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    Hello Brandon,

    Well I think I was very lucky in Huancayo, 2 experiences and 2 very good one...
    I remember that it was in the center. When I arrived the first day, there was a big market in that street, where the apartment is....

    Be expect to pay less than in Lima. Everything is cheaper than in Lima...

    It will be interesting to read your report there.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for report Volpone.As expected sounds like a city worth checking out and there appear to be tourist oportunuities there as well.I will likely visit in Late January.rbrandon(rbc100)

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    2-3 days in Huancayo

    I was about 1 year ago in Huancayo and I fucked 2 beautiful girls....

    As soon I arrived there, I bought a newspaper. I don't remember the name and I found many phone numbers.
    I called one of them and I went there on foot. A girl open the door, not cute rather ugly but it doesn't seem to me that she works there. I waited in a small room and 1 minutes later another girl came. She wasn't not really my taste so I said that I will go.
    Just before leaving, I ask the first girl if she knew another brothel or apartment with girls. She gave me another adress.

    So I took a cab and I went to that adress...
    A beautiful mix-up Chinese-Indian girl opened the door. What a great vue....I asked her for how much for 1 time sex. She wanted 50 soles, I said 30 soles and I had sex for that price. During the session, I asked for her age and she told me 18....I always remembered that beautiful one...She was something like a 8 for me....

    The day after I went to the same adress again.
    This time a man opened the door....
    I waited again in a room. What a surprise I had.....
    My heart started to beat very quickly and my dick was becoming harder and harder....
    A beautiful girl, around 18-20, quite tall for girls in Peru, a beautiful face, came into the room. She asked for 60 soles for 1 hour sex, 2 times sex. I said yes without hesitation....

    That was my sexual experiences in Huancayo and both of the girls were great. I am sure that I was very lucky...
    I just stay 2-3 days, so I didn't have any other sexual oportunities....

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    I lived some years in Huancayo and there use to be some spots, but now there isn't that many. There was this place call Intihuatana (probably spelled it wrong) , in the entrance of huancayo and it was the only true brothell in the area. 2 years ago it had about 15-20 girls on a daily basis. Last year when I went back it was demolished but it was still operating. Maybe when you go you can ask for that spot. But don't expect no supermodels. THere is also some that you dan find around if you check on the newspaper "el correo".

    Good luck

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    I will likely visit Huancayo when I come to Lima in late January. Does anyone have any recent information on the scene there. I have found some information on perutops but just curious if there is anything here.



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    It seems to me that this city is a university town.

    So it must be easy to meet many student girls.

    Any infos about sex in that city?

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    Has any experience a NighClub in Huancayo? The nightclubs in HYO work a little different than other nightclubs. As you come in a nice, young looking, female will sit and chat with and you . And as long as there are drinks on your table, she will chat, dance, kiss and do anything you want with her (no intercourse yet) in the nightclub. Afterwards you can negociate with her on howmuch to take her back to the hotel with you. Last time I went I met Karina she was a girl from the chanchamoyo (Junin's jungle side). She sat with me and told me about her and how she came to huancayo to go to college and worked at the nightclub to make some spending money. She was smoking hot, and mann can she dance good!!! , we danced, made out and touched her everywhere possible. I asked her how much to take her back with me and she said 50 soles, we kissed a lil more to seal the deal. We walked to my hotel which was like 3 block aways. She was great in bed, multiple possition and asked me to do her raw which i refused to; she gave me her number and I saw her two more times, one of the best sex partners I ever had.

    I look forward to come back to Peru this year and visit more nightclubs, they are everywhere in Huancayo.

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