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Thread: Danli

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    Danli is the center of two of Honduras' only viable industries, handmade cigar production and tobacco growing. Most of the foreigners who go there work for divisions of large multinational corporations and have Stateside sized expense accounts. The better girls there are wise to it and charge more than anywhere else in the country. The other girls who would be forced by economics into low level prostition there have the option to work in the safer environs of the cigar factories and generally do that. If you cross the border into Nicaragua you'll find the same thing in Esteli region where the same type of industries dominate.

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    This is the first, and might be the last, post for Danli. Danli is a little town close to Nicaragua, in the south of Honduras, but not in the jungle-Mosquito Coast area. On a map I saw recently, Danli looked like a sizeable city, but it is really a small village. It's a quiet, quaint place. There was a decent hotel right in the middle of town, cheap one-story place. There were paved roads in the center of town, dirt roads farther from the center. It seems to me that it was a pretty lengthy bus ride from Tegucigalpa, maybe 2-3 hours, so you wouldn't get to Danli by accident. It's one of those small towns where a Gringo is out of place, must needs be discreet.

    Back in the day there was one "house" in Danli, a sad place, I remember one girl that worked there, rather young, pitiful. Anyway, this place charged too much for me. In Danli they had one fun disco with lots of people and good music, young people having a good time.

    Danli's attraction is that it is quiet and pretty, surrounded by rolling countryside. It's worth a trip, and you might get lucky.

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