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    Nitsche wrote, the happiness of a woman, he wants.

    Lyudmila. 34 years old. It's just love. This is the only photo for which she was agree. This is a popular position in the Slavic world. This is a popular position in the Slavic world. Slavic women are very fond of this position. This is a dog pose. She symbolizes the absolute obedience of a man. Great Nitsche wrote, -the happiness of a woman, he wants, Probably Friedrich Nietzsche wrote this about Ukrainian women. . your will to domination. Your power. Your lust. This is what Ukrainian and Russian women like so much. They don't like very humble and very sweet and agreeable men. They despise them. And this is my new drawing from the Ukraine 2004 series. Conquering paradise. About the glorious era of 2004-2007. In the foreground we see two students, Olga and Karina. They came to Kiev from a depressive town in the south of Ukraine. There is no work. They are dreaming of a new life. A revolution is suddenly happening. The first Maidan of 2004. The new president of Ukraine makes this beautiful but poor country open to the West. It cancels the visa regime for the EU and the US and other rich countries. Thousands of lustful males begin to arrive in this Slavic mysterious country. The beauty and femininity of Ukrainian ladies hypnotizes them. Then it begins as it should have begun. What we see in this this graphic picture. Karina and Olga have never had sex with western men. They see a western cock for the first time and feel the taste of western sperm. This is a Belgian sperm. This sperm tastes the same as the sperm that they swallowed before. The incomes of these Ukrainian and Western men are slightly different. But their sperm are exactly the same, smart smart girls are thought. This sperm will allow them to leave the student hostel and they will rent an apartment.
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    Svetlana and Alina.

    Svetlana and Alina. Alina lonely mother. City Sumy 2018. Local semi-pro. Svetlana found some kind of idiot in Poland and he is madly in love with her. I really like how I massage her clit with my fingers. She told me that my hands are golden. We continue to communicate with her when she arrives in Ukraine. But our tender friendship rests not so much on my rather modest money as on my communication and on the fact that we are well together in bed. This is a brunette with long hair. Naturally they did not agree to have their faces left on my photos. I asked them to tilt their head. They reluctantly agreed. You must understand. This is not Thailand and not Colombia where girls willingly pose doing a blowjob or pose with a face covered with your sperm. You will not be able to completely repeat all this in Ukraine. Ukrainian women have a slightly different mentality. In Svetlana and Alina, I most liked the feature that is characteristic of all Slavic women. Russia and Ukraine is the world of men. This is sexism. This is a different attitude towards a man.

    They can give a Western man something that is hard for him to find in Western arrogant and feminized women a feeling of female submission to your aggressive will of a male. They are submissive and I like it. They quickly become in any poses and show their submissive pussies. A man in their understanding is a bit aggressive alpha male. Confident and cheerful. I love to slap them well on the ass in the pose of a dog. Or take it by the hair. We like it.

    This is my next drawing from the series, Ukraine 2004. The Conquest of Paradise,. In the picture we see a rich guy Murad 43 years from Istanbul. He is a Turkish businessman. He has four children and a wife in Istanbul. He likes tender Slavic girls. At first he fucked one of these girls. She's Olga-brunette. A student and a future economist. She came to Kiev from another poor town. After that she told Polina, the blonde, that the Turkish guy gave her money. And she bought new things. Polina and Olga live together in a hostel for students. After half a year, Olga will find a local guy in Kiev. He has his own apartment. Olga will give him a great blowjob and this guy will fulfill her dream. She will become a married woman and in two years they will have a child. Polina will graduate from the university and go to Italy where she will begin to cry and tell this Italian guy. (A lawyer from Rome) how terrible is in Ukraine. There will soon be cannibalism. Tears will flow like streams from her beautiful blue eyes. After which she starts telling this guy that he is the smartest and kindest and most beautiful. After that they sit in his car and she suddenly starts passionately sucking his dick. That's all acting game. Not accidentally Slavic women are good actors in Hollywood. Mila Jovovich. Olga Kurilenko. And later she will marry an this Italian guy who is 20 years older than she. And her dream will come true. She will get Italian citizenship. And Murad? Murad will continue to fuck gentle Ukrainian blondes with snow-white ass. In Odessa, Kiev and Kharkov.

