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    Quote Originally Posted by Lima Busy
    ...20,000 drunk horny guys looking to spend their gold nuggets sounds like a party...
    Sounds fun, but with only 1,000 women...
    More to come when I can squeeze in the time to write it up, but I'm sure you can see where this is going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maltrufio
    here now and it's fine
    Is it true all the fine ladies have descended on the city for this years convention? 20,000 drunk horny guys looking to spend their gold nuggets sounds like a party!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Bill
    I am wondering since the earthquake if it is still wise to visit Arequipa? Thanks.
    here now and it's fine

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    Arequipa -visitable?

    I am wondering since the earthquake if it is still wise to visit Arequipa? Thanks.

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    Arequipa update

    I was recently In Arequipa, but was sick most of the time so I have a very limited update. I was only able to get up for one visit to one massage apartment. The good news is that there are dozens of ads for women, including several which list their addresses, in the Correro newspaper every day.

    I checked out several addresses, but went for the building at 205 Santo Domingo. It turned out there were several massage places on the upper floors, but I went for the actual apartment advertised. The building is only about three blocks from the main plaza, and is open until about 7:30 PM, starting at around 0900 daily except Sundays. If you walk upstairs, you will see numerous offices with big signs in English saying "Massage. " Just walk in and start negotiating.

    Price was 35 Soles for a complete massage. Meaning hand job included. I did not have enough time to do a complete investigation, but it seems Arequipa is in a pricing mode where the advertised prices are strictly for time with a woman. All services you want in addition are negotiated with the woman after you get together. Not a bad mode, but can be disconcerting if nor expected.

    So I settled for the girl to be completely nude while massaging me, and got a full hour of company with happy ending for 85 Soles. That included mutual caressing of all parts, and after our price discussion, the girl was sooo nice.

    There were only two women in the place. I picked Tania. An 18 year old beauty with sweet tits weighing in at no more than 80 pounds. We had a fun time, and I almost got her to go out with me the next day (Sunday) on her day off. She had some family obligation, so it just wasn't possible. She offered up Monday, but I was on a jet Monday.

    I was sick the whole time I was in Arequipa, so it was a big bust for me. The ads promised a lot of adventure at a really good price. My hour with Tania was all of $25 US. Most of the escorts were advertising at 20 Soles, My guess is that is for 30 minutes, and includes only time. So you must still add on somewhere between 50 to 150 Soles for the various sex combinations you might want. That is still pretty reasonable at the current exchange rate.

    In Arequipa I always stay at a very conservative hotel that is not chica friendly. I have brought women to my room there, but it is not something the management really is happy about. But the place takes such good care of me I keep going back. That is the Crismar Hotel, at $35 US per night. It is centrally located and very clean. But not a monger's hotel.

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    "Red Light" districts in Arequipa and Tambopata

    The key word in this news article is "may" implement 'Red Light' district. It'll be interesting to see how or if this goes beyond the discussion phase.


    Peru: Authorities may create 'Red Light' districts in Arequipa and Tambopata

    Authorities from Arequipa & Tambopata may implement 'Red Light' districts in their jurisdictions.

    The problem has been such a nuisance in the regions' public health sectors that regional authorities are strongly considering implementing government regulated brothels to help curb the increasing rate of sexually transmitted diseases among clients and prostitutes.

    Simon Balbuena, Mayor of Arequipa Province, indicated clandestine prostitution is growing at alarming rates in downtown Arequipa, especially near the Plaza de Armas.

    According to Balbuena, citizens have expressed their discontent and worries regarding the situation and have urged authorities to take immediate action.

    Balbuena has schedule a meeting with top Arequipa authorities in mid-March to debate the proposed creation of the so called 'Red Light' districts.

    In addition to Arequipa, Tambopata has also seen a rise in clandestine prostitution, causing the city's mayor, Luis Bocangel to strongly consider authorizing the operation of government regulated brothels.

    Although prostitution is legal in Peru, its strongly regulated nature is a deterrence to many in this dark industry.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    What's Another Word for Thesaurus?

    Quote Originally Posted by David_33
    Britchera derived from the english "bridge" meaning a woman or man (britchero) who is looking for a foreigner to act as a "bridge" to getting them the **** out of Peru.
    ...and they never burn their bridges. They just stay standing (or Klinging) on the burning deck until they find it is a bridge to nowhere!! :-)


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    Britchera derived from the english "bridge" meaning a woman or man (britchero) who is looking for a foreigner to act as a "bridge" to getting them the **** out of Peru.

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    She canna gae any faster, Captain!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobisee
    I take it britchera means ugly as a Klingon ?
    Sometimes that is entirely possible. I am often torn between who is the ugliest - the mongers or some of the Chicas that are displayed on the forum! (See Club Medellin Columbia thread for some prize monger photos!) However, many Britcheras are quite stunning.

    A Klingon is something that no matter how often you "wipe" you cannot get rid of them!!

