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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyle  [View Original Post]
    Dreamed about having this threesome with beautiful girls.

    Called and these two girls showed up.

    From left to right.
    Hey, the brunette girl on the right, who showed up, isn't so bad, was she?

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    Scam girl. Victoria Ignatyuk

    Her name is Victoria Ignatyuk
    Her email is
    She is from Lugahnsk

    Looking good, right?

    She has the angel heart and melts your stress away by all sweet words.

    She has awesome body you crave for and she said, she would do anything for you.

    So you buy airplane tickets and go there and wait for her. She disappears and saying her parents are sick or war.

    Whatever bullshit you can imagine.

    Guys, wake up. ! Don't send any money before they undress in front of you!
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    When you fantasize and order then.

    Dreamed about having this threesome with beautiful girls.

    Called and these two girls showed up.

    From left to right.
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    A good hard fuck in the city of Sumy.

    Rabid animal fuck in the city of Sumy. 330 km from Kiev. (4 hours).

    A good hard fuck in the city of Sumy. Girl 23 years old.

    Nice nice voice. Attitude to the client is polite. A little joked on different topics. I was given a cup of coffee.

    Fucked her like Stalin's executioners fucked wives and daughters of influential Soviet officials and other repressed, enemies of the people, I was yesterday in good physical shape and my balls were filled with milk. Gave vent to and released all his animal instincts to freedom. Sex was mostly when she was lying on her stomach. With her legs spread apart. I love this position and I like to see the delicate elegant back of the girl and the defenseless ass. Very heavy blows like a hammer. I do not know if she liked it or not, but she moaned plaintively and maybe with pleasure. I hope that I moaned with pleasure and not pains. Huh. I wanted to cover her back with my mayonnaise but she tightly squeezed my dick with a pussy and made several impulses with the muscles of the vagina (a small Ukrainian female trick, they make it so that you finish faster) so suddenly all of my milk flowed into the condom with a powerful stream. Damn it was a brutal great fuck. A little rest and a little nice chatter. Then a thought arose when looking at her fair skin and chest to sit on her and fuck her between breasts. She agreed.

    Slightly licked tongue my balls and masturbated my dick.

    After which I began to fuck her tits / no bad. For a long time could not finish and the sperm was very small. In the end she do good HJ and I finished. The apartment is quite clean. Not very expensive interior but the apartment is in the center of the city. It's convenient. Anal did not try. Maybe next time. The price of all this fuck 800 hryvnia (30 $) (no bad for this poor Ukrainian region) . Plus bought her fruit for 70 hryvnia and chocolate for 50 hryvnia. At parting gently touched tongue to my palm. A very pleasant feeling.
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    Good city Poltava

    Slim thin Oksana. 2011. Poltava city. Acquaintance in a shopping and entertainment center in the city center. She drank coffee with her friend. I do not remember her name, Olia or Julia. Friend Ola was ugly and as I understood, Oxana is friendly with her just for visual contrast. Small female tricks.

    They obviously came to the city center to meet someone. On their faces there was a disappointment. I a little revived the situation for them.

    The second date at the cafe was interrupted. She said that she needed to go urgently. After which I let her know that I do not have much free time for meet and I'm ready to accelerate the process. And is ready to help her a little financially. The third time we met near my house where I rented an apartment. In Blowjob, she is not very skilled. A bit her teeth sometimes prevented me from enjoying. But she did not refuse to work with tongue with my balls and sucked them. No bad impression. I like it. The tip of her tongue tickled my testicles for a long time. Then she saddled me in the position of a rider and very energetically began to work with her hips and pussy. As I understand it is her favorite style in sex. She so brutally and vigorously did it sitting on me that condom tears with me and stayed in her pussy. I was a little scared. (maybe she have AIDS or venereal diseases) but it all ended in a slight fright). Good city Poltava. Very nice.) second photo-Anzhela, the city of Sumy (northern Ukraine). Good blowjob, but without Kim. Nightclub in the city center in 2013 year. She did not agree to anal / she said that even her boyfriend can not have anal sex with her. It does not like and hurts in the process.
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    Totally avoid this girl. She goes by Anya on mamba or What'sUp.

    Am I hindering her business? LOL.
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    Mia from Caucasus

    Mia from Caucasus.
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    My impressions in July 2017. Mia from Caucasus

    Budgetary good option / Takes in their apartments. Not Slavic nationality. The girl from the Caucasus region. The apartment is a bit poor in appearance. Talked a bit. The girl is not very sociable. Pragmatic. I liked her big firm breasts and succulent good ass. A little oral sex and then a little hard fuck in a few poses / Price 600 hryvnia hour for local Russian-speaking guys. Cheap but not bad fuck for this price segment. Face is not bad but for an oriental beauty lover. Cons-cheap apartments and not a good bed /.

    Plus-tits very big elastic and hot. And ass, too, not bad. It was good to fuck her in a pose doggy style.