    And some hot UA chicks from UA networks (VK).
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    Ukraine will still be the poorest country in Europe for a long time.

    Marina. City Sumy. 24 years. Hairdresser. Good blowjob (BBJ). Especially good at a massage. A good masseuse would have turned out of her. I advised her to change her profession. I tried to fuck her a second time but unfortunately I couldn't. Surely I'm getting old? My dick was not hard enough. At the entrance to the pussy. The first violent attack swallowed all my male forces. But I could finish a second time with a blowjob and work with hands.

    Unhappy girl. How she was tired of sucking. I somehow draw her and give her a portrait with a drop of sperm on her lips. I think she will like it.

    And this is my gift to our, Ukrainian Legion, ISG. Our ranks are thinning. Old warriors are leaving. But new warriors will come instead. The Ukrainian legion will live forever like the river Dnieper. This is my new drawing. Yesterday I was a little bored and this masterpiece was born. I doubt that he will be in the museum next to the drawings of Pablo Picasso and Matisse. But what if? Do not be too harsh. We all love Ukraine. This is our passion. This is our second homeland, the fire of our bodies. These are glorious victories and bitter disappointments. This picture shows the moment when Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko canceled the visa regime and the crowds of western males rushed into this beautiful but poor country. And streams of Canadian, American, Italian, German, Finnish sperm poured on the beautiful snow-white asses of Ukrainian beauties. It was a UA Golden Era. I decided to create a series of graphic works titled, Ukraine 2004. Conquest of Paradise, It will never happen again. But this wonderful period will forever remain in our memory and our hearts. This huge mysterious Slavic city was filled with groans and hoarse male cries. And these girls were beautiful and majestic as models. Now it's harder than in 2004. Yes. Before these girls were ready for anything in bed. And Kiev hotels and apartments were trembling with sounds and screams. These times are gone forever. And the fuck of some little bald lawyer or doctor from Canada, they licked like the most delicious ice cream. It was like the discovery of america by Columbus. And these times are gone. We all remember these times. These tall girls with radiant skin in high heels. Along with some kind of real estate agent from Sweden or Denmark. Their tight Ukrainian narrow pussies and hot mouths made happy in bed not one and not two western not the most successful guys. These girls were like models. How much western sperm is left at that time in Kiev. You could probably create an artificial lake near Kiev from this sperm. But all good things never last too long. Exhausted by aggressive feminism and ugly harmful Western women, a Western man seemed to have fallen into some sort of oriental tale. In the West, a lot of money, and feminism, and a lot of unhappy single men. And a lot of sperm in the testicles. And in Ukraine, poverty, and many hot beautiful tight pussies and skillful mouths. Now it is a little more in Ukraine than in those glorious times. It was a great combination. But all good things never last too long. These fathomless blue eyes. These slender legs. These weak beautiful hands and slightly arrogant faces of Ukrainian ladies. These skillful slender fingers and neat tight pink pussies. They turned a humble Finnish teacher of geography into a wild lustful animal. All were amazed by the beauty and dignity of these slender high ladies in high heels. As well as their ability to be beautifully silent. They came into the rooms of hotels and apartments in the center of Kiev and gently kissed you and then skillfully worked their tongues and mouths. After which they gracefully and meekly put themselves in a dog pose. This is a popular position in the Slavic world. Slavic women love her very much. Symbolizes the absolute submission of the female to the male. For a Slavic woman as for a Mexican woman, a man is in some sense a gentle but at the same time brutal afa-male. And sex is like a pleasant [CodeWord123].

