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Thread: 2002 Rio de Janeiro Reports

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    Darkseid - TY...very informative!!!

    Octatron - Your a moron for taking the time to answer with your reply!!! I have read every post on here back for 5 months...amazing how there are many inconsistencies and not always to the point of my question. Save your time next time from respodnging with such a lame ass answer and put your finger back up your ass.

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    Hmmmm ... bringing my own condoms eh? Might have to get some more luggage . Anyway, just purchased the airfare to Rio. I'll be leaving on February 27th and returning March 8th-9th. Ticket cost $660 everything included from NY. Now, if only I could find a nice inexpensive apartment in Copacabana near all the action.... (Yes, I've contacted all of the places I've read about on WSG, but have yet to find a deal.... Anyone with any thoughts?
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    The condoms in Brazil sometimes break and I have had a few accidental barebacked experiences with the Brazilian condoms. I would suggest you bring your own. One or two packs would not be enough if you are Asian because Asian people have an advantage there or if you are into their culture or are suave. You might need about 30 to 40 of them.

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    l,m gonna be going to Rio pretty soon and l,ll like to know from season vet if it makes sense to go with my own condoms from the states or buy them when l get to Rio?l don,t wanna be husstle by customs becuse of that?What advice do you give a first timer going to RIO?

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    The Carnival is from February 28th to March 5th.

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    What are the dates for carnival this year, and who is going?

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    Muito obrigado, Senor JWadd! :-) Sounds like a plan to me. And with my "circadian clock" set to Pacific Standard Time, I'll be at my peak when all the fun starts late at night. And yes, all the information I could possibly ever want/need on thermas' is on this forum. I understand the SW scene in Rio puts Bangkok's to shame. Definitely looking forward to being in Rio for Carnival.

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    I vote for reason #2.


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    Saint, let me just say how utterly disappointed I am that you've been in Rio for several days now and you haven't written 2000 words yet of comparisons between Rio and BA!!! This conspicuous absence is simply un-Saint like so I'm trying to figure out your lack of much presence so far and I've come up with a few explanations: 1-little or poor internet access 2-you're so busy with the Brasileras you haven't had time to come up for air and write yet 3-you're so disappointed with Rio compared to BA you don't even think Rio deserves a mention 4-you miss BA so much and you couldn't get a flight back to BA so you're presently riding in a Land Rover over Amazon jungle en route back to your beloved BA! 5-some dominatrix-like Brasilera is having her way with you and has you handcuffed to her terma bed for 48 hours and won't let you go! Say it ain't so Saint and tell your boardmember friends what the good word is about Rio! DownBA

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    more ATM news.....

    Also you can no longer access the CitiBank ATM from inside BlockBuster Video in Copacabana.. They blocked off the "IN STORE" entrance to the ATM's, you have to go around the corner to the night entrance on Ave. N.S. de Copacabana to get into the ATM's now.....

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    Bring CASH.....

    If you are coming to Rio for New Years you had better bring CASH. Getting cash from the ATM's is getting more and more difficult due to the large numbers of tourists. The city is expecting over 2 million people here for The New Years celebration. Many of the ATM's will be out of cash very quickly and you don't want to get stuck without any money.....

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    ...All you need is that attitude (and tudo bem? from Palo Alto, California) and you'll succeed. Read through this forum and the "archives" and you'll learn everything you need. It's a lot of scrolling, but everythign you need is in there.

    As for me, I've never been a big fan of the thermas. I party late and sleep late. Typically, I pick up a girl somewhere (usally a SW -- which is a dream-come-true is Brasil) around 5-7 p.m., nail here for a glorious 2 hrs., and not get to the REAL ACTION 'til around 11 p.m. With this scenario (the best, I think), thermas just slow you down.

    Happy Hunting,

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    Hello from San Jose, California! I'll be coming with a friend of mine to Carnival in a couple of months (already have the plane ticket and apartment). We're staying in Copacabana, so I was wondering if someone could give me some information on Termas (i.e., programa or relax) in the area: what the protocol is, and any good recommendations. Muito obrigado! (hopefully I'll be able to learn some more Portugese in the coming weeks, but at least I can say "Dois cervejas, por favor!")

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    Security for 2003 New Year’s to be provided by 8.2 thousand police officers

    Rio’s City Hall and the Municipal Secretary of Tourism are presently announcing the support plan for the 2003 New Year’s Eve celebrations, which cost R$ 3 million. The pyrotechnical show will last 12 minutes, and will use 120 tons of fireworks. The Municipal Health Secretariat will place seven medical assistance stations along Copacabana, Flamengo, Ipanema and Barra da Tijuca beaches. In the other places where there will be shows, the Secretariat will make use of the existing local medical assistance stations. To provide security, the Military Police will have 8.2 thousand soldiers on duty. In Copacabana, 2.3 thousand men will be distributed over five observation posts. The Municipal Guard will help with 1.2 thousand men spread throughout the city. The Municipal Guard’s main task will be to prohibit street vendors from invading the thoroughfares, sidewalks and sand. The beach clean-up operations will start at 6 a.m. on January 1st. Comlurb estimate it will be able to reestablish the beaches standards of cleanliness by 10a.m.. During last year’s New Year’s festivities, 210 tons of trash were collected in Copacabana alone.

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    No, you are wrong Saint. David does not own a ton of apartments. He owns 1 apt. on Rua Miguel Lemos and he has access to 2 others on Rua Djalma Ulrich in Copacabana. David is very professional and he offers a few nice apts. at fair prices. He may also have access to a few apts. owned by others, but he does not own a ton of apts..

    if you are thinking about staying in Centro for Carnival to save a few reais be careful because it is very dangerous there during the Holidays.

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