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    Has someone been with this cute girl?

    I've seen this cute babe at Valencia soul and would wonder if someone has tasted it.

    It's gorgeous- And porn actress so I guess knows perfectly how to do everything hhehe.

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    Thinking about visiting Valencia haven't been there before and have heard good things about the city. Not much information on clubs on this site, can someone update if there are any decent clubs in Valencia? Quality of girls, numbers to be expected etc.

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    I was also living in Valencia a while ago and I can certainly say that it is one of the places where I have found more variety in this type of services for adults. I tried different and I liked several but the one that surprised me the most was In fact the time I was living there repeated several times so I recommend it. Although certainly in Valencia there are many others also great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeHammer  [View Original Post]
    Valencia is reputed for its wide range of sexual services since the middle ages, it once had the biggest red light district of the whole europe, which is still retained being a city with plenty of opportunities for the ones looking for nightlife and sex.

    I actually live in Valencia and know quite about the action here, street, low clubs and houses, average and superclubs.

    As a general info, you can get these services from: ; at this you can find contact info and even photos of nice girls but all they work at the most expensive clubs.

    Or the classified adds at local newspaper "Levante" in "Relaciones Personales", 4-5 pages full of adds and phones.

    For the clubs themselves you can find reliable (customer) reviews at: ; at the section called "erticos".

    About my experience, from top to the down-to-earth:.

    I completely agree with you. Not long ago I lived in Valencia. Because of my work, I frequently change my city of residence. What I miss most of all the places I've lived is the level of party with Valencia. Nothing compared to it. Not even Barcelona or Madrid are similar in that. Now I live in a town in Alicante and, of course, it does not come anywhere near. Less and less, but I still go from time to time to meet some new girl to Valencia.

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    The truth is that Felina has a well-established price point and they have always looked out for quality. If you are into meeting someone new, I recommend Lola ( a fiery Cuban girl, who is down for anything, all you have to do is get in touch with her and enjoy your date.

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    New escort place in Valencia Spain.

    I've seen a new place in valencia, SoulValencia, its in the city center, the web and the girls look really nice but never been there.

    Anyone knows about it? Or any comments?

    I always been in felina, but this looks cheaper and in a better location.

    Its says only Spanish girls but don't know if its trustful.

    Appreciate if anyone has been there.

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    Secrets Escorts

    In addition to my visits to Valeria Ferrer, I also had two incall sessions at the slightly less upmarket Secrets Escorts (a short walk from the Central Market). Still a nice establishment, but the rooms were a bit smaller, a little stuffy, and less well furnished. However, some of the Secrets girls offer CIM so I was keen to give them a go.

    Again my initial contact was via WhatsApp, in English, and they replied immediately with the address and available girls. For my first visit, I prebooked with Marta, a mid 20's slim, pretty Romanian girl with nice "see" cups. Marta's self-taught English was excellent and she is naturally smiley and friendly, and I had a terrific session with her. Lots of DFK, and after she came loudly during DATY she responded with an enthusiastic BBBJ; CFS in a few positions, then a big CIM finish which she took with a gleam in her eye. She joined me in the shower afterwards, and I certainly walked out with a smile on my face.

    On my return visit I hadn't prebooked, and only Cris was available:

    The photos are accurate, and Cris is a sexy young Spanish girl oozing sex appeal. Unfortunately she doesn't speak English, and we didn't connect too well. I confess I was feeling lazy and only wanted mutual oral, and I think she was pissed off at me for not wanting full sex (not sure if she was horny, or just didn't want to give a lengthy blowjob). Anyway, she was pretty hot so I still enjoyed myself, and she seemed happy to have me cum in her pouting mouth as she sucked every last drop out of me. She also hopped in the shower with me to finish my appointment.

    Cost was 100 for 45 minutes, plus 30 for CIM. I don't think the girls were as hot as Valeria Ferrer, but they offered more services and I would recommend.

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    Valeria Ferrer

    I made 2 incall visits to Valeria Ferrer in May (apologies for the delay in posting, I have been offline for a while). I would rate this agency very highly and would definitely recommend it.

    Costs are 80 for 30 minutes / 120 for 45 minutes / 150 for an hour.

    My initial communication with them was via WhatsApp, in English. They sent me photos of the girls who were working that day, and confirmed the address (which, incidentally, is very central in Calle Juan de Austria, a pedestrian shopping mall a 5 minute walk from Colon metro). Its a very professional establishment, elegantly furnished, air conditioned, with a cool and classy ambience. The madam didn't speak English and I don't speak Spanish, but it wasn't an issue and the process was self-explanatory. After being offered a drink, I was shown to a bedroom for individual introductions to the 2 available ladies. On my first visit, on a Saturday afternoon, I met Nikki, a hot young blonde with a toned body, gorgeous smile, and pigtail hairstyle; and wearing just a collared shirt and panties. As soon as I laid eyes on her, my choice was made! I was also introduced to Isis, who looks fantastic on the website, but turned out to be a bit curvy for my taste in person. So, 45 minutes with Nikki, and she was wonderful. Very GFE, smiling all the time and lots of DFK. As far as I know none of the girls provide a PSE service, but DATY, BBBJ, CFS and HJ finish with Nikki was just fine for me.

