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Thread: Nibu Raphael in Bolivia

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    Left to the us in nov 15 but I just got back to la paz. I had execive amount of pussy in the US, but I kind of got bored of the same pussy. So here I go back to my trade. I should start charging for reviews. Make this a profession.

    Today I will hit the prostibulos in calles capitan ravelo. Tehere is 7 of them in the same corner. So let see the coimpetition.


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    You Lurked?????

    WHEN IS THE 5th Report Coming DUDE????
    Quote Originally Posted by Thetourist
    About the closing of the illegal "puteros" en El Alto.

    I have read that the incident was started by a mob of angry parents, whose children had to pass by an area in which there were literally tens of illegal brothels and bars in less than a coupe of blocks. Apparently, the protest turned violent, and the mob started breaking the windows of the brothels, and got to the point where they broke into them, took all the furniture and valuables they found inside them, and set them on fire in the middle of the street.

    Up to that point, the government had not done much to close down illegal brothels. But after the viaolent reaction of the people of El Alto, the local government is starting a campaign to crack down on illegal brothels (to save face).

    However, this is not bad news for the monger community. Bolivian Mongers are actually happy about this. According to them, the targeted brothels were very unsanitary and staffed with the lowest quality chicas who provided terrible service for low prices. Those brothels were basically bottom of the barrel. Definetely places you and I would want to avoid.

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    CHilean Earthquake Affect...

    OK THERE was like a 7.7 Earthquake in Northern Chile The Other night.. only two dead so far but I heard even people in La Paz went out on the streets.. Damn Peru Was Hit This Year Then Northern Chile Is Bolivia next to BE Hit with a Major Quake in 2007 this year or 2008????

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    UMMM OK Just waddled thru some reports on Santa Cruz What Jackson and Jaded said Was Cool.. OK Man Samu Ray is just like Kapitan Kreme where He Does Not HAVE A Private Message open SO MAN Hopefully Then Man Samu sees this or an associate of him sees this and He can maybe post back here,, He mentions man living in Thailand on 400 a month.. HMMM Well Maybe If YOur a Dirty Backpacker living in A Cheap Dorm Hostel of 4 bucks a night sure But with NO Mongering,, Maybe If You cAn work for your Dorm for free in one of These Hostels like most Backpackers Do Then Maybe a Pop A Month.. Samu on 400 no Way.. Maybe Like 600 to 700 in Santa Cruz But I would say with money like that in Oruro is much better or man just live on the border in Copacabana And help out the Indian Voluntering for free,, THE Other Jerk off that mention 1500 IN Santa Cruz IS Fucked up Big time.. ME I Usually live these days on these Latin Living trips from from 750 to 900 a month.. I am trying to push on 900 for my next trip but Last time IN Peru I got charged Man of an average of 20 for the month on ATM Withdrawals.. That Sucks I can handle like 8 to maybe even 11 a month on that but think Like Living Back in Peru Full Time for the year there is 240 Bucks Gone and with the dollar 2.90 to The Sol in Peru and Chica inflation in some places that Fucks ME UP... OK Samu Man on 400 NO way Even in Cuzco You would need at least 500 or 550.. Theres no way to Monger in a Big City in Peru OR Bolivia on that or second or third sized city.. WERE YOU Joking When You Said 400?? You know What I might continue this next post thread on to The Nibu IN Peru Section For Laughs post Living on 400 in Peru Samu Style.. Dude Not against You But If You lived that cheap in Thailand on that Man Shit Then David from THE Peru Boards will answer that IN MY Nibu Peru Section.. WHAT Thailand is Dirt cheap more from Bolivia???? Man NO Fucking WAY.. Bolivias like the poorest in South AMERICA.. Actually People SAY Suriname Head TO Head With Guyana And Bolivia.. I think For ME Bolivia is the poorest in South America.. But then again on 400 a month NO Fucking Way At least Not IN Santa Cruz.. DAMN MAN NO Fucking WAY NO Fucking Way,, UM OK I Still know THE Bolivian Currency is also close to 8 to 1 to The dollar more like 7.5,, OK I post on Samu now in on 400 IN Peru IN MY Nibu Section,, SAMU NO Fucking Way on 400,,, NIBU....

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    WORSE THEN Quito...

    YEH DUDE THE Soroche is Worse in LA paz Then Quito Ecuador,, Also BAD Sorache to be found in Huancayo and Cuzco,PERU....
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheats
    I know the sports ministry is saying that exercise is a mattet of attitude and not altitude, but I will tell you fellow mongers. Carefull the first days. Especially if you adventure to a prostibulo (w. House). I went to this building and the elevators were off order for the lunch hours (11:30 am to 3:00pm)

    I took the stairs. I got up there and I payed 50bs for 30 minutes catching my breath. I was so wasted for the upstair that I could get a hard on. Don't take viagra in cases like this I ve talked to a health officcial that has caused a hearth problem to a tourist. Carefull mongers. Any advice I am open to ears. If you want me to rate a place let me know. I am going at a steady pace going to prostibulos.

    A chick learned I am american and she started using alcohol to clean up. I don't know if it was me or what, but I truly appreciated that she cleans up her cookie.

    Cheats angles

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    what to do??


    call me nuts...but right now I am thinking of doing a combo tour to PY and BO next march....i will fly in PY and after some days I go (with bus) to SantaCruz to check out the jungle women there:-) (charapitas)
    However i know the busride is about 36 hours.....and i am thinking of taking a flight to SC instead.

