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    Badoo is zero results with model types, not only in Chisinau, but worldwide

    Tried badoo. Loso69 must be a fiction writer fantasizing about conquests with beautiful girls. Or he works for badoo. LOL.

    I will try the old methods that work. I just pay to get a 9 or 10, without spending hours in rip-off sites like badoo and tinder.

    If you are married, you can not use them because when you are "photo verified". You wife or someone who knows you may see you and tell the wifey. You can not message girls in badoo unless you are "photo verified" for the good looking ones.

    Got some matches in Moscow and I message them but no answers even with the matches. I can get a girl that is 3 times better looking for 5000 to 10000 rubles ($90 to $180) for 1 hour. I'm done with Badoo, and all dating apps. If you have LOTS of time to pursue it you may get some results.

    If you find yourself in Moldova, it is worth exploring. Not suitable for a trip just to monger if you are far away.

    Moscow is better, if you know some Russian. May try Kiev next year.

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    I read a lot of pages but I didn't find anything about a website where local girls advertise their services and skills. I was wondering do you know what is the local Chisinau website that someone can find info about the girls and phones to contact them? I`m not speaking about professional escort services, just the equivalent of in Poland for example.

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    Dear Wastilein,

    If you read some last reports, especially from LOSO69 and Big Bad James, there is no doubt and you should come, since you can get a young pussy for about Eur 50 per hour. However you must be well prepared for you stay, since some of the girls are tricky and some suppliers of other services (restaurants, taxi drivers.) will try to cheat you as well.

    But generally the price level is very acceptable and the majority of people are friendly, do not forget to taste their wines.

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    Visit Moldavia.

    Hi guys,

    Planning to go to romania and moldovia by bike in summer. Is it worth to stay one or two nights in chisinau for having fun, or just take a look and leave?

    Any contacts there for me? Please PM!


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    Amalia a la Amally from the City of Love, Chisinau.

    Hello my friends,

    Will be very short, keep away from this lady and her friend Natalia, they are only after money, there must be better options, but my stay in this "City of Love " was too short, so I can not be very helpful, see some previous reports, which are positive.

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    Totally correct.

    Quote Originally Posted by CherryCherry  [View Original Post]
    Great old times are gone for ever in Moldova.

    Girls are totally spoiled and those decent will to work are doing it in Europe (after visa liberalization and massive grant of Romanian passport from Bucharest).

    They will just come back home to show how rich, VIP and sophisticated became.

    Don't waste time in Moldova. It is not even easy to find good working girls there now.

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    How do you do it Loso69?

    Hi guys.

    I'm coming to Chisinau in these days. I'm interested in meeting up with 18-25 year old semipros, not so interested in the "hardcore hookers".

    Thanks for the informative posts regarding the use of the datingapp Badoo and from your experience in Chisinau in general, Loso69. Also liked your report, Big Bad James. I do have to say that I'm stunned of all the beautiful girls using badoo in Chisinau, especially the ones below 21.

    Unfortunately, I find myselft almost in the exact same situation as Big Bad James at the moment. I have spent several days swiping right / liking more than a hundred of sweet Chisinaugirls. Somehow I have only matched with like four or five girls, two of them went offline / deleted their user (I guess they found someone else like Loso69 said happens from time to time), one resulted to be in another city and one of them didn't answer me, and the one that answered did certainly not seem like a semipro interested in a foreigner. So what the hell is wrong? I'm not that bad looking, and pretty young. I speak both English and other languages, and I do understand some Romanian. I even paid a little bit to become a premium member for some days. So far I'm kind of disappointed to be honest. But I really want to / and know its important to do my "homework" before arriving in Chisinau. I know there's other options, but I can't use Tinder for example due to some personal reasons. So could someone give me some advises, do you think its my profile that is lacking something or that I approach them in English? I would like to meet up with young semipros, age range 18-to maybe 26 years old. How do I get in contact with / set up dates with young semipros prior to my arrival. And how do I find out if she's interested / is in need of money or to say it in another way how do I make myself desirable for a young semipro? Though I really don't mind finding a "normal date" as well, hehe.

    I also tried to contact high-class escort Amally on city of love. At the moment she has not responded to my WhatsApp text, so I don't know. She does not seem like the typical "hardcore pro" to me, but who knows. She look really innocent and sweet, would like to book her. Anyone actually tried her? 150 USD is kind of expensive though. Anyways would be interesting if anyone could share something if they have booked her as an escort.

    Thank you for your help in advance. I'the really appreciate / and need some advices from you.


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    Badoo Tutorial

    In "People Nearby", you obviously see a list of nearby girls (by default). You can choose an age range, and also choose to see all girls, only online girls or only new girls. The girls who are closest to you will generally be displayed first, though the list is not truly ordered by distance. Badoo strictly respects country borders and will not show girls from another country, even if you're near a border. You can change your location to a different country in "People Nearby". You can thus check out girls from other countries, but you won't be able to "like" girls outside your current country. To do that, you need to fake your phone location through a GPS spoofer app.

