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    Awesome CIS chick in Bangalore

    Please read the post by Flyte137 in Bangalore forum for details.


    Reposting the pics from his post.
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    RE treat

    People forgot about this thread I guess. Enlightening it.

    Report in Coimbatore forum. Second meet. Thanks to Harcom for the hospitality.


    S. S
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    Chicks I banged in blore!

    4k st Bangalore.
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    My favourite place in the (w) hole wide world. See my last useful FR.
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    Had her in Thane.

    Already posted in Mumbai forum.

    One more pics of her.

    Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures.

    Sorry as I did not took her number.

    But available in a sage lodge between Cadbury junction and Royal beer shop.

    GFE. Everything was on the menu except Anal.

    Damage 3.5 K + 0.5 k tips= 2 hrs.
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    Chennai Aunty

    Had her 6 months ago.

    Damage was 3 K= 3 hrs.
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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because it appeared to be some sort of cryptically written message.

    Please do not post cryptic messages in the forum.

    Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information.
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    First score outside India! Pockets empty

    The caption says it all. One good and wild babe! Who torn by dress and pocket
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    2 more pics sent by sp R yesterday check them out I have shared SP R's digit with quite a few and will be sharing with seniors only.
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    Here are some pics I got from Pune SP I have the contact to share if some 1 can Pm me gud Delhi contacts. I did fuck the white 1 paid for st but bec Sp got late to pick her up she got really horny and had 2 more shots with me for free like stayed the night.
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    I can't forget the wonderful time I had in Bangalore. Thanks to my SP Sankar.

    Now I am moved to Hyderabad and looking for independents.

    Happy mongering.
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    Hey guys,

    I belong to Pune and mongering here since last 1 year. Have been in touch with few SPs as well as individuals. Have got few pics from one of the SP and tried out the girl in black.

    Will be sharing FR shortly in Pune forum. Check out the pics guys. Will told SP that I will be trying each of these girls one by one soon.

    Happy mongering,

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    Happy New Year to myself

    Last days abroad.
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    Are you Shakira Fan!

    And yes her hips don't lie.
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    And more action

    Some clicks from Aruba, sunrise special.
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