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Thread: Chiclayo

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    Violetas, Chiclayo

    Las Poncianas is out on the edge of town. Pay 8 soles each way in a taxi. It doesn't open until 5 pm. So I missed it on my two visits. However, there is another place after opening. Violetas. Its an open plan place. People mill around on a circuit. Checking out the girls in the 50 odd rooms that are located along the perimeter. These girls are small and not really my bag but they're not unpleasant on the eye.

    Service costs 25 soles for 15 minutes.

    There are a couple of other places in that 'compound' but not great.

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    Excellent and well written report!

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    Chiclayo Guide

    here is your detailed itinerary for a fun day in chiclayo.

    1-3 pm: spend $31 for topless massage with handjob.

    ask a taxi driver 'conoces urbanizacióand las delicias? ' (do you know urb. las delicias?)

    if he says yes, offer 3 soles.

    say 'entra los chirinos' (tell him what street to take).

    when you get to urbanizacióand las delicias say 'calle las rosas 156'.

    it will be the only 4-story building on the short street.

    near the door there is a call box. press the button labeled '3er piso'. when a voice responds, say 'kotaru spa'. push the door open when they unlock it and go up the stairs.

    all four times i've been there they had 2-3 very cute young girls.

    tell them you want 1 hour massage con 'stimulation' (hj) for 50 soles.

    after a few minutes of massage, offer 30 soles direct to her for 'topless' (you may have to pay a little more).

    they are open mon thru saturday noon to 10pm.

    if this is a very old post, check their website for current location:

    3-6:30 pm: spend $18 for sauna and real therapeutic massage.

    tell the taxi driver 'avenida loreto por tres (3) soles'. look for a 'spa' sign in front of an open door at #231 loreto.

    at the reception desk upstairs, ask for 'sauna why masaje'.

    i recommend requesting a 1-hour massage for 30 soles (about us$13).

    use of the facilities until 9pm is 15 soles (about us$6).

    men usually don't take swimming trunks since they give you a 'loin cloth'. towels and sandals are provided. lockers are provided for your clothes and valuables. a free drink is included but you have to ask for it ('la cortesia'). pay when you leave.

    6:30-7:30 pm: spend $14 at a brothel for quick full service.

    say to a taxi driver 'el chongo poncianas por siete (7) soles'.

    its south of town past the airport and doesn't open until about 6:00pm.

    entrance is 2 soles and quick full service is about 30 soles.

    it's a courtyard surrounded by small rooms. each girls stand behind a partially open door and waits for you.

    7:30 pm – 9 pm: atm, buy viagra, eat dinner, girlwatching.

    say to a taxi driver 'real plaza por seis (6) soles'.

    it's a modern shopping center.

    you should be able to find an atm machine (at scotiabank or interbank).

    most pharmacies sell generic viagra at a good price over the counter.

    find the food court at the mall. for about 17 soles you can get a personal pizza and soda from pizza hut. if you want to spend more for something really nice, go the the longhorn restaurant near the food court and order 'medallones de lomo con fettucini' for 30 soles (they can make it even if you don't see it on the menu).

    the food court is not a bad peoplewatching spot but don't expect to see many hot chicas.

    9 pm till? spend about $100 for an evening at 'el rey' for drinks + full service.

    say to a taxi driver 'conoces nightclub el rey, circa de sunlight? ' (not the bordello by the same name).

    if he really knows where 'el rey' is, offer 3 soles, otherwise find another taxi.

    its on paul harris street near avenida gran chimu (circa de panamericana sur). just 3 blocks northwest of sunlight.

    6 soles to enter which includes one drink.

    for each 30 sole pitcher of beer you order, the girl you are sitting with gets 12 soles.

    while you are drinking the beer, try kissing her. most will respond nicely.

    ask her to teach you how to dance on the small dance floor.

    if you find a woman that you want to have sex with, you can either take her out to a short time motel (like los defines) or go to a private room on the premises.

    the basic price is 50 soles for 'pribato' (private room).50 for jarra (pitcher) en pribato, and 100-150 for the girl for 1 hour for a total of 200-250 soles.

    if you don't bring your own condom they will charge you 5 soles for one.

    the private rooms have a small sofa and table (no bed).

    i have found some fun and friendly women here.

    if you can't find someone you like, your last resort is the most expensive nightclub, 'sunlight' just a few blocks away.