    "Encounters" has a Tinder-like interface, where you swipe right (like) or left (ugly). "Encounters" respects the age range selected in "People Nearby", but only ever shows girls from your current country. Changing your location in "People Nearby" has no effect on "Encounters". To play "Encounters" in a different country, the only solution is to fake your phone location.

    Liking girls leads to matches. Why is it important to get matches? If you match with a girl, you can send her messages. Without a match, it depends. You'll be able to send a message to some girls, even without a match. For most girls, you'll need to pay a certain number of credits to message them without a match. The number of credits required varies widely. The most popular girls can only receive messages from premium members. Unless you match with them, of course. I can only guess which criteria Badoo uses to categorize girls you haven't matched with, or how Badoo determines the number of credits required. Possible criteria include: the girl's popularity, the last time she was online, whether she plays "Encounters" or not, whether she rejected you in "Encounters"…

    You can "like" girls in either "People Nearby" or in "Encounters". Using "Encounters" is definitely faster. But "Encounters" forces you to make a choice (yes or no) for every girl. You can't postpone your decision. There are no maybes in "Encounters". "People Nearby" allows you to "like" specific girls, without rejecting anyone. You can start by "liking" super-hot girls, then "like" hot girls, then "like" kinda cute girls… until you start getting matches.

    How can you match with a girl who never plays "Encounters" and never "likes" anyone? The simple answer is: "You can't". To message such girls, you'll have to pay. Badoo is a business, after all. Besides the ads, selling premium memberships and selling credits is part of their business plan. By paying, you can message any girl you like. Of course, there's no guarantee she'll reply. And there's definitely no guarantee she'll fuck you. Checking my phone contacts, I've fucked 23 Badoo girls in 12 different countries, without paying a dime. Maybe I owe Badoo.

    One final trick. I often check out the online girls in "People Nearby". Maybe the girls do the same. That's why I'll often leave Badoo open on my laptop. That way, I appear to be online 24/7. Yes, Badoo is both a phone app and a dating website.


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    Big Bad James

    I didn't mention my sole Tinder experience in my report. When I matched with Nataly (21) and suggested we meet, she wanted me to take her to dinner at Mojito Terasa, a trendy place in the city center. Since it wasn't within easy walking distance of my apartment, I asked if Nataly could pick me up in her taxi. Deal! Nataly then delayed and delayed our date, finally cancelling altogether. I was pissed off! Not so much about missing out on Nataly, but about missing out on dinner. I went to sleep hungry. The next few days, Nataly kept texting me. I hadn't forgiven her for standing me up, so I toyed with her. I would only meet her at Andy's Pizza, close to my apartment. Nataly "didn't go to such places". We never met.

    I did well on Badoo, not on Tinder. You did great on Tinder, not on Badoo. I can't really explain why. Maybe you simply weren't online often enough. When a Chisinau semi-pro needs money, she opens Badoo and finds a guy to provide the financial relief she needs. Once her need has been met, the profile goes dormant or is deleted... until the next financial crisis. While I was chatting with a great-looking girl I matched with, she suddenly went offline. I guess another guy got her first. She never came online again during my stay. When a girl needs cash, you need to react quickly. Being online is crucial!

    Thanks for the feedback on Amalia. I didn't meet her, but she sounds like a fiery girl who'd probably be good fun.


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    My Kishenev experience.

    Hi guys,

    I'm just back from a couple of weeks in Kishenev (Chisinau). I had a great time, but also mixed experiences and wanted to share.

    I'm a new member here, but have enjoyed reading for a while. I've spent several years living in Russia and visit Ukraine and nearby countries often. My Russian is fairly poor though and I rely on Google Translate a lot.

    I went to Kishenev on a whim, mainly because it was half way between two other places I had to be. I booked for two nights and stayed closer to two weeks, which does tell you something. In truth I had good and bad experiences and want to share.

    First the bad: OK I had zero luck with Badoo. I'm so confused by reports of Loso69 and others who wrote about the "Badoo girls of Chisinau. " I spent days swiping right and barely had any matches. The ones I had were looking for a boyfriend not a sponsor. I don't know what I "did wrong" - I even made a second Badoo account with different age and photos and had no difference there. I've had decent luck on Badoo in Russia and elsewhere so I just can't account for it. It was a total strike out.

    Mamba was a better option, though again really dead compared to Odessa / Kiev / Moscow. I wrote (in Russian) to every single girl on Mamba that was "seeking sponsor" and most of those that weren't. There were four takers, two of whom wanted quite high prices (EURO 150) and two who wanted about $50. I took the two at $50 and had a great time with both. Both were 19 years old and offered BBFS -no mention of condoms ever came up. It just seems to be a thing in Kishenev that the only safe sex practiced is withdrawal method. Not complaining. Neither girl spoke English so I was using Google translate for the most part.

