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    Another Student girl (24) in Yerevan

    I met this girl in the city of Yerevan. Met since then couple of times).
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    A Student Girl in Yerevan

    I came accross this young girl in the streets of Yerevan. She is a student girl. Met her after classes and had some nice time)).
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    She's Not Armenian Dude

    She Looks Russian Or Ukrainian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bez Bezarra
    Not one of the 72 virgins, (anymore).
    What about the rest of the 71.

    Are they still avaliable...

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    A shy Armenian princess.

    Not one of the 72 virgins, (anymore).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abse2
    Where can one find a Armenian Girl in London?????
    In the Armenian photo thread. Or maybe not.


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    Where can one find a Armenian Girl in London?????

    I know many in Dubai especially Cyclone.

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    Photo Gallery

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