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    Hanoi Heaven

    Yes, A Picture is worth a thousand words!

    Thank You Line!

    You never failed Me!

    Good hunting my friends!

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    BEC54D7A-C630-49CA-9540-5A78237F3C6A.jpg‎   E3CFCCEE-84DD-4371-BADC-1C1CA5B74624.jpg‎   70755365-CBEB-4E47-8A79-B62DA044CD2E.jpg‎   070321F4-85B4-45FD-A4DA-CA80656CFFF7.jpg‎   EFDF6364-5B35-4FF5-B7FE-C0A6B016B462.jpg‎  

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    Using LINE in Vietnam

    I'm finding a gold mine in terms of girls using line. Lots of "massage" and more. Here is the pussy of a VN sweetie. She had her period (told me before hand) so I had her over for a BJ with swallow. Good technique. 500,000 VND for delivery to my hotel room.

    Usually I'm not into those fat pussies. But she sucked like a vacuum so I was happy.

    She was fun. But I'm overwhelmed with LINE requests.

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    Binh Duong

    Have a good day in Binh Duong with an A level escort. I found her on Kyny. She is in the early twenties, good service, pretty face.
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    Busty 27 yr old.
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    Slim spinner with big tits, which I like

    Young, aout 20 yo, decent service, only cost $14/ shot in Hai Phong last month LOL.
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    No warts on this one.
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    Avoid this one

    In Haiphong, and used line, found a madam who sent me over a girl. When girl arrived she was pretty enough, average size, but was nervous to be with a big white guy. Got to room and we laughed about a few things, when she took off her clothes, she did fit the description of a "cold fish' only wanted me to fuck her and get it over with. Nope had to inspect the goods first, when I went down on her to see. I found a surprise. She had a huge genital wart.

    That was the end. I messaged the madam who said "she is clean" and I told the girl she had to see a doctor about this. Took a picture.

    Sometimes we find bad things. Pussy smelled fine, nothing else except for this huge wart.

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    Slim and busty my two favorite words.
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    Model wannabe sexy busty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TomMAffolter  [View Original Post]
    Sexy MILF.
    That's a nice one, Tom. Where did you find her?

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    What is the best way to reach you

    Your PM is off, what is the best way to reach you.

    Quote Originally Posted by TomMAffolter  [View Original Post]
    Big breast and cowboy what a memorable picture.

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    H. Nhi D7 on Kyny.
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    Big breast and cowboy what a memorable picture.
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    Tattooed bushy MILF.
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    MILF ass. Posing for doggy.
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