    The best fun I had was on Tinder. Now this wan't "commodified dating. " No one on Tinder asked for money. I simply found myself matching with stunning girls, way hotter than I get in other countries, even Ukraine. The number of stunning models on Tinder in Kishenev is just unbelievable. I'm decent looking for my age ( 40) but in the West I don't get any Tinder matches, I mean absolutely zero in the <30 bracket and frankly none I'd fuck. I prefer just paying for sex. In Russia and Ukraine it's better, but in Kishenev it was bloody ridiculous. So the reason I spent weeks in Kishenev wasn't mongering in the end but good old fashioned dating.

    I went on a few dates, and basically just got lucky. I met a truly lovely 24 year old nymphomaniac with a perfect ass and barely got out of bed for a week. Best sex of my life. That said, because I'm a degenerate man working girl, I did see the odd mamba girl during the day time while she was at work. Yeah.

    So thanks to Tinder I had one of the best weeks of my life. Not a hell of a lot to see or do in Kishenev, but I had a fucking good time.

    Now just one interesting thing to report back to Loso.

    Quote Originally Posted by Loso69  [View Original Post]
    My favorite City of Love escort was Amally:
    Amally clearly showed her face and was thus more likely to allow pictures. She also has profiles on Badoo & Tinder, as Amalia. In fact, I matched with Amalia on Badoo the day I flew back home. Too late! I wonder if she charges less if you meet her on Badoo or Tinder.
    I opened Badoo and Amalia wrote to me almost immediately. I don't even know if we had time to match (she may have a premium account). You were curious what she charges if you match on Badoo so I wanted to update you. She told me straight away that she wanted to be taken out for dinner to La Sarnis. I looked it up on TripAdvisor and it's the most expensive restaurant in Kishenev, and reviews were very mixed (many saying bad service and over priced).

    Here's my 2 cents. I donnnnnnn't take girls to expensive restaurants on first dates. I have been to Ukraine many times and I know there's so many girls that never put out at all but just wanted to be entertained, wined and dined. So I have a strict rule about not spending that sort of money on girls unless I'm getting sex. (I'll pay them for sex, or I'll spoil the non-pro after we've had sex.) So I was really not keen to take Amalia to this place. She did promise sex after dinner but there's no way of holding a girl to a promise like that obviously. I decided to cut the crap and just offer her money for sex, because I wasn't at all keen on this restaurant nor the uncertainty of how it would end. I want to spend my mongering budget on sex not on food. So I asked her about straight escorting and she actually rejected this idea. Yes a working girl turned down the cash! She said it was boring and she really wants to be taken out and wined and dined. And that's fine, she was probably telling the truth, and I hope that one of you lads gives this girl the Boyfriend Experience (BFE) that she's looking for!

    Unfortunately that's where my Amalia story ends. I wish I could tell you whether she puts out after dinner or not, but someone else will have to find out. It didn't feel right to me. I matched with the tinder nympho and cancelled on Amalia (many hours in advance, not last minute) because I intuitively felt I was on to something much better. I was right. Later on she wrote to me again and I tried to reschedule but it was a "revenge scam." She played some silly little game, proposing a threesome with her cute friend (she sent photos) if I meet them in a bar where they are drinking. Bla bla bla I turn up they aren't there. She then gave me some bullshit excuse about a dead uncle, later admitting she was scamming me as revenge for cancelling. I mean really? I would understand if I had stood her up but I had cancelled many hours in advance. So be warned. This is an immature little nutjob (who may still be great in bed if you get that far).

    Loso said she's a good fuck, and so I suggest doing what he did. Call her on the escort number and keep it strictly professional. I think the Badoo angle will do your head in. But if any of you do match her on Badoo and take her out for dinner, please do let me know if she put out and what it cost you in the end. I'm betting the restaurant is no less than what she charges anyway ($150) and you've wasted hours of your life talking to her instead of fucking. Not my scene.

    All of this is my personal experience, and your mileage will vary, especially on Tinder. If any of you have insights onto why I didn't find a single willing working girl / semi-pro on Badoo I'd love to hear it.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Loso69  [View Original Post]
    A few days before my trip to Moldova, I matched with Taniusha (20) on Badoo. She was looking for someone who could help her financially. I could help.

    Thanks for the great report Going to Moldova myself for a few days in a some weeks.

    Registered on Badoo since that seemed to work very well for you. The matching is the encounter thing? Also, the part of "I'm here to. " doesn't let me select an age range. Did you managed to change that or is that hidden behind the premium membership?

    Also, I see that not all girls spoke much English. Did you write them in another language on Badoo or did you use English and they probably used Google Translate?

