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    Tacna a Hidden Paradise?

    Hi Everyone! I had a good time in tacna. Everything was very cheap, Hostel 30 soles, pussy 15 soles, food 10-20 soles, taxi from the hostel to the chongos 3 soles! I was In Tacna for 2 days, while there I stayed at the SouthAmerica Hostel its close to the bus station in walking distance. My room was clean with a big fan to keep me cool cause it was hot there, I don't know if the hostel is girl friendly because I didn't try. I took a taxi to Las cucardas from the hostel and it was about 7 minutes to the chongo. Attention everyone! The taxi driver will take you down a dirt road this is the only way to the chongos. Once you arrive you will notice Las Cucardas next to several chongos. I only went into Las Cucardas, but now I regret that! On a Sunday night this chongo was very busy wow! I banged 1 girl from chiclayo who had that La selva look nice slim body, see cup tits, small firm ass, gave 15 soles service was good and not rushed. One thing I like about Las Cucardas in Tacna is that they have porn all over the place for you to watch while you build your 2nd load. I saw another girl that I wanted, but she was very busy guys going in and out very quickly!

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    Watch your passport!!!

    If you are coming from Arica into Peru, When you pay your fee of around 2 peso(I think)the bus driver will ask for your passport. Make sure you watch him like a hawk that made me very nervous. The bus driver will tell you that everybus driver does this. The immigration entry point was a breeze!

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    Thanks for the update, I have not been to Arica or Tacna for about 4 years although am considering going down to buy a car.

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    just got back from tacna for a border visa hop.

    i caught a taxi (s/60 to the border, you can walk to chile from the peru border) but its not recommended as i was hassled as they knew i wasn't going into arica. (they said if i was coming in to chile on a tourism visa that i had to do some tourism in chile - i said i didn't bring much money or anything so they let me do it).

    next time - there are a fair few buses that do tacna/arica trip for s/10 each way. probably take about an hour and a half to two hours each way including all the immigration rubbish. while everyone says just pay the overstay fee - i'm used to south east asia where overstay isn't just a payment, its a long interview, threatened arrest and banning from the country for a period of time, so i wasn't going to risk it.

    chongo wise - theres quite a few options in tacna. while many people say that tacna is more expensive due the the chiliean visitors, i didn't see it. there were 4 chongos open when i visited (and 2 more "closed") - i think this was to do with the lack of staff available. however all of them are located pretty much next to eachother just s/5 taxi ride from the centre of town. theres a collectivo setup, but i only took it back as it drops you off in town for s/1 though i don't know where it picks up from.

    there were two that were pretty much full - las cucardas - charges s/2 entry and has about 80 rooms, and venus - charges s/1 entry and has about 50 rooms. the other two have plenty of rooms, but one had 2 girls the other had about 5. most girls were s/10 and a couple were s/15. i was a little disappointed due to the lack of bigger girls but still got to see the couple that were there, but for everyone else theres alot of options. crowd wise, las cucardas actually had less punters than venus - even though it had more girls. i'm guessing locals didn't want to find that extra s/1 for entry. there were no problems like the ones at ica, the crowds were pretty sparse and really only gathered around doors where the girls hid behind the door and wouldn't show their face in public - so each person basically had to stand in the doorway to peer behind the door. of those, most of them wern't worth looking at anyway - if they have it they will flaunt it publicly.

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    I was actually thinking about you on the way down to Tacna. The reason was when I got to Arica I saw absoultely nobody surfing. Probably because Arica itself is more like a port, which reminded me of Punta Sal in Callao. I know absoultely nothing about surfing, other than:
    1.Lima is filled with surfer's every day of the year.
    2.There are certain beaches 1-2 hours south that have very good rep's (something about a break left I think?)
    3. Paracas is world famous for Kite Surfing.

    I am not a big fan of the Chilean's at least the ones in Arica. They tend to have white skin and alot of freckles on their faces. I found my attention was always drawn to the Peruvians. As you probably know Arica was formerly part of Peru. Also when I was in Arequipa I saw alot of what I thought were Chileanas, but they were actually Peruvians with freckles.


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    Thanks For Sharing

    Good surf down thataway and I am curious about the far South. Chilean LOOKING girls (VERY cute) but with Peruvian attiudes hopefully. Do let us know how Arequipa goes. Hope you goty your residency thing squared away. Take Care.

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    Why Tacna?

    A good question! I had to travel to Arica, Chile this past week to get my permanent residency in Peru. I thought it would be a good opportunity to see some of southern Peru and travel by bus. I had already been to Chincha/Ica/Paracas which were all interesting. Chincha for its black girls, Ica for its rowdy college chics and Paracas for its natural beauty.
    A flight to Tacna is about $180 one way plus departure taxes. First class bus service is about $40. After reading up on the subject I decided to use Cruz Del Sur over Ormenos. They both use Volvo Marco Polo’s but I have found CDS to have a more modern fleet. My last time on a bus was 40 years ago from NYC to the Jersey shore about 3 hours if I remember correctly. I was only 11 at the time and traveling alone, the experience has been imbedded in my mind forever and the reason I never took a bus again.

    It is an 18 hour trip from Lima-Tacna with a 5 min stop in Ica. I was never a big fan of Ica but after a harrowing ride, Ica started looking pretty good. Only problem I only had a week to get my papers in Chile or I would have to go thru the whole process again. Well I arrived in Tacna safely at about 8am, when I heard about the 19 others who died outside Ica on the Flores bus traveling the same route a few minutes behind us.

    Tacna does not have any of the charm of other Peruvian cities, but what it does not have in charm it makes up for in beautiful young chicas and duty free shopping!

    A lot of ex-pats buy cars here and my own Toyota was remanufactured here. I say remanufactured because they import them from Japan and then have to convert the driving controls/dashboards over to left hand drive.
    Inexpensive chongas abound here, but I prefer to meet the regular girls working the booths in the Centro Mercado. As this was not a mongering trip I have little info to share.

    I did hire a local taxista for the day (50 soles) and would highly recommend him. He drove me to Arica and back and got me thru customs in a flash. He showed me around Tacna and its chongas and shopping areas.

    Next stop off to the “White city”.


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