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    Politics r k

    Some people are pissed cause chaves is influencing too much stuff. But the real deal was that in a bold separatist move in sta cruz they started charging the airlines. And all that money was being paid under the table going to a personal bank account. The ministry of the presidency, however tries to incite the leaders of sta cruz as racist implicitly pointing at the separatist, but not the people of sta cruz. I was in laja and other rural areas (No monger activity around there) they think that if an armed conflict starts (civil war) that they will kill all whites.

    Yeah as some of you are opinionaating these are winds of civil war, just as the hisory showed during the general pando precidency and the campesinos killing anyone not aymara under the leadership of Zarate Willca.

    My opinion is that president evo morales is doing the best job he can. If the crucenos start the provocagtions unred racism statements then president morales has his hands cleaned of any spill of blood during a civil war. That is why the current administration is capitalizing on that crazy idea.

    There is so much more.


    In other news

    Found a nice mongering place.

    This chick had such a nice fat pussy. I am dreaming of it. Go to edificio craunt av arce piso 5 of 516 anyone would do. They are nice. I really liked tatiana. She ruled. But she is 120bs. Better on a house call 150 for a good hour. She may be coming over my crib soon. I think she is looking for a bf.

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    SANTA CRUZ Bombings...

    YEH johan Did You watch THE News Today??? I Guess Like someone tried to Bomb THE Venezeulan Embassy IN Santa Cruz Then try to bomb a house with Cuban Doctors there.. Damn This is No work of Rebel Insurgents... This is Some Kind of Maybe Cia operation for sure... Like evo or Not But Thats Wrong.. I do Not Care For evo Much but He was elected democratically,, This is Fucked UP shit,,,NIBU....

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    Bolivia on brink of civil war

    I guess it will not last very long or we get a full scale civil war in least thats what it looks like up till now.

    Woulnd't surprise me if the rebels are being supported by the CIA.....
    I wonder what Morales will do next?

    The Santa Cruz region has oil...and gas...and lots of it....would't that be a better target then Irak???;-)

    just my opinion...


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    SANTA Cruz Airport Demonstrations...

    Whats Up wit This Now??? It Seems Campesino Types mad That Planes From Cuba OR Venezeula Can not land there or something like that.... I guess Its the most corrupt airport in Bolivia... THE Military Has got involved in this But I have not seen What Evos Stance on this is??? I Guess Evo is Checking in to These Venezeulan Planes or something like that.... I think Though Things Are Back to Normal on this,, What Was This all About????

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    EL Alto Prostibulos Still ON Fire...

    YEH Cheats They Are Still Buring,, Saw The info today on Rojo Vivo.. Yeh That Sucks,,, Maybe they Wanted all of these Bars Demolished before the weekend comes,,NIBU...

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    EL Alto Prostibulos Demolished...

    saw on the news that some riots of local people trying to destroy a bunch of prostibulos and places where people **** were getting drunk... what was this all about?????

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    Mad Mobs attack Bars and kilombos

    This just happened last nite in El Alto Area, Ma free end told me they are burning some places. So for a while no mongers should go to El Alto Area.

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    Morales Updates????

    ANY News on What HES Doing now??? Will He still try to incorporate Visas For U.S. Citizens to visit??? I Heard He was ON THE Daly Show not long agao Then Scumbag Vicente Fox Came on.. Yeh I am not Big ON Evo Much He is no Chavez at all but way better Then Vicente Fox That Ranchero Rich Global Elite Piece Of Shit...

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    Disagree On Che...

    NAH Che WAS A total hypocrite.. I Never trusted his ideas but then Again Fidel was way worse.. Yeh Then There Stalin,Hitler,Mao Tse Tsung,George Bush,Dickhead Cheney,POL Pot And other Terrorist Scums.. NAH Man Johan Che was A Con Man.. Damn But Hes such a POP Heroe.. Pop Heroe MY ASSHOLE.. Great He got blown away.. Anyways Yeh Man Thats How Shit Fucking Goes Man.. HAAA MAN THE Che Revolution MY ARSE,,,NIBU...

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    Che Guevara

    fellow Mongers,

    lets not forget that exactly 40 years ago (on 9th of Oct. 1967) this great man was killed by the Bolivian army (sponsored and lead by the CIA)!!!!!!! He was (still is!!) an icon for his time and ideas to make this world a better place to live in.

    His remains are now in Cuba....but in the small city of La Higuera many people today joined to remember this great person. And also in Cuba and many other countries people never will forget him and will remember him.

    I just think this should be part of Bolivian history and everybody should know about this.

    I am sorry if this is OT....but it's an important fact for Bolivia and the rest of the World.