    10 pm till? spend $150 total at 'sunlight' for drinks + full service.

    it operates similar to el rey except it's a lot bigger, more expensive, and has more attractive women that push you to buy them (expensive) drinks. some girls occasionally strip on stage.

    price for going to a private room on the premises: 80 soles el privado. la jarra de chela (beer) is 30 soles; sex with the girl is 200-250 minimum.

    if its friday or saturday night you can try chasing regular girls at a disco.

    i've never been there, but there is a big disco at 490 ortiz caled 'magno'.

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    and informative post Fkpunter, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DownUnderMonger
    One chongo or only one chongo you'll go to?

    I really like CIX and would not be impressed if my fat chick chongo is closed down (its the one at the end of the street - 70% fat chicks haha)
    There's probably 6 or 7 down there. Not sure if it's the one you're talking about but the big one at the far end of the street from las poncianas is full of fat birds.

    I'd say only Las Poncianas and Colonial contained anything worthwhile.

    Colonial is 1s entry and 15s a pop mostly munters but a ok ones in there.

    Poncianas is 2s entry and 25s or 30s a pop depending on the girl. I'd avoid on Saturday nights(and probably fridays from what I'm told) unless you enjoy watch a huge crowd of men running from door to door or queing.

    Of the current crop I'd recommend the Ecuadorian girl in room a, the girl from Lima in g and the the girl in the first room on the right upstairs, especially the one in g. The girl in 5 from trujillo is pretty if a little boring. A few of the girls from here head to the club Premium on Balta on the weekends after work.

    Cab should run no more than 6s on the way there and 6s or 7s on the way back. A word of warning there are police roadblocks on the way to the chongos and you should take a copy of your I'd with you. They sometimes try it on and try and get a bribe because you only have copies but just tell them you're not paying and you're happy to go to the commission to have it out with their boss and they'll let you on. First time I went down here I had no ID on me at all and they made me pay my cab off and left me arguing with them for 10 minutes or so in the middle of nowhere which was starting to look ugly. Luckily their boss passed by and in his efforts to ensure that as a tourist I enjoyed my time in Peru promptly dropped me off at Las Poncianas personally, told me it was the only one worth going to and wished me a good night.

    Sunlight is worth a trip. A few 8s and 9s in here but most or average or below. Most of them are friendly though and will come and have a laugh even if you don't buy them a drink. There a stripper on stage every 20 minutes or so and they're generally pretty good first time I've seen proper pole dancing since I've hit south america. I like this type of place because you get to get a feel for a girls attitude before you take her home. Took a Colombian girl back to my hotel for 200s and 80s for the house who more than earn't her money. I think it's 70s if you use a privado on site.

    I also saw some streetwalkers on balta at night going towards the big market and what looked like it might be a chongo entrance. To be honest you couldn't pay me to take any of the girls (some of which I doubt were born female) so didn't investigate.

    If you need a short time hotel Los Parques Hotel on calle magnolias in los parques is clean and in a nice looking area(3s taxi from plaza de armas). It's 20s for a few hours or 30s for the night. Given the train of "students" passing through reception I'm pretty sure this is the hotels main use.

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    One chongo or only one chongo you'll go to?

    I really like CIX and would not be impressed if my fat chick chongo is closed down (its the one at the end of the street - 70% fat chicks haha)

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    Apparently only one chongo now, the “Las Poncianas” outside town, on highway to Lima, s/ 20 for taxi who waits for you. From 6pm to 1am, a s/ 2 entrance fee. They advertise as “Un Lugar de Clase A-1”. Believe it, it is! Walled for protection, interior courtyard with trees, benches, a lounge for beers, kiosk to buy sundries, neon lights, a party place! Interior is painted and clean. The girls rooms are spotless, with wall decorations and flowers on the table. She sprays air freshener after each visit! I asked who decorated and she said the owner, who (she) apparently has good taste. I arrived early on a Sat, already a line up at the door so it was rush the door whenever a chica appeared. It was early so I only saw a few, just average, but who knows later when they all show up. Was s/ 25 or if you wanted ˝ hour s/ 50. I had to laugh, who would have thunk it, a clean friendly modern chongo in the country…
    BTW further down this country road is wild west section, many sheds with chicas, the taxi driver said don't go there, he wouldn't even do a drive by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adelante Siempre
    Great report, I was thinking to decide between Chiclayo and Trujillo.

    Your report helped me decide. Okay, you pay your "initiation fee" at the club, but can you get the phone number of the girl and call her on another occasion, and haver her charge much less if you bypass the club?
    Better yet. Why choose between them.

    I took a night bus from Lima-Trujillo. S/50. Spent the day doing the tourist thing and checking out the beach. Got a cheap room downtown for about s/60 and hit up the chongo of Trujillo and a tavern.

    Off to Chiclayo the next am. About s15 via bus. And did the same there.