    My second visit was a couple of days later, and this time I just called in without making an appointment. This did not seem to cause any issues. Available this time were Nikki again, and a lovely brunette, Isabel. I felt terribly guilty rejecting Nikki, but was keen to try someone new and Isabel provided a service every bit as good as Nikki had; and as a bonus, she spoke basic English so we were able to enjoy a few laughs.

    Karma came back to bite me as I contacted Valeria Ferrer on the last day of my stay in Valencia to repeat with Nikki but she wasn't available that day. From my experience, the website photos are accurate, and the girls I met were gorgeous young students (I note BTW that Nikki and Isabel are no longer with the agency).

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    [CodeWord103] with Cristal.

    I wanted to share my last experience with all of you. I had been wanting to try a fantasy that had been going on and on in my mind. I had seen it thousands of times in porn movies, but could never bring myself to trying it with someone who didn't exude enough trust and assurance. It was the [CodeWord103]. It had caught my attention for a few years and I wanted to try it.

    I looked up agency profiles offering "special" services and I came across Cristal ( I got in touch with them over email first and told them about my situation and the fantasy I had. She had mentioned it in her profile that she provided this service and I was told that it would be an add-on for 50. I accepted it and dropped by at the agreed time.

    Cristal is extremely beautiful and attractive. She isn't very tall, but she has a stunning body. She was very kind and affectionate throughout. She never judged me and was clear about what we liked and what we were going to do. She made me feel very confident, and I'll be forever grateful to her for that.

    Before anything else, she took me for a shower. Seeing water fall on her nude body and those lovely boobs was quite an experience. She caressed and touched me up, thus making me more and more horny. She took me to the bed and sat in the corner. She got down on her knees and started giving me a very passionate BBBJ. Her penetrating eyes were glued to mine while she frenetically moved her head around.

    When I had reached my limit, she said, "it's time to make your fantasy come true" and made me lie face-up on the bed. She squatted on top of me, at my cock's height, and started the [CodeWord103]. She only did it in that area, for that's where we had agreed to do it (I didn't want her to [CodeWord140] on my face), but it was quite a sensuous and incredible experience. When she was done, she put a condom on my penis and we started fucking like sex-starved beasts, giving it our all and moaning like animals.

    The smell of sex and our fluids was turning me on until I told her that I was about to cum and she started to jerk me off quickly. We fell exhausted on the bed.

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    Massage with Carla.

    This week.

    That's right in Valencia there is a problem if you speak English and not Spanish using whatsapp is not as popular as in other cities.

    This weekend I stay in Valencia and spent a massage with Carla wonderful masseuse cheerful neat, slim, delicate, pleasant massage, maybe a little too short but with a happy end.

    She doesn't offer extra services but does it well, so it is not necessary. Good quality, clean place and calm.

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    Lying adverts!

    OK just a little warning of the bullshit that's going on over the web at the moment.

    The escorts adverts are getting worse and worse. The brothels advertise the girls on different websites so the same girl could have three different adverts.

    First the ages. Now one ad says 26 but another for the same girl and she is 37? Services she does for example anal but the other advert says she does not. Deseos brothel does this a lot. Some say the girl speaks English another ad and she does not.

    Then there is the Felina that has had some bad reviews on Google lately.

    They bullshit with the language the girls speaks and where she is from.

    They have a girl called Susi shows her face on her profile. Says she speaks English that seems to be true but they say that girls do and they don't! Started as an Bulgarian girl now she is an american, somebody commented about this.

    Now she is at a brothel called Soulvalencia with different pics but still shows her face and now she has decided that she is from Serbia. Now either these brothels are complete idiots and can't do marketing at all or just complete lying bastards. I don't see a point to any of this.

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    Spanish Idioms for Putas Ads.

    Quote Originally Posted by LarryDavid  [View Original Post]
    Also, if you know. Some terms on the website that could use translation:

    Besos morreos.

    The second one 1st Parejas simple means couples. So the WG would do Male Female and herself.

    The First one second 2nd Morreos Besos means snogging and kissing. Self explanatory!

    Hope this helps Pep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryDavid  [View Original Post]
    This is agency price, or does each girl set her own price?
    It's a brothel, all the girls are the same price. In my opinion Harmony offers by far the best value in Valencia although, as I previously mentioned, the girls there are not as young or attractive as you might find in some of the more expensive places in the city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AddictedToWomen  [View Original Post]
    Afraid I only met Eva. But I'd be quite tempted by Dana too.

    P.S. You can also do just 30 minutes for eur 50.
    This is agency price, or does each girl set her own price?

    Also, if you know. Some terms on the website that could use translation:

    Besos morreos.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepe1976X  [View Original Post]
    When I look at pic 4 of Eva on there website. Looks like money, E80 for one hour, well spent! Did you meet the other WGs in a line up because they look pretty impressive too!
    Afraid I only met Eva. But I'd be quite tempted by Dana too.

    P.S. You can also do just 30 minutes for eur 50.

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