    Age maybe 22-23 years.
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    Great pro

    Got lucky when I went to a private apartment in center. The stupid madam told me there were 3 women available on Viber. I went and in fact there were 7 women, not 3, but 6 were unbangable (is that a word? If not I claim copyright LOL). Old and ugly. Then there was her. Talked to her in private, she was cool w / BBBJ for tip. She blew my mind. Fucks like a nympho, loves rimming, gives anal without asking for it, great attitude, some of the best sex I've ever had. She's so cool I'm thinking of inviting her to visit me in another country.

    Unfortunately she's gone back to her hometown, don't know if she'll come back.
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    Kiev semi pro 2

    20. Also met thru Tinder. 1300 per session. BBBJ. Very sweet and inexperienced. She wanted a sponsorship but I invited her over just to bang and she accepted.
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    Kiev semi pro 1

    21, met thru Tinder. Paid betw 1000-1500, w BBBJ. She's not that pretty but great bj w/cim and loves to fuck hard and long. she kept wanting a little more each session.
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    Camgirls in Odessa

    Met her on a cam site, communicated via skype & viber. Decided to meet her while in Odessa. She asks for many gifts before our meeting. Also be careful to choose the restaurant as often these girls get commissions & money for bringing you to expensive restaurants and ordering overpriced wine and champagne. I can share her contact information by private message.
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    And just a sketch from nature

    Some of the old stories. New and old friends. And just a sketch from nature.

    Girl with piercings in tongue Anzela and Karina. Sumy city. 2013 . I'm with my polish friend Jan. Trip to Ukraine. (I must say that the tongue and mouth, they work well). Tania and Natalia, good smart girls.

    Vera (Veronika) -young 19 years but very skillful and talented in bed. Kharkiv. We met in a park in the city center. She came with her mother to the Donbas region, war zone. She live with mother in Kharkiv now. I held her close to her house and photographed at the end of. I told her that I was very interesting to talk to her. She has a good sense of humor. She told me a bit about the war, about Donbass. O his father etc. Her father was in what the military detachment and is now on building a house in Moscow. I hinted to her that it would be nice to continue our acquaintance. And I could help her a bit like a European in this difficult time. She said that it is possible, but it does not promise anything. She said -horosho. I think about it, and give me phone number. (the most important thing in Ukraine for sex is to convince girl that she is not a prostitute and she just a,good friend, I called her the next day but she,dropped, the call. Then I sent her a SMS. She wrote that she was ready to meet tomorrow, but it's no too late. Around 2-3 pm. I have bought a very tasty meat. Olives. Good expensive Dutch cheese. Good fruits. A bit of good wine. Sweets etc. She ate with good gusto. In the communication process, I learned that she had engaged in dances in Donieck. I asked her to teach me how the movements. Latin dances. We danced together. My movements seemed to her ridiculous. Then I touched while dancing in her ass and she felt my erection. She eluded me and little teased me. ,what is it? You must think about the dance! She laughed looking at my erection. We drank some more wine and then I began to fondle her breasts while dancing. At this time she teased my cock his ass as do Latinos girls in dance. She is very talented did it. She tried different poses and teased my cock his ass. And then began hand to stroke me, my penis. She teased me long. Then I liked how she played with my finger. I wanted to stick my finger in her mouth but she bit his teeth. But not much. Then she took my finger in his mouth and began to rotate his tongue around my finger and suck. All this has led to my first fight ended in a bed at the very beginning I experienced a powerful orgasm just after entered her fine narrow pussy. I could only do a few deep strokes and finished. She gently removed the condom. I do not remember a long time to my condom was so very heavy from the my sperm. She said that everything is fine and it (premature ejaculations) often the case with men. I told her that this is the most convincing evidence of her big talents) she laughed. Then I regained his strength and fuck her on her side and later finished her in my favorite Doggy Style.

    I gave her about $ 65 and I paid for a taxi home. Now she has a boyfriend but she is ready to meet again when I'm in Harkov. But only careful of course.

    And just a sketch from nature. Streets. Ukrainian summer.
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    Ewa-good body and hard sex

    Thank Ukrainian guys from the local off line forum This is the fifth girl from this hard local forum. I esteemed guys feedback about this girl and decided to call. 1000 UAH +500 BBJ CIM without condom.

    Height about 170 cm. Body and beautiful breasts. Pretty face. Girl miniature but good. Oral sex long and gentle / unfortunately not want to lick and suck my balls. (I like it). Condomless blowjob+500 UAH. Little missionary position, but not very good. Then I fuck her in a dog position, after CIM. Made an impression very cute girl. Very gentle. Maybe 20-21 years, another girl I liked less but too no bad, don't remember her name.
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    A little relaxation. Sumy city.

    A little relaxation. Sumy city. Elena '31. She is an English lang. Teacher. She runs $ 100 per month) it is very sad. This is my old friend. We met in 2013 . She is divorced and has a child of 7 years. It is a real good fucking but her talent is a blowjob. I really like grabbing her by the hair and cum on her face or body. She never protests. She loves to fuck in doggy. I always fucked her hard and she loves it Ukrainian she loves it) she appreciates the man's brute force. Last time I gave it 700 hryvnia for 4-5 hours. Not many but this not Kiev).
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