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    Miami Bar, the block behind of Adelitas. This is also the street where you see the line of SGs. One San Francisco monger claimed the previous SG he was with had a foul smelling pussy (disease?), and vowed to not do one again.
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    Another view of Adeitas Bar. Also notice the Chavelas Bar at top right part of pic.
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    Adelita Bar on Friday Aug 22, 2003, 12 noon time.
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    AV Revolucion St. I just noticed a Pharmacy in the background; might be good to pic up some cheap viagra on the next trip.
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    Behind that truck is the entrance to the brown building; go thru building to get to border.
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    Brownish building in the mid-right part of the picture is where you want to go. Follow the people there to get to the border.
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    MetalMickey: those border pics don't look too familiar to me, but I do recognize the McDona'ld's in the background of one of the pics. I'm gonna post a series of pics from the I-5 South going to the border, then to Adelita Bar from what I've seen.

    This first pic is the "Camino de la Plaza-- Last USA exit".
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    You mean to tell me that you told these girls that you were going to post these photos on the internet and they said go for it because you paid for the photo? Or that you would take care to disguise their identities and they, gulp, trusted you? Maybe I'm talking to the wrong girls, but I get the impression that 95% of them would tell you to F off immediately--paid for photo or not--if they knew what your intentions were. More power to ya man.

    As for blacking out their faces, that's anyone's judgement call. But, it seems to me, if you're going to post then, for godsakes, post--show everything for the benefit of your fellow mongers. Hell, it's no secret that we're probably generating more business for these girls by doing so, and I can guarantee you that they surely won't turn that away. There are a thousand other ways that a girl's 'cover' might be blown, and, frankly, the internet might be the least of their worries. Anyway, it's etiquette, and not the law that might prevent someone from posting a photo here or surely the owner of this site wouldn't have included this feature.

    On a more prosaic note, for you guys who haven't been to TJ, or are debating going soon, here are a series of TJ landmark shots to help with your plans.

    First is a shot at the top of the pedestrian bridge looking back toward the border crossing at San Ysidro about half-a-mile in the background. Notice the golden arches of McDonalds at the top--you pass through this open air mall, if you're walking, on the way to Adelitas, etc.
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    The pedestrian bridge that traverses the beautiful Tijuana river (cover your nose...). At this point you are almost halfway to Adelitas and Chicago Club. Notice the arch on the right--the head of Revolution Street.
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    Welcome to Tijuana!
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    Revolution street, home of Pussycats, Peanuts and Beer, Bambis, etc. Notice Aztec massage on the right.
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    Michelle from Adelitas

    (Blocked the face to protect the not-so-innocent)
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    I agree with Mickey about asking permission. I would go one step further though. Just because a girl let's you take her picture I don't think it's an automatic permission slip to post her picture on the web. At least on an open forum. Most girls do know about the internet though. I'm masking the girls faces that didn't tell me I could post on the internet. I think that guys should at least block their eyes with Photoshop or some other software if they didn't get permission to post. Although Smith tried to get me to pay her to take more pictures because she said she knew they would go on the internet.
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    I'll reply here on this topic (photos), but I think we should try to keep this file open exclusively for posting photos...

    Anyway, it's just a given that you shouldn't be attempting to take someone's--anyone's--photo, male or female, inside any of the TJ bars/clubs--afterall, think of all the married guys (God forbid) that you might capture in the background! It might even be posted somewhere that no cameras are allowed in there anyway. I know of a couple TJ clubs (Madonna's, Lord Black's) that make you check your cameras at the door before they will even let you in. Yes, it's to protect the girl's privacy, but also all the guys that are in there too.

    If you want a picture of a certain girl that you are enamored with in the club, there is a way around this issue though: as any regular knows, there usually are a few 'club sanctioned' local photographers wandering around in the clubs that will snap a polaroid photo of you and the girl for a few bucks; I've never seen a girl refuse to have their picture taken by them. BTW, I've seen some of these photos pop-up at various places on the internet as well.

    Bottom Line: Yes, absolutely, always ask politely before taking some girl's photo. If she consents, then she has essentially agreed to let you do with the photo what you wish--Pending legal action from some TJ narco lawyer that is, LOL!

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    Went to Adelitas 11:30am Friday, tried taking pic inside, and a girl was pissed, and the attendant/manager(?) came to talk to me.

    I quickly deleted the picture in their presence. If you take picture of ppl, make sure to have their consent first.

    Heard that some girls get pissed because they don't want their family to see it. For example, supposedly once a boy saw her mom on the internet.

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