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    HEY Dude Here YOU Seem Cool to Me But ON Your last recent post you call me stupid and tell Mongers not to post in this section.. Damn It If You Hate ME so Much Why Did you post here in the first place?????
    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Harders
    I was just in Santa Cruz for a long weekend in mid-May and there was no Visa requirement for US citizens. I think Morales proposed it, talked about it, but it has not been implemented.
    Rock Harders

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    First of all, none of this conversation should be in NIBU's thread, because it is worthwhile content that will get lost in all his unintelligible drivel. As an experienced visitor to Santa Cruz, I'd like to throw my two cents into the mix here. In Curry's and Caesar's Palace, the girls will all walk out the door with you for a TLN for $50 USD. There was onetime in Caesar's Palace an actual 9.75 truly amazing 22 year old native Crucena( student who spoke perfect english) who would not leave for less than $100 USD and she knew she was worth that much. On top of this comes the "bar fine" which ranges from $30- $50 USD depending on how much of a gringo deal they think they can pull on you. However, if you like the girl just call her up and you have her free and clear for a $50 USD all nighter. Any girl trying to suck out of you $100-$150 USD is just jerking you around.
    Rock Harders

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    Quote Originally Posted by johan007
    hola tourist guy,

    dude. don't worry i aint calling nobody "cheap" that don't pay 100-150 usd an hour for some piece of ass in a third world country! hell that kindda money probably would be a months wages for most peeps down there anyways! you would pay 1800 usd/hour for a hookie in the us? i kindda doubt that.

    as i see it. 15-20 usd an hour should be just fine in a country like bolivia. and then she has to be prime a looking and having a good attitude;.) as long you look halfway decent. speak some spanish there is no need to pay more then 20 bucks an hour imho.

    thanks for the repply. i'm not bad looking, or so i like to think, lol. also, i'm fluent in spanish. i agree with you that $20 usd/hour is a reasonable price for bolivian girls. but the problem is, the better looking girl working in the high end brothels in bolivia are not bolivian. they are mainly from paraguay, and brazil. these girls go to bolivia only to make money in the escorting bussiness, and some to go to college at the same time. for this reason they tend to charge more $$, plus they are usually better looking than their bolivian competition. anyhow, it seems that the most popular sex destination in bolivia is santa cruz. however, the best one may be cochabamba, taking prices and quality into account. a friend of mine who lives in cochabamba tells me that there are a lot of girls from paraguay, brasil, and even from mexico working in the high end brothels in cochabamba. according to him, you can take those girls out of the strip club for a standard $15 usd house fee, and 400 bs. (about 50 usd) for the girl, but the girl will stay with you the whole night! i think $65 usd for a whole night is a great deal.

    anyhow, i'm really looking forward to this trip.

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    never ever give away your passport to anybody...except if you are actualy on the airport...or on a landborder!!! I always carry a xerox of my passport and keep the original in the hotelsafe. Up tull now this always was a very GOOD idea;-)
    For sure do NOPT trust policemen that are alone....often they are only out there looking for some extra change. DO NOT hand out your passport dude!!!!!!

    Remember YOU are a iow you are a target in such countries. beware of anything!!!! call me paranoid.....buts its far better then to have to go to your embassy and doing all kinds of shit to arrange a new passport!!!!!! trust me...

    In Colombia they sometimes use "scopolamine"'s a drug women put on their skin...if you fe lick their tits you is going to drop out for 10-20 that time these bastards rob you...Other old trick is to put KO drops in your glass if you go to the toilet (when in a bar or disko). Always finish your glass first...or order a NEW one if ye come back and are with unknown women/girls.....! This might sound corny but it's BASIC;-)

    Mongering is fine.....but at times it CAN be scary!!! So better watch your steps;-) Thats why I seldomly drink any alcohol if I am on the prawl. Always keep your wits about you. OO and did I mention I never did All nighters;-)
    How many guys get robbed after fallen asleep when having some hookie in the's classic...but still very up to date I am afraid:-(


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    Quote Originally Posted by thetourist
    i was born in bolivia but i now live in a foreign country. i will be making a trip to bolivia in a couple of months to see some old friends and family i still have in bolivia. of course, this will be a sex trip too. i had planned on going to santa cruz and cochabamba, but after doing some research, i've recided i will be vising la paz instead of santa cruz. from what i've read, santa cruz has a few high end strip clubs/brothels, like caesar's palace, curry's and cafe show, which have the better looking girls although way overpriced compared to talent in other places. i've seen ads for the cafe show and curry's girls on difference bolivian escort websites, and they all ask between $100 usd and $150 usd per hour. while i'm sure there are girls who offer more reasonable prices, i'm not really interested in sacrificing quality for a lower price. i do not wanna seem cheep, but why would you pay $100-$150 per hour in bolivia, when you can get better looking girls who offer great service in other places like argentina for $50? for this reason i've decided i will be going to la paz instead. i hear the escorting bussiness in la paz is bigger than in santa cruz, and that in la paz there are more top-notch independent escorts who charge around $50-$80 usd. also, night life in la paz is better documented, there are websites who provide adverticement and reviews for these girls, and there are magazines who circulate the city which are only dedicated to escorting, or so i've been told. thoughts or recommendations?
    hola tourist guy,

    dude...don't worry i aint calling nobody "cheap" that don't pay 100-150 usd an hour for some piece of ass in a third world country!!! hell that kindda money probably would be a months wages for most peeps down there anyways!! you would pay 1800 usd/hour for a hookie in the us???? i kindda doubt that.

    as i see it....15-20 usd an hour should be just fine in a country like bolivia....and then she has to be prime a looking and having a good attitude;-) as long you look halfway decent...speak some spanish there is no need to pay more then 20 bucks an hour imho.


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