    I put my location to Chisinau even though I'm not there yet, or else no one will find me I assume. Did you do the same?

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    A few days before my trip to Moldova, I matched with Taniusha (20) on Badoo. She was looking for someone who could help her financially. I could help.

    Once I was settled into my Chisinau apartment, I contacted Taniusha. She preferred to negotiate a deal in person. A couple of hours later, she was on my doorstep. Taniusha only spoke a little English, so we needed Google translate to communicate. After cracking open a beer, I told Taniusha I liked photos & sex. Taniusha didn't fancy modeling, but needed money to pay for her apartment. In fact, she needed a lot of money. More precisely, she needed 100 EUR. Since Taniusha was hesitant to allow pictures, I didn't try to negotiate, but pictures were an absolute must. Taniusha agreed to model.

    Without any make-up, Taniusha looked young & fresh. Her outfit wasn't exactly flattering, but she looked much better naked. Taniusha was a little shy, but had nothing to be shy about. As we showered together, her skinny body with milky white skin and pert little titties was a feast for the eyes.

    After licking her sweet pussy got Taniusha nice & wet, she was quick to warn me not to come inside her. Condom use was clearly optional. Excellent! When I pulled Taniusha on top, she seemed to be dancing on my dick, moving her hips in a circular motion, which was visually appealing. But Taniusha didn't have stamina, so I had to do most of the work. Taniusha wasn't the most passionate girl, but she was a true sweetie who loved to French kiss as I was banging her. Inevitably, Taniusha got cum sprayed.

    Reports suggested Moldova might be a tough nut to crack. I got laid almost as soon as I arrived.

    Moldova added. Country #94.


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    After matching with Ana (21) on Friday, I chatted with her on Saturday before finally meeting her on Sunday. Like any young girl who matches with a guy older than her father, Ana needed money. When I asked Ana how much, she wanted me to make her an offer. She accepted my initial offer of 50 EUR. Pictures weren't a problem.

    Ana was in City Park when I contacted her before lunch. When I invited her to my apartment after lunch, she was epilating herself. I had to be patient, but I'd have a cleanly shaven pussy to lick. I was surprised Ana had been to my penthouse apartment before. A friend of hers had rented it for a party.

    Ana spoke reasonable English. When she told me she recently came back from Malta, I assumed she worked as an escort. Malta happens to be the place where I fucked my 1st Moldovan girl. Actually, Ana was simply studying in Malta.

    Ana wasn't exactly sexily dressed, but her pretty face was photogenic. Ana confessed she used to be chubby. After dieting, she now looked sexy. I started licking her freshly shaven pussy on the sofa. Sweet!

    As we were French kissing, my dick was hovering near Ana's pussy. I soon got the familiar warning: don't come inside. Ana was soon bumping & grinding my dick like a nymph on steroids. As she slammed my dick hard, she brought me to the brink several times, but I just managed to hold on to my juices. When Ana finally collapsed, it didn't take long before the violent eruption hit her in the face & hair.

    Afterwards, Ana told me she hadn't had sex in 6 months. Don't college girls have sex anymore? Considering Ana was so easy to get, it was hard to believe. But considering she acted like an insatiable sex kitten, it was totally believable.


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    When I came home after a hard day's sightseeing, I'd unexpectedly matched with Aly (18). Even though I was knackered, I couldn't let such an opportunity go to waste. When I sent her a message, Aly quickly came to the point: 50 EUR for an hour. Aly agreed to pictures. I invited her over after dinner.

    Like her predecessors, Aly was young & cute. Also in line with previous experiences, Aly had made little effort to look her best. Aly wasn't sexily dressed or wearing make-up. As we hopped in the shower together, Aly looked much better without her overalls.

    Aly loved having her pussy licked. As we were kissing, Aly swiftly directed my dick inside her. Once Aly was on top, she was in her element, relentlessly pounding my joystick. If my dick were a dildo, she'd have worn out the batteries. After we'd moved from the sofa to the bed, my dick was in for some more punishment. When I finally took over, my perfectly aimed cum bullets splashed right onto her mouth. Another amazing girl!


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    City of Love

    The escort site with the largest selection of girls is City of Love.

    At the time of my research, prices ranged from 80-300 EUR / hour. Beware there's about a dozen ads from girls only offering massage & BJ, but no (classic) sex.

    My favorite City of Love escort was Amally:
    Amally clearly showed her face and was thus more likely to allow pictures. She also has profiles on Badoo & Tinder, as Amalia. In fact, I matched with Amalia on Badoo the day I flew back home. Too late! I wonder if she charges less if you meet her on Badoo or Tinder.

    Mamba also has some girls who carry a price tag. Irina Vasiliu (24) only charges 50 EUR / hour. Though she swore her pictures were real, she wouldn't agree to model for me. Marina (28) is an expensive hoe, charging 200 EUR.


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