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    SP Girls.

    Have been tied up a bit therefore not been able to go much to my regular SP. Posting some pics of the girls I have been with.

    Shall try to post the pending FRs (of the Indie & SP girls) in this month only. LOL.
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    Bong Bazookas

    A bong lost in NCR looking for salvation. First time around had attitude, now she says we are friends. But still no to anal but ok with CIM.
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    Big Ass Vaccum Cleaner

    FR in Delhi forum.
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    Sorry the pics got missed out.

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    Putting light into the otherwise dying thread

    IF you like these, she does play naughty nurse as well. Will put them up in the cumming days.


    She has one of the best boobs you can find in a young lady. Comment if you want to see them boob lovers.

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    For the summer!

    Not a single day goes by without regretting for missing these tits. For a few didn't have the time and others (most of them), used up all the mongering budget on shit holes whose pics I got before these!


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    Girls in Mumbai.

    Hi all,

    Received below pics from a new SP with end digits 063 in Andheri area, Mumbai. Anybody here has used any of these girls service?

    Fees- 6 k for 1 HR / 8 k for 3 hrs / 15 k for whole night.

    Ready to do anal as well.

    1 shot for 6 k / 3 shots for 8 k.


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    Hansika the best.

    Met this lady in Kolkata 2 yrs back, awesome milky MILF.
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    Bangalore 2 yrs back.

    Met this girl in Bangalore 2 yrs back, awesome.
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    Big Ass have their own beauty

    Hope to see her wiggling her ass again someday.


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    Irony of Life

    Girl gets the money and enjoys a good fuck. Getting paid to have fun. How many of Us will ever have such a chance.

    Please do share your experiences as well.


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    For Boob Lovers who want more to suck On

    Something I experienced this time, And she was very eager to show off!

    Hard to reduce the resolution becoz of size limitation, hope you guys can enjoy the wonder of nature.


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    Red Bunny

    Another desi, pretty and cute, refined and a complete savage in Bed.

    And seriously the thread needs more pics.


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    G String Are Girls New Best Friend

    Beauty + Crazy + Wild = *DT's Love*.

    Enjoy the Pics as Gallery lacks them.


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    Kolkata Diaries!

    Damage 3-4 k.
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