta

    If any mongers out there there interested in renting my apartment for one month (or a portion thereof), here are the specifics:

    Dates available: Beginning the evening of Wednesday, January 7th through the morning of Wednesday, February 4th.

    Location: It's perfectly located on the corner of Junin and Vincente Lopez. The other three corners are Newport Bar, The Recoleta Cemetary across the corner, and the Village Recoletta Mall.

    It's within two blocks of Newport, Clarks Disco, Affaire, Madahos, Solid Gold, Sodoma and the entire Recoleta nightlife area. Everything is literally right outside your door. It's just four blocks from Blacks and Shampoo.

    Taxis are always available 24 hours a day on the corner.

    The Building: It's a new building that's only about 25% occupied. I'm the only occupied apartment on my floor. The building has great curb appeal and the lobby is spotless, with high ceilings, marble floors and 24 hour security. Even the elevators have a glass wall the allows you to look out over the Recoleta scene as you ride up to the apartment.

    The Apartment: It's a new apartment, two stories tall with more than 800 square feet of living space, and features two bathrooms, a full kitchen with a stone counter and bar, full refigerator and microwave. The floor-to-ceiling windows look out over that impressive view of the Recoleta area.

    The first floor is tiled, with a separate living room with matching couches, TV and stereo.

    The second floor includes the bedroom with a queen-size bed (with a real, premium quality mattress), another remote controlled color TV with cable, and the second bathroom. From the 2nd floor you can look over the railing to the first floor below.

    The apartment is air-conditioned and has a cable internet access, and I generally (but not guaranteed) leave my old laptop hookup when I leave. There are two cordless telephones (one on each floor) and I will leave my cell phone, which you may use providing you purchase the cards for additional air time. There is also a small safe for your valuables.

    Maid service is twice per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. The apartment has ample towels and extra sheets to get you through between the maid's visits.

    Price: $65.00 per night. Payment may be made by cash or credit card.

    Please, serious inquiries only, and I generally prefer to rent it to someone who I can meet before I leave, although if you are arriving in BA after I leave then my girlfriend Silvina can meet you, let you in, show you around, take your cash or credit card info, and give you the key.

    The photo attached below is of the building from the street. Ignore the street work, the photo is six months old. You may review all the photographs at here.

    If you are interested, you may contact me at

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    ABA Meeting Notice


    The weekly meeting of the AMA (Argentina Mongers Association) will be held on Tuesday, ______ at 10:00 pm, at my apartment in Recoleta.

    The Agenda:

    1. Reviewing the latest chica nude casting videos.
    2. Steak dinner at nearby restaurant of everyone's choosing.
    3. Nighttime assault on Buenos Aires's bars, boliches, clubs and cafes.

    All mongers are invited to participate.

    Please email me at AMA Meeting for directions.



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    Promoting Competing Forums


    This may come as a surprise to some of you, and please don't take this the wrong way, but you can not use my forum to promote a competing forum.

    If you have information on the subject of finding women, then please post it here in this Forum.



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    Event Announcement


    Greetings everyone,

    I will be hosting a _____ dinner for _______ this upcoming __________ evening at ___________.

    All WSG Members and other interested persons are welcome to attend. You are encouraged to bring a date, but it's not required.

    Please direct questions and RSVP's to


    Gifts: Not necessary, but certainly well received.



    Financial Details: Food, dinner beverages, house wine and the gratuity will be divided equally between all parties. Obviously, men will be expected to pay for their dates. Specially requested bottles of wine or champagne, and/or after-dinner cigars will be purchased separately.

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    Contact Info for USA Providers

    Editor's Note:

    The address and/or telephone number(s) originally posted in the preceeding report have been removed by the Forum Admin.

    Prostitution is illegal in the United States, and thus posting of names, address and telephone numbers of service providers exposes them to a certain level if risk. Therefore, specific contact information for service providers located in the USA is only permitted if posted by the actual provider, and only in the Classified Advertisements section. In other words, if a service provider wants to advertise their address and/or telephone number in the Forum, they have to register a User Name and post this information themselves.



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    Message Storage Area

    Commercial messages and personal endorsements are not permitted in the main Forum. You are invited to use the Classified Advertisements and Personal Endorsements section for these types of messages. Please be sure to read and follow ALL the requirements for using this FREE service, including:

    1. You may post a maximum of one advertisement per year. Please select the location of your advertisement carefully.

    2. You may edit or revise your advertisement as many times as you wish.

    3. Your advertisement MUST be posted to the section of the Forum in which it applies. For example, if you have an escort website for Los Angeles, it must be posted in the California section.

    4. Advertisers violating these conditions will have ALL their postings deleted and will be permanently banned from the forum.



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