    By far the best of the lot in CIX is Lax Poncianas.

    Lot's of variety to choose from, save, cheap, and ya can have a cold beer between rounds without leaving.

    It's just outside of town, relatively safe. But if you're a gringo like me. Don't try it if you don't speak spanish!

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    They sure named this city correctly...


    There were heaps of chicks and your bound to get laid a few times.

    6 or 7 pretty decent chongos next to each other in the Chiclayo, each with between 30 and 60 rooms each. At least 200+ (occupied) rooms!

    I went on a Friday and Saturday night and they'd would be about the same number of chicks as you'd find in the 4 Ave Argentina chongos combined. (Cucardas/Nene/Boticito/Trocadero). Every room was occupied with a girl, and it was pretty much happening. I got quotes from S/.8 (for an aunt mind you) to S/.15. One place charged S/.2 and other charged S/.1 for entry but the others didn't charge anything else.

    Crowd was pretty reasonable, and everything was pretty much on offer (both in services and types of chicks). I was personally happy that one of the chongos was nearly all made up of larger ladies! But for the spinner fan theres that too (thats the one that charges S/.2 to enter).

    While Chiclayo isn't much to look at - especially if your not into cutural, natural or historical shit like me... It is an ideal place for the Lima monger to come for a change for a few days. (I recommend Thurs-Sat night)

    I'll definitely come back every couple of months or so when I'm in Lima.

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    Thanks Jesi James

    Thanks for the info.- I'll be in Chiclayo soon (I've been there before, but never partook of the chicas. And no clue where to look). I'll check out the chongo and maybe even the hotel.

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    The best of the chongos in Chiclayo. When I was there it was the only one which charged an entry fee. Some OK girls.

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    entry stub

    Poincianas info.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSCN0920 (640x480).jpg‎  

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    Hotel Tumbes Reales
    Cll Andalucia No. Urb San Juan
    074 208 227267
    65 S/ simple

    Good clean hotel with hot water and wi fi, they also have computers in the lobby. Porn channel included. Would recommend this hotel. They were doing some remodeling during the day but the assured me it would be over at 6 pm and it was. Nice quiet hotel.
    Las Poncianas-Chongos or los bordelos, that is what the taxis called this place.

    Outside of town 8 S/ each way or more or less. 5 different chongos and probably 100 ladies. Some charged a sole or 2 to view the ladies and some didn’t. Something for every taste and budget. I was quoted 10 S/ to 20 S/.


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    mas o menos

    First time in chiclayo,

    I would say that the non pro action isn't bad. I've been to one karaoke bar, (I hate that kind of place but you can find a lot of chicks there in Peru) the girls were very aggressives (and I 'm average looking) and seem to have the gringos fever. I didn't see a 10 or even an 8, even a 7, even a ... but it was better than my others experiences outside Lima.

    Now the pro action :

    I 've been to "Sunlight" and wasn't impressed at all. So I headed to "Playboy", only 4 chicks, already with other clients. But one of them was good looking, and stop paying attention to the guy she was talking to and was staring at me.
    After one drink, I was about to go when the cutie let the poor dude she was talking with and asked me why I was leaving: I told her I was tired and asked for her number so we could meet another day. She couldn't give it because the bartender was observing us, she told me to say my number and she would memorized it. I thought she was kidding but did it anyway. the day after, around 5 pm she called me, we had a dinner (I paid of course, boca come culo paga) and we had a very average free sex after.
    She was a little pissed after, like any ***** who gives her ass for free, but looked for a pen to write down her number to call her, I told her to say it, and I will memorize it. Which I didn't.

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    I visited Chiclayo recently and had a good time. I took a cab out to the Chongos during the day time just to see what they looked like. They are south of town about 10 minutes. On the way you may pass by one of the two big clubs on the west side of the road. I forget the name. But the other is Playboy. Not being a club afficionado, I can't report on the action there, but I can say that all you need to do is ask the cab driver and he will take you to any of the above. If he can't or won't, get another driver. The scene is totally open and seems to be well policed, meaning it is relatively safe. Your fare should be in single digits Soles.

    I called a woman from the Industria newspaper ads to come to my hotel room, which is more to my liking. There aren't that many ads, but the woman who showed up (Coral) was good looking and thin. Not DDG, but very sweet. Price quoted was 100 Soles per hour, plus 10 Soles for cab fare. Full hour given with no issues.

    My hotel was Las Muses, which is a decent hotel close to downtown. The management gave me no feedback whatsoever about the woman coming to the front desk and asking to see me. I just told them to send her up and they passed her through.

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