    Or maybe Honduras????
    Hell I don't know....can anyone help me out???? Big disadvantage of BOTH Bolivia and PY is they don't have any beaches:-( Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk



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    Quote Originally Posted by Nibu Raphael
    HAAA I SEEN Johan Make A post ON THAT... NO I Do NOT Support THE Taliban OR THE CIA MADE AL Quaida BUT Just to post here I passed by a few months THE EL Taliban Chongo IN HuAquillas Ecuador YEH MAN.. ON THE Border of Peru... HAAA THE Anti American Hate Growing Even IN Chongo Love,, DICKHEAD Cheney We Wate For YOU Next Heart Attack for Sure,, With All MY HATE,,, NIBU...
    Dude, maybe he'll blow himself away with his own shotgun.....I mean the guy has experience......LOL


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    Only 4 Posts???

    Quote Originally Posted by Thetourist
    I'm not sure what you mean by this. If you are trying to say that I was making shit up because I have not posted in a while it's because I did not get much information on this board and I am gathering intelligence elsewhere. I have found a couple of bolivian websites, which have ads of independent girls in La Paz, Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba I'm not sure If I'm allowed to post a link to that website, so I will not until I am given the green light. Also, I have managed to infiltrate a "secret" group of Bolivian mongers, who post reports of their encounters with Chicas in different Bolivian cities. They have less than 100 members, and they are very protective of their secrecy. Do not ask me how I managed to infiltrate their messageboard. Great websites, but they are all in spanish (I'm fluent in spanish).

    From the information I have gathered so far, I have decided that I will be visiting La Paz for 2 or 3 days. One of the websites I have found fetures ads of very good looking chicas from La Paz, and the the girls are legit, according to Bolivian mongers. After visiting La Paz, I will be moving on to Cochabamba for a couple of weeks. I have not yet decided If I will be going to Santa Cruz.

    Also, I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I will not be going to Bolivia until the second week of December, when I get my 4 week vacation. So do not expect any reports from me till then. But once I get to Bolivia I will be trolling the "Puteros" (*****houses) day and night and I will be uploading some much needed pictures of Bolivian chicas.


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    Cool Man...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheats
    Gata Sensual, 1448 Calle Juan de la Riva, Int 120, office 5. Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm. Fri-Sat 24 hrs. Quoted 50 BS for a half hour, 100 BS for one hour. 3-4 chicas present. 72561541. Find these three casas in a parking lot. Pass through a large gate and by a guard. A small sign over the gate pictures a cat and reads "GS 1448 INT. 120"

    This place has nice girls. The pics are horrendous, but the chicks in there are more that decent. Seems that the private contractors are really putting on some competition. But this chicks are still making a profit per day. More than any potitian in this regions. Now. The thing looks so promisisng.


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    El Taliban....

    HAAA I SEEN Johan Make A post ON THAT... NO I Do NOT Support THE Taliban OR THE CIA MADE AL Quaida BUT Just to post here I passed by a few months THE EL Taliban Chongo IN HuAquillas Ecuador YEH MAN.. ON THE Border of Peru... HAAA THE Anti American Hate Growing Even IN Chongo Love,, DICKHEAD Cheney We Wate For YOU Next Heart Attack for Sure,, With All MY HATE,,, NIBU...

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    Mongering out of the cities.

    There is mongering out of the cities.

    Not in the rural areas really. Only in tourist centers. SUch as Copacabana. I know 5 of them. They are extremely discreet, that they pass unexistent. But the few that market know. In in riberalta and alto beni and beni there exists too. Because of the populace looking at each other so freaking often this activity is kept as a nun bussines.

    I am not going to beni any time soon, but my cousin knows all this towns and he told me he will take me to see them. Cause I didn't believe him. Everytime he tells me about a prostibulo. He doesnt fail.


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    Other Areas????

    OK MAN Again MAN NO Info on other places in Bolivia??? It Just seems LIKE Mongering is limited to about 6 cities at the most in Bolivia... OK I have another question on the frontier of Peru THE Border to get in to Titicaca There is the small village of Cococapbana.. IS there a Chongo or Club there to take out girls?? What about those small villages way down from La Paz I think called tHE yungas Where there is some black blood there.. ANY Negritas to Fuck There??? Come on Man Its That Bad IN Bolivia.. Can someone update Me on this??? Seems like NO one Gives a Fuck,, Post THEN People,,NIBU...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nibu Raphael
    I Still Have Never seen Any report on these places.. I Mean IN Trinidad in the Beni Department THE Jungle of Bolivia.. When will someone finally make a report on this area?????

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    Bolivian Jungle Prostitution....

    YEH MAN I HAVE ASKED ON this ON THE ISG Before... THE Beni Departmant Where THE Jungle Girls ARE.. YES Like IN Trinidad... I have Asked For bMany Years ON This And Never No one Has posted A Prostitution Report on THE XXX Action over in Trinidad... UMMM I Did A Google search again and nothinng.. Maybe If I Do it IN Spanish I might Find something.. Well I Can Never Understand WHY NO Reports on THE Jungle Prostitution Scene HERE IN Trinidad??? I Have Asked too About Near THE Brazilian Border any No ONE HAS info too.. THERES That so called Death Train That Goes From Santa Cruz to THE Bolivian Border too.. OK Another city I mentioned Before I would like to know is on Cobija TOO???? YEH OK MAN hope Cheats Or someone else can post the info on Whats UP Here.. WHY No ONE GOES HERE??? I Thought THE Posts ON THE Girls of THE Ecuadorian JUNGLE WAS BAD But Here Is THE Worst... MAN UMMM Well If anyone can post on THIS I would BE so Happy on this,, Give the info too ME and other Mongers here.. Any other small spots too in Bolivia with Brothels that would rule for sure.. I Guess NO SEX Website for Bolivia Maybe From Peruvian site Theres Some info on Bolivia,, MAN ITS All Fucked UP NO Info HERE??? COME ON,,, NIBU...

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    Why Deleted???

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheats
    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the Forum's SPAM policy prohibiting reports containing political commentary. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. Thank You!

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