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    Amina massage parlor Kazakhstan

    Some photos of hooker.
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    More of Kazakhstan prostitute

    Some pictures of prostitute of Astana.

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    Astana massage parlor Amina

    Who knows her?
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    Massage parlor in Astana


    Who knows massage parlor Amina? Any info?

    She worked near Radison hotel in Astana.
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    Some new pics

    Some new pics from Atyrau.
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    Atyrau Girl

    Hi Sarrus,

    Do you have her number?

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    Atyrau girl

    Last summer, I met a wonderful, beautiful kazakh girl. I want to share the photos with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grinhof  [View Original Post]
    Kazakhstan girl.
    Where did you find her?

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    Phone number

    Quote Originally Posted by Grinhof  [View Original Post]
    Kazakhstan girl.
    Do you care to share a phone number on this girl? I will be in Almaty next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grinhof  [View Original Post]
    Kazakhstan girl.
    Wow-she is smokin.

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    Kazakhstan girl.
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    When all else fails, check with a local. In this case, the guy at the hotel front desk who works the graveyard shift. So after the disappointment in Almaty, for me at least, glad to find WG's in Shymkent.
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    In Almaty a month or so back and decided to check out the local ads in the paper - CARAVAN (or KARAVAN).

    The section for personnels is the last couple of pages of the classifieds. Speaking no russian just tried a few numbers asked if they spoke english and eventually negotiated an outcall to my hotel.

    Very pleasant hour spent with an Uzbek girl who whilst a bit chunkier than I would have liked was extremely well endowed. She was into DATY and enjoyed my little vibrating playring (so much so I gave it to her as a keepsake).

    Costs for the hour were 6000 tenges (about $50) which i thought represented good value. Everything covered but am sure could be persuaded for OWO. Good massage between times.

    For those who prefer to see and choose then maybe not a good option but if your feeling adventurous and prepared to take what comes along it's worth a gamble.

    Then travelled to Atyrau and tried some local numbers provided by doorman at hotel - real moment of shame as phone call from reception telling me that there are four girls in reception waiting for me half hour later. Buried head in hands and ushered them to a corner - too embarrased to do anything so politely sent them away. On the plus side it would not have been an issue to take one or more upto the room.

    Looking forward to going back at some point in the future.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor_Skank
    Cute and sexy girl.

    It's TATAR by the way, not tartar.

    There is only one "R".
    I've never clearly understood if Tatars belonged more especially to the Caucasian or the Mongolian race by the way. Seems that the Tatar denomination is largely multi-ethnic and comprises a whole spectrum of physical appearance, ranking from Mongol (Kazakh Tatars) to Turkish/Persian (Krimea or Volga Tatars) and a mixture of both, as in Uzbekistan.

    Sorry for the digression. The innumerable blends of ethnicities in FSU (250 distinct ethnic groups!), and consequently the innumerable varieties and types of women, is an immense matter that fascinates me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor_Skank
    It's TATAR by the way, not tartar.

    There is only one "R".
    I always liked their sauce on my fish sticks.

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