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    Quote Originally Posted by ArribaPerro  [View Original Post]
    I've never paid $100 for a 30 min fuck. I've paid $100 for 1 hour a few years ago.

    I will only pay $80 max for 30 min. Maybe in 10 years in the year 2025 with inflation I will go to $100.
    The girls I went with last year all accepted 1500 pesos for 1 hour without any hesitation. And I chose the girls who looked the hottest to me (petite, skinny, little spinners). I didn't ever even try negotiating below that amount, but judging by how quickly they each accepted my offer, I suspect that they would have accepted less. And, this was on Friday and Saturday nights, not even during the week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kman1  [View Original Post]
    Many HK girls these days start of with 100$, esp during peak hours, they seem to stand their ground. This one just walked away from another prospector most likely due to price.
    I've never paid $100 for a 30 min fuck. I've paid $100 for 1 hour a few years ago.

    I will only pay $80 max for 30 min. Maybe in 10 years in the year 2025 with inflation I will go to $100.

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    Policarpa at CuminTJ willingly poses for full nude photos without requesting any restrictions on how they're used. No request for additional money by her; only paid her the agency escort rate.
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    HK Chica

    Ah to feel again! Devany from HK that's 25. She's a 420 girl that's sexy. She would take a hit and blow it in my mouth. Been a while but anyone knows if she's back?
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    More Nikkis pictures from last Wednesday

    I did capture some pics of Nikkis (with its door opened a crack) before I approached the structure.

    My phone now immediately downloads pics via drop box when I charge my cellphone from my laptop's USB port.

    So for a couple of days I thought those pictures were lost when I could only locate the single pic.

    I also added some of the additional pictures I found of the removal of the old welcome sign hanging from the arch.
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    Nikkis door was cracked open a bit on Wednesday afternoon

    I was walking along Primera on my way to Tito's Tacos when I saw an odd sight.

    The storefront of closed restaurant / bar / hotel called Nikkis had one of two large roll-up door partially open.

    The former owner / operator of Nikkis is a monger I knew who in May was held for questioning (and later charged) related to sex trafficking.

    That place has been closed up tight as a drum ever since. So it was odd to me to see anybody possibly going in or out of it.

    There were three young local looking guys leaning against a white pick-up truck. They all looked at me as I passed by and snapped this one picture.

    Because they were all paying attention to me. I decided not to stick around and snap a picture of them.

    The door was not opened very much. I really couldn't see much as I walked past it Wednesday afternoon, December 17th, 2014.
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    Out with the old Bienvenitos A Tijuana Sign

    On Monday night I took a late night stroll to the Soriana grocery store to buy more fruit juice boxes and what did I see at the Arch?

    They took down the landmark signage held up by the Arch.

    The next day it was business as usual on Revo, but the signage and heavy equipment was gone.

    I pointed it out to one of the storekeepers and he told me that a new replacement sign will be going up soon.

    Soon can mean anything (including never) in Mexico.
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    The closing of Tijuana's Najara Hotel

    In mid afternoon the mattresses came chugging down the bottom stairway from the Najera Hotel. A dozen or so men carrying down a half dozen at a time until they filled the sidewalk and the alley's street cab cut directly outside the dump three businesses down from the dump I was staying in. After the mattresses came the furniture, and soon after that. The scavengers and rateros.

    I have a friend named Martin that lives in LZ. Martain said that he heard through the Tijuana grapevine that the building's owner declined renewing the lease of the hotel to its current operators. Martin said: "ScatManDoo, you are witnessing an eviction. Mexico style". Artin also heard through the grapevine that the building owner plans to demolish the second and third floor of the building, leaving Malquerida Bar intact.

    From there they plan to add four more stories to the building. He didn't say what was going in, but right now Tijuana's LZ appears to be experiencing a hotel room building boom.
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    My Chica from HK. Day1

    She sent this to me later. Looks like she "like" me. .
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    Quote Originally Posted by CocrBrotheler  [View Original Post]
    I luv them yellow panty.
    Thanks. How about 'em purple bra?
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    Some misc pics of my last visit to Tijuana in March 2014. Miss that place already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guitarrefreak  [View Original Post]
    More reason to go for BBFS no?
    Not my call. She was firm on no arriba. I am not into preggo's anyways.

    Here's one more of the Chavelas freebie I posted before. Pic kinda explains why free.

    Next two pics of a street girl. She had an attractive teacher face with glasses, and not a bad lay.
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    Chavelas teen / MILF

    The first pic is of a 19 yr old at Chavelas. Many of them are in street clothes in Chavelas unlike other bars. I bought her a few drinks and did some chit chat. She wanted 80 which I was not willing to pay. I was trying to negotiate but she kept hustling for more drinks so I had let her go. The second one is a MILF that I bought drinks and talked to for a while. When I propositioned, she said no arriba. I asked her porque? She unbuttons and points to her belly which was well covered by her coat. She was mucho pregnant. Like 6 mos.
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    Chavelas freebie

    Chavelas is different than Adelitas or HK. Its a dance bar combined with a hooker bar. It has a dance floor where you can dance your heart away. Just pick the girl you like and buy her drinks. There are quiet a few that come mainly to dance and anything more is a bonus. This one was literally a freebie, sweet one. After the deed I ask how much? She says whatever you like. I had a 50 out and put it back in and took a 20 out, she took it like a champ, no complains.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travelling Guy  [View Original Post]
    Do you remember what shift you saw the second one. Day or night?
    She works days. Gone by 7 or 8 pm. One more pic of her.
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