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Thread: Nibu Raphael in Chile

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    HI TO Everyone Just Wishing Fellow Chile Mongers a Great 2008.. Hopefully BIG BUG Will One day become my friend Again,, BIG BUG Why the Hate from a Few Years AGO?? Again Yeh hope For All THE Chile Mongers Things Go Great in 2008.. Also Guys Post Here Too,,, I am not Such A Bad GUY.. I have info on Chile I was there 4 times and sure hell it Beats THE Fuck out of SEX Prison USSA Thats For Sure MAN,, OK Anyways Guys Post here at least a few posts this year in THE Nibu Section,, I am NOT an Asshole AT All.. Come ON More Respect For THE Rodney Dangerfield of THE ISG,, LATER,,, NIBU,, NO RESPECT HAAA,, NO FUcking Respect,, JA JA JAAAAAA......

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    Any New Updates Here In Chile???

    well any thing new on legs with cafe places?? hey also does anyone have info if they still shoot porns in chile??? i know some american company came once or a few times before to shoot in chile but since then i have heard nothing new.. anyone have new updates on this??? anything new on the swingers scene too in chile??? come on guys chile is not that bad i have been there over 4 times and had fun sure now whats the peso 450 or even less??? yeh man papa bush and cheney fucked up our dollar big time,,, i hope those fuckers rot in hell,, ok man guys post info here come on chile at least beats the fuck out of sex prison ussa,,, man come on and lets girls from chile are hotter then girls from bolivia and u ra gay,,, ha ha ha,, post here peeps,,, nibu....

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    Chilean Earthquake....

    um yeh 7.7 it was man.. does any one have any updates on this man???ummm i heard tocopilla and antofagasta got hit.. there was also sismos heard in to la paz bolivia and lima peru.. man fucked up shit.. not much on yahoo news on this.. just saw some stuff on this on rojo vivo and univision with enrique gratis.. yeh man in antofagasta it showed like a garage collapsed in a hotel.. yeh kind of reminds me of the hotel in pisco peru.. but that hotel got totalled.. i think that hotel was like hotel embassy or hotel amvassador.. well so far only two dead reported but i bet more people died then this.. ok well if anyone who knows more on this can post it here that would rule,, yeh i have no plans to visit chile again yet,, maybe in late 2008,, ok updates us peeps on this,,, nibu....

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    Been There Dude...

    I MET Jackson like 3 times Man,, Where Did YOU GO??? Drop Off THE Planet Earth???
    Quote Originally Posted by UrbanWildlife
    Hello Nibu,

    I have a great suggestion for you if you get to Argentina. You will have the opportunity to checkout Jackson's mansion, and possibly get a good rate on a room. I am sure he would welcome you with open arms, and be a great host! You should really check in to that! He might even comp you a room!. I am off to Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara in exactly one week. I have also booked my room for Cartagena through I got a luxury apartment with a ocean view, and it looks like a great property. I will be posting a detailed report after I get back. I leave for Cartagena on June 28th.

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    HEY People This Is A Great Site for having info on Metros Worldwide.. I always love It When I return TO Mongering Cities I travel to any new extensions are there,, Yeh Its Been a Few Years since I have been in Santiago DE Chile But in 2006 They Had some extensions HOW COOL MAN,, Now In 2009 They will finalize a bunch of more new stops,, Yeh Man I prefer to travel By The Metro And Buses When IN Santiago.. The Last Chance are Cabs in Santiago since you can not bargain them down like in Lima peru Or Quito Ecuador,, Anyways Hope this website Helps For Chile Mongers,,NIBU....

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    WITH MAYBE 490 Pesos NOW YES MAN YES....
    Quote Originally Posted by Adelante Siempre
    All of the reports I have read that Chile is very expensive for hotels and mongering.
    You are much better of in Argentina or Peru.
    Nibu, you've got the kind of cash to be mongering in Chile?

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    Chile Updates????

    OK MAN with THE Peso now at 490 How More expensive is IT Now TO Monger With US Dollars??? ITS THAT BAD NOW or still mot much a difference??? If Anyone can post here fine.. Also post Where The Cheapies are too. I rember it was like in 2001 610 pesos Now 490 MAN.. DAMN This IS Crazy,, OK People Save THE Dollar Please,,,

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    RON Paul ON LENO Tonight...

    YOU Gringos LIKE ME Happy That THE Dollar is getting Weak Everywhere?? Now THE Chilean Peso like 490 to THE Dollar??? DAMN IT GUYS Watch Jay Leno Tonight on NBC IN THE U.S.,, Save OUR country,,,
    Last edited by Nibu Raphael; 10-30-07 at 20:45. Reason: Mispelt PESO...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gringo Loco #2
    Who is Nibu Raphael? If you are curious, please see the Peru Forum and view the Nibu Raphael Thread. You will see just how dangerous this guy is and how he is using thieves to rob Forum members such as John from Holland and Larry DC.

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    Falling Dollar Worldwide....

    MAN NO one Can Respond on this??? Its Still not falling Anywhere So Far IN Central America But IN South America its Falling Eveywhere And even Mexico gained 30 centavos on THE Mexican Peso Recently... Man NO One Gives a Fuck Here??? I Mean when THE Dollar is finally collapsed The World Economy Goes,,, WAKE UP PEOPLE,,, NIBU....

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    NO ONE POSTS HERE Anymore????

    What So Much Hate For Nibu??? I was in Chile Like about 4 times.. Damn No One Can post any new info here Come On,,, NIBU....

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    Dollar Plunge Too IN Chile...

    Now You Get like 490 Pesos IN Chile... Man Fucked UP Fucked UP.. It Seems Like THE Dollar is Falling everywhere IN South America... Since 2001 THE Dollar has lost 63%%%% Of Its Value People Man Wake UP....

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    Nibu Section Still Dead???

    Post Here People Come On....

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    No One Still Cares Here???

    DAMN Still Pretty DEAD IN THE Nibu IN Chile Section.. I guess MY old Reports Were Shit.. Well HEY I tried MY Best.. Man Pepps I was IN Chile about 4 times and did my best,, LATER,,,NIBS....

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    Chile Damn Dead Or Damn Chili?????

    GUYS WHATS UP??? OK I Know No one posts here in my section now but nothing in the other sections too.. Man Whats UP??? OK Man I think THE winter is pretty much ending in Chile too.. Maybe with it starting to get more warmer maybe near the end of the year Mongers Will return here.. Come on Chiles Not that Bad Guys... THE Mongering sure beats THE fuck out of THE SEX PRISON USSA.. WHATS UP MAN??? IT Could BE WORSE LIKE URUGUAY..

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