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Thread: Chisinau

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    Quote Originally Posted by Essi  [View Original Post]
    I am trying to understand why the site is empty?

    Business is as usual but no requests from any guys.
    Hello Essi,

    I would like to go hunting in Chisinau today, are you in or any recommendations?



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    Anything worth of note?

    Going for a trip this summer, was wondering if there are legit updated websites ATM?

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    Essi is still here.

    Quote Originally Posted by BrasilSoccer0  [View Original Post]
    Where is Essi?

    He's gone and the Moldova thread is DEAD!
    I am trying to understand why the site is empty?

    Business is as usual but no requests from any guys.


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    Wtf happend to this thread!

    Where is Essi?

    He's gone and the Moldova thread is DEAD!

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    Websites query

    Hi, I recently found these websites and wondered if anyone had any experience or knowledge of them?

    Thanks a lot for the advice.


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    Hi brother,

    I would be in Chisinau in Sept. 1st week. Can you share with me a no of 1-2 nice girl who is good in company & extra?

    I will be staying in Radisson. Is that a good location?

    Appreciate your help.


    Golden Rule.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xalkori  [View Original Post]
    I'll be in Chisinau next week.

    Which is the best strip club in Chisinau?

    What are the prices?

    Do they offer anything besides lap dance?

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    Hi brother,

    Can you share with me the girls info. Looks decent and good time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Milos848  [View Original Post]
    No, but I will share my experiences with all of you. I have been in contact before with one girl and we arranged meeting for two hours in my room, by viber. She arrived in company with her girl friend and I refused another girl after long discussion. She was not girl from pictures, but she looks like much better. So, after short discussion, dashing we started with action. She has perfect body, about 170 cm tall, long legs, nice tits (between 2-3), and really perfect ass. She is around 30. If you want girl with perfect outlook she is good choice. But, take in consideration: there are no kisses, natural blowjob and anal. Sex with with her in start was bored. After my first shoot I tried to established better communication but language barrier was big. She understands just few words of English. I was polite and patient and in second round she was more active then in first. Second round was about 40 min, exchanged many positions and we finished on chair with common orgasm! After not so good start it was really good finish! After that she was not interested for action (we had 45 minutes to the end off session).

    Second day I tried to find another girl but after few messages I left communication and called her again. But now just for 1 hour..

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    Chisinau. Escort

    I'm in Chisinau for few days.

    I called a lot of numbers on 999. Md and makler. Md.

    And they all belong to one agency.

    If you speak English the price starts at 100 per hour.

    If you speak Romanian\Russian the price starts at 500 mdl (25) per hour.

    So If you are tourist the price increases 4 times.

    There are a lot of places here in Chisinau that if you don't speak local language no one can't understand you.

    A lot of restaurants don't speak English or have English menus.

    Best regards.

    From Chisinau.

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    The secret club / visiting Chisinau

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if any of you had any experience at "the secret " strip club from Chisinau? And on the other matter. I plan to do a visit over there from 18 of July, if any of you want to meet me there for a drink and go "hunting" I'm up for that. I do speak local language so that would be a good start but I'm not local by all means) Also if anyone has some tips where could I find some good pros or semi-pros would be very helpful, thanks.

    P.S.: I'm in 30"s but that s only if you are wondering).

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhMaza  [View Original Post]
    I just looking for call-girl or any prostitute for 5 days but found nothing:

    Can somebody share something?
    Nothing can be found.

    The place is destroyed 3 years ago.

    Only on mamba you find some low level girls, 50 $ fuck.

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    As already mentioned several timnes: it doesn't work that way in Moldova!

    Stay there, talk to girls on the street, in the bus, in the supermarket, on a walk etc and if you are lucky you can find a girl friend that way.

    If you want to find a working girl, go to the lobby bar of hotel Cosmos at late evening. Not the most beautiful girls, though. Initial cost is 100 $, maybe you can deal with them.

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    I just looking for call-girl or any prostitute for 5 days but found nothing:

    Can somebody share something?

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    Hi there,

    How to find a girl from Moldova. I tried like 5 days but nothing. Found.

    If somebody can share some info? Like call girl or anything else. Please.

    I can speak little bit Romanian language.

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    I sent a message to about twenty girls (both in English and in Russian) but not a single ***** answered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiT  [View Original Post]
    There are some nice girls on 999. Md. What is their purpose? Do they want to find a boy friend or is it only for sex? If sex only: how much do they typically charge?
    Go to massage section.

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