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    Melissa Carthy Guadalajara.

    She came to my hotel for $1500 with oral natural. $1200 an hour + $300 oral natural. See my 5/8/18 review in the Guadalajara thread.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Melissa Small.jpg‎   Smaller2.jpg‎   pp.jpg‎   IMG_20180211_210222.jpg‎   Smaller3.jpg‎  

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    Alexa Winhouse.

    See my Guadalajara review of this date.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails AlexaSmall2.jpg‎   Alexa Small.jpg‎   AlexaSmall3.jpg‎   IMG_20180507_091851__1525776688_67797.jpg‎   Small5.jpg‎  

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    Connie Garcia aka Andrea Neri.

    I took these in September, 2017. I repeat with Connie whenever I am in Guadalajara.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Connie.jpg‎   Connie2.jpg‎   Connie3.jpg‎   Connie4.jpg‎  

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    A few photos I have taken over the years of Ana Maria Midori. The first three were taken in September of this year. She has dozens, if not hundreds of photos on her Facebook and Twitter pages. She is well reviewed by myself and others on the Escorts thread http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...-D.-F.-Escorts.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Midori 1.jpg‎   Midori 2.jpg‎   Midori.jpg‎   14925356_1626685687632379_9195364489651617711_n.jpg‎  

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    Carol Kisera.

    Carol, aka SammSailor aka Noe Ortz deserves a repeat when I return to CDMX. I took these at the Hotel Amazonas, she didn't want her face shown, as she is a schoolgirl and lives at home. Contact only by Facebook or Twitter. See my 3/7/17 Review. Nice tits on a thin frame.

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    Some photos I took of Sharly6929 at the Hotel Amazonas. See my 3/12/17 review. I was reminded after seeing her "I am available now" tweet this afternoon.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20170311_205844.jpg‎   IMG_20170311_211418.jpg‎   IMG_20170311_212731.jpg‎   IMG_20170311_215215.jpg‎   IMG_20170311_215423.jpg‎  


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    I have no personal experience but the Facebook group Las Chambeadoras reports that she works from 2 pm in La Merced and evenings on Sullivan. In La Merced she works out of the Hotel Ampudia (aka Las Garnachas) on Circumvalacion between Misioneras and Corona. There is no sign, it is the white door where all the loafers are girl watching, where the shoeshine guys are and girls leaning against the fence.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 11017844_397139503797832_4511496428972214207_n.jpg‎  

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    Luisa Garcia

    See my Review in DF Escorts thread.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 10600519_1467358760194227_8575750316870811864_n.jpg‎   1969390_1408693159394121_952954441_n.jpg‎   1069894_1408697639393673_2144761834_n.jpg‎  

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    Would love to meet her if she ever comes to Tijuana.

    Quote Originally Posted by JuanCarter  [View Original Post]
    Melody works primarily out of Monterrey but tours and is often in the DF. Do a browser search for her website and videos on various porn pages. Her latest price posted on her webpage is 2, 000 pesos an hour.

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    Cosita Bonita...Nami Sanz of Puebla

    My review of Nami Sanz of Puebla is posted in "Other Areas" and I commented on what a beautiful snatch she has. She sent me this foto on Face today with the message "Waiting for you". She has two girls working with her now, Kaory and Andrea. The second photo is from Nami's page (no space) spot. Mx / . She once referred to Andrea as her "patito hermoso" which literally is "pretty little duck" but is the translation for "ugly duckling" in the story and she is evidently a swan in training. I am not a tout for Naomi but admit to a client crush for her.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Nami Cosita.jpg‎   Nami and friend.jpg‎   Nami.jpg‎  

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    Naomi Sanz in Puebla

    More detail in the Central Mexico "Other Areas" thread, for 1, 000 pesos an hour ($76 US) I strongly recommend Naomi Sanz.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 983888_llama-te-estoy-esperando_1.jpg‎   9.jpg‎   1512282_260974490729565_592047789_n.jpg‎   1517583_266069483553399_722595937_n.jpg‎   BbXVQ81CIAAt2HY.jpg‎  

    BgCw5C7CAAAJhSa.jpg‎   snatch.jpg‎   la foto 1 (2).jpg‎   la foto 4.jpg‎   DSC03055.jpg‎  

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    Atlixco, Puebla

    Doing research for my trip in March I have found that Puebla has closed most of its burdeles. There are some very hot escorts there for 1, 000 to 1, 200MN ($75 to $90) and I will give at least Myra Timal a try.

    The Bar Chubasco in Axlixco, about 20 miles from Puebla, is thriving. Its Facebook page sports the following pictures and a 2/7/2014 report says there are rooms upstairs. The Facebook page reports oral, vaginal, anal and any position you imagine beginning at 150MN ($11. 40 US) for 15 minutes. I suppose it is the usual "cafeteria plan". On my must do list, I will give a full report when I return in April.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails myra 2.jpg‎   myra 3.jpg‎   myra 4.jpg‎   myra.jpg‎   305153_179219028818821_862361435_n (1).jpg‎  

    308952_179218982152159_1004259730_n.jpg‎   317694_184106578330066_2009936042_n.jpg‎  

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    More Merced Girls

    After these, I quit posting photos of La Merced girls. These are from a Spanish forum devoted solely to La Meche and with posts up to January 2014. Some of these photos may not be recent but they are all currently working, according to the forum.

    All of the attached are identified by name, location, price and quality of service in the forum. There are many more but I only took those that appealed to me and with reasonably decent photos.

    The Hotel Garnachas (garnishes) is so called because of the nearby taco and pollo places. It is at #619 Circunvalacion. It has only "Hotel" painted in red above the doorway.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Michele H Garnachas.jpg‎   524519_466610530104099_695646617_n.jpg‎   Cora H Liverpool.jpg‎   Itzel.jpg‎   Josylin.jpg‎  

    Karlita.jpg‎   Miriam H. Veracruz.jpg‎   Rubi H Hispano.jpg‎   Viviana H Garnachas.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juan Carter  [View Original Post]
    They are all streetwalkers but they don't walk except to the hotel and back. Each has a regular spot along San Pablo, Circunvalación or adjacent street while the potential clients stroll. Take a stroll yourself with google streetview.
    Ah google Streetview, what a fantastic tool!

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    La Merced Putas

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Jones  [View Original Post]
    Are these random girls or streetwalkers? Either way, fantastic pics!
    They are all streetwalkers but they don't walk except to the hotel and back. Each has a regular spot along San Pablo, Circunvalación or adjacent street while the potential clients stroll. Take a stroll yourself with google streetview.

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