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    Originally posted by progman

    You're being too nice. Just drop all inactive accounts now. If someone hasn't posted a single message in over a year that tells me they are either useless lurkers or have not revisted the site since they first registered.

    I second that. Everything else looks good, nice job. I think the private messenging is a good idea too.

    Happy 4th all!

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    I support your plan as stated (no more, no less).

    Thanks for the great site and all you do.

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    I think you are being more than reasonable.

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    As a new poster, first off thanks for the site. As for the proposed changes it seems that since you are on the one doing work and paying for it, you get to set the rules. The rest of us are freeloaders - myself at the top of the list.


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    Recommend implementation. Pitch the 687 over the side too.

    -Uncle Otto

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    I feel that internet decorum must be maintained so I will have to play Devil's Advocate as the response has otherwise been so overwhelmingly positive.

    Genesis according to the Fool.
    In the beginning DARPA created the Internet. {We shall ignore the "Gore invented the internet heresy"} Now the Internet was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface, no content was to be found and the spirit of DARPA was hovering over the users. And DARPA said "Let there be access" and there was access. DARPA saw that the access was good and he seperated the access to content from the darkness. DARPA called the access "freedom" and the lack of access to content "tyranny". DARPA then released its Internet unto the multitudes and said "Let the people produce content containing sites, free porn, games and conversation acording to their various pursuits." And it was so.
    The Internet became populated by the multitudes but the darkness did not flee, it waited its time. Eventually greed and selfishness overcame the weak willed many and they said "You may not trespass upon my content" even though their content lay in the lands of freedom created by DARPA. They placed fences around their content. They denied access to information of use to all, restricting it to only those who would yield unto them their wallets, their souls or their innermost thoughts.
    Today a great battle takes place, a battle between the forces of freedom and tyranny, light and dark, those who provide information without demands and those who make demands and would deny information to others.
    The question before the WSG forum is not whether lurkers should be culled. The question is whether we retain our freedom or lose our souls.

    Of course I think that is all pretty much bullshit, if someone isnt contributing then they are leaching and may reasonably be removed from membership.

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    Go for it Jackson

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    You're being too nice. Just drop all inactive accounts now. If someone hasn't posted a single message in over a year that tells me they are either useless lurkers or have not revisted the site since they first registered.


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    The work you do is great and you make it special by involving the users of this forum in the decision making process on how to run it.
    This is democracy at its bets. Jackson for President.

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    I agree with most here. This is an excellent forum. I use it as a very good tool as to what is happening in the area. I believe that a "active member" tool should be intitiated. Keep up the great job.

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    Your plan is just the right one.
    Why waiting, giving last chance...
    just go and do it. Dead will remain dead even if you wait them a century to wake up... :-)

    and :

    Great job like always.

    A suggestion about the photo area: This is also a clearly slow or dead area : either you also cut it or give a similar no post within xxx days and you will cut it. ;-))) either you will save space or there will be something new on it. It is a win win solution.

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    In regards to confirming the email address, I believe I confirmed my e-mail address awhile ago, but I'm not 100% sure. I've been a member for awhile and don't want an oversight on my part to prevent me from using this excellent resource.

    So my question is, how do I ensure that I cofirmed my e-mail address, so I'm not deleted?

    You obviously did confirm your email address, because you conldn't have completed the membership registration process otherwise.

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    Well, I think the two week notice is more than adequate. I don't think it should be a "post 10 messages a month or get booted" type scheme, because I've seen those, and all you get is worthless crap posted.

    One really good report a year from a guy is worth 100 "oh yeah, I did her, she was good" reports I see every day.

    Some people really get a lot of use out of the board, but don't put anything back into it. How can our hobby (lifestyle) really progress when you only hear from the same 10 guys all the time? How would you like to have only the same 10 girls all the time. Variety, people!

    Say you love a certain type of music, and want to find chicas who will dance with you all night, and then drain you so dry, you can't move afterwards? How can you find out, if only a few guys post?

    You may think you're the only one who likes such things (right, Elvis?), but I'm sure there are plenty of other guys who would like the same thing, but need the good lowdown on the girls.

    Jackson, I know where you're heading with a lot of this stuff, and I think that the guys who really want to add to the discussion will still be here at the end of the year. Anybody else is just a waste of space.

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    I think it's a great plan. I also agree that continual pruning should definitely be an automated process.

    Another wayt to look at it is that, since it's possible to read the forum without being registered, lurkers don't lose anything if you delete their accounts.

    The more annoying problem is how do you prune people who post, but offer nothing of value to the board? Not sure how to deal with that without the possibility of thread monitors (similar to IRC Ops) who would have the authority to remove the garbage 'Can anyone tell me about X?' posts. These moderators would have the responsibility of notifying you about these posters so that you could remove the one-offers.

    Just my $.02

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    I agree with everyone else, prune away. I've seen, first hand, how much time you spend running this great resource. And it sounds like your hardware costs keep going up. You make the rules, some of us will contribute, all will benefit, fuck the complainers. We all come out ahead!

    Is it ok to mention your other venture in this forum, since so many are visiting?

    I would love to see this charity benefit from all the work you do on wsgforum. I think you would too, right?

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