    For instance a good friend of LB's and (being presumptive) of mine had a Klingon who kept stalking him - trouble is her job equipped her with a 9mm pacifier! But - too be serious for a second - this geogrpahy is renowned for Britcheras that once the get their hooks into you will follow you for ever, they have an astonishing and very scary bush telegraph which keeps them informed of your dalliances and whereabouts. And, we all know about Hell Hath No Fury Like a Britchera scorned!!

    (I seem to remember David33 and LB did a long discourse on this subject a while ago on this formum but I cannot find the posts....)

    Cuidadate mucho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polvo
    A Klingon
    I take it britchera means ugly as a Klingon ?

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    I Come in Peace - or at least quietly

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobisee
    Can someone please explain what a britchera is ? Thanks.
    A Klingon


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    Can someone please explain what a britchera is ? Thanks.

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    Greetings all,

    Was in Arequipa for some time last year - fine city, good food...and some happy hunting!

    A bit of Britchera action in Deja-vu and other places close by (On calle San Francisco - right in the centre), but it's not Cuzco.

    The waitresses at the restaurants right on the plaza always seem to have a string of gringos on the go, a couple are friendly with the Britcheras (they all know who they are!). They are pretty much all at it to some extent, although you may have to work at them for a while...some are quite 'innocent' (although getting pretty much any one not currently 'attatched' out for a drink is easy) and others are downright dirty!

    Never had problems taking chicks back to hostals/hotels.

    Lots of girls on Cybercupido from Peru, found a couple that way before I went. Some elementary Spanish will get you a long way.

    Outside the central few blocks of the centre, it's not safe after dark - particularly San Juan de Dios.

    There are good hostales right in the centre of things on Santa Catalina and San Francisco, no need to stay out of the centre.

    Definitely recommend Las Palmas to stay in Lima, got that tip off a Cuzco britchera on my first trip a few years ago! Right in the heart of the action...

    Hope this is of some use!

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    i had the oppurtunity to visit this beautiful city a few weeks ago. although it is the second largest city in peru, it still has that small city feeling. i arrived by bus at about midnite and went directly to the plaza de armas to find my hotel. if you are visiting arequippa i would highly recomend this hostal. (arequipa suites plaza it is right in the plaza de armas (ask for a room facing front) and only $21.00 a night including a good continental breakfast at their cafe overlooking the plaza.

    when i awoke it was a beautiful crisp day and to see snow topped misti (active volcano) in the background is just a incredible sight. the dryness in the air, crisp weather and mountains in the background made me feel like i was in a sa version of breckinridge, co.

    at midnite on a weekday the plaza de armas was completely deserted, but as this was a non mongering trip, i could just wait for my return to lima.

    this is a very sprawling city but the important city sights can be covered in one day. there are alot of tour companies offering trekking to misti and the colca canyon and reservations are not needed. as i like to keep a fair distance from volcano's, i instead went to see colca canyon.

    breathtaking is the only way to describe it. i regularly see condors in miraflores, but to see them in their normal habitat was truly amazing.

    there are some great bars/pubs for picking up the non-pros but not alot of pro action in city center. while not like lima, there are banos turkos rep001tered around.

    the main bar area's are located on santa catalina and san francisco a couple of blocks from the plaza. there is a great irish pub in that cobblestone alley that runs between them. this is definetly a restaurant town and the arequipa specialities are great. make sure you try the alpaca filet mignon and papas relleno. i also went to a turkish restaurant on san francisco called "el turko" wich was very good about $30 for dinner for two and a few cocaine sours.

    really cute waitress as were most of the girls i saw. i always preferred the northern types but was quite suprised with southern peru with the exception of that chilean freckled look which i do not care for.

    i asked the waitress if there were alot of turks living in arequippa as i had passed at least 7 mediterean restaurants. she laughed and said there was only one and he owned all the restaurants.

    i felt pretty lucky arriving back in lima after 15 hours on a bus. my trip was bookended by two earthquakes and two bus accidents and i will probably stay off busses in the future!


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    Good report madrugada!

    i read your report when you first posted it and wanted to thank you, but did not have time. i especially liked your reference to "chicas de la casa", and i am sure they wanted to go out with you, but could not. actually in my experiences here in lima it is the same. during the day you meet the most sweetest and beautiful girls and at night they vanish. i actually have a friend of my wife's that is very pretty/speaks english/sweet as pie and a virgin at 32! she has a good job and studies at night and never has the opportunity to meet anyone.

    i also have two twin 17 y/o sisters in law, that are absolute knockouts that have never had a boyfriend. my mother in law does not let them leave the house after 5pm unless they are with me. i always joke with my wife that when they change the laws down here, so that you can marry twins, i am going to leave her.

    britcheras can be found in all the tourist cities here in peru. although it is more a cusco thing.

    i hope to oneday soon visit the "white city" and colca canyon, condors are amazing to watch. here in lima my apartment overlooks the pacific ocean and
    i have actually seen a caggle (if geese are a gaggle) of condors playing with the parapenters off the cliffs by parque amour.

    ok, time to get back to work, thanks again for the report and the info on cellphones in the other section.


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