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    Here is a chica. She was about 25 years old. She gave a good vibe on the outside but ended up rushing me in the end.
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    Inside Adelitas on a Sunday afternoon before my flight home. Not sure the name of the girl dancing. This was a few months ago.
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    I have not checked in for a while and am really happy to see this photo section! Great idea. I will do my best to contribute after my next trip.

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    The Spanish sent many Filipinos to Veracruz, Mexico because the importation of Africans were illegal. So many Filipinos were sent there to work. If you would like you can search the internet for more information!

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    There usually are several girls in Chicago Club that look a little asian, including this one who said she was from Veracruz. Maybe that's one reason why our asian friends favor the place?
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    In regards to your friend and the SG with the smelly pussy. The SG probably does have a disease. She probably has Chlamydia. I once knew a woman who had chlamydia. She smelled so damn bad she almost knocked my ass out. I had a hard time eating for a few days because she smelled so bad. In fact I couldnt get the horrid smell of her pussy out of my head for several days.

    The lady I knew who had chlamydia wasnt a SG but damn I just cant describe the smell. Her pussy smelled worse than a dead animal. I still have flashbacks of her smelly pussy even to this day. I am serious. It was the worst sexual encounter I have ever had. It was horrible.

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    Metal Mickey,

    We don't have to agree on this issue. Everyone has their opinions on this. Yes, you must be talking to the wrong girls. I'm not sure. I don't know TJ well. I only went one time. It was my first trip. You don't know me but several on the forum do and can probably tell you that I'm not a BS'er. If I post something it's the truth. Good luck.

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    Going home. The same light brown/tan building in middle of picture. Follow the hoard of people walking toward the US Border. $7 for bikes if you want the express line.
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    Miami Bar, the block behind of Adelitas. This is also the street where you see the line of SGs. One San Francisco monger claimed the previous SG he was with had a foul smelling pussy (disease?), and vowed to not do one again.
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    Another view of Adeitas Bar. Also notice the Chavelas Bar at top right part of pic.
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    Adelita Bar on Friday Aug 22, 2003, 12 noon time.
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    AV Revolucion St. I just noticed a Pharmacy in the background; might be good to pic up some cheap viagra on the next trip.
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    Behind that truck is the entrance to the brown building; go thru building to get to border.
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    Brownish building in the mid-right part of the picture is where you want to go. Follow the people there to get to the border.
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    MetalMickey: those border pics don't look too familiar to me, but I do recognize the McDona'ld's in the background of one of the pics. I'm gonna post a series of pics from the I-5 South going to the border, then to Adelita Bar from what I've seen.

    This first pic is the "Camino de la Plaza-- Last USA exit".
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