    The UA girls were also happy. Then. In 2004 . When they abolished the visa regime. It did Yushchenko. Here they are foreigners. Now they don't need a visa. Now you don't need to become a sex slave in a Turkish brothel on the outskirts of Istanbul. You don't need to risk it. You don't need to go to it is unknown to then buy a Gucci handbag or expensive underwear. This can be obtained without risk to life and health. Because thousands and foreigners came to Kiev and then to Kharkov. And now any tall beautiful student can buy good shoes for herself or cosmetics. You just need to work a little with your pussy and mouth. In the room a hotel or a rented apartment. Without the risk of being sold into slavery. And here they are, beautiful panties from a fashionable boutique. Or shoes. And your boyfriend still does not know anything. You just need to take off your panties and stand a little in the pose of a dog in a rented apartment. And work with your tongue and mouth. You don't need to change your life and become a prostitute. And in the evening you go with your favorite boyfriend in a cafe or cinema. New expensive panties bought in a boutique yesterday cover up your pussy. Everyone is happy. A doctor or teacher from Finland is happy. You are happy. And your boyfriend is also happy. He knows nothing. And you do not need to go to the Turkish brothel. But these days are gone. But does this mean that Kiev has died forever? No. Ukraine will still be the poorest country in Europe for a long time. It will always be something like European mexico. And Russia will never let Ukraine go. Russia will always create problems and never allow Ukraine to become a rich European country.

    P.S. In this picture we see a real estate agent from Texas and Tatiana. She is 23 years old, she is married. Ukrainian girls get married very early because Ukraine cannot have a good career for women like in the West. Ukraine is the world of men. The main weapon of a Ukrainian or Russian woman is not her brain and education but her little pink pussy. She came to Dave in an apartment in the center of Kiev. Dave is a little afraid of women since he came from the center of world feminism. From the USA. He is a bit constrained. Tatyana understood this and took the initiative a bit. After a little flirtation and flirting, she suddenly dropped to her knees and began to skillfully work with her pink tongue and hot mouth. The video turns red like a rak. But the phone rings unexpectedly. This is Oleg. Muzh Tatiana. She forgot to turn off the sound. But everything will be fine and after a while the unfortunate Ukrainian neighbors will hear the sounds of slaps on the ass, Tatiana's moans and the hoarse fierce cry of a Texas cowboy. This is a Ukrainian-American orgasm.
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    Ukrainian chicks.

    Ukrainian chicks.

    And pretty Ukrainian prostitute on the highway Kiev-Moscow. This is 2014. (this is not my video).
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    On datingscams sites.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coyle  [View Original Post]
    Her name is Victoria Ignatyuk
    Her email is
    She is from Lugahnsk

    Looking good, right?

    She has the angel heart and melts your stress away by all sweet words.

    She has awesome body you crave for and she said, she would do anything for you.

    So you buy airplane tickets and go there and wait for her. She disappears and saying her parents are sick or war.

    Whatever bullshit you can imagine.

    Guys, wake up. ! Don't send any money before they undress in front of you!
    She is listed on the datingscams sites by her email if you check on google.

    Ukr and Russia are scam central.

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    Two funny Turkish guys do not waste time.

    While we are talking about the nuances of the Slavic Ukrainian mentality, these two funny Turkish guys do not waste time in vain. Ukraine has become a mecca for the middle class of Turkey. I heard that some Turks come with their whole families. Father, grandson and grandfather. The mentality of Ukrainian women is far from the mentality of feminized Western women, they love the brutal animal fuck. Turkish guys are quite consistent with their ideas about masculinity. Ukrainian and Russian women love solid concrete guys, courageous and decisive. But not boors of course. Although small elements of rudeness in sex can be. What is a Turkish man for a Ukrainian girl? This is a hard male, this is a good animal. This is some kind of Murad and his friends. Tour to Ukraine. Kharkov. Video taken by me on the site

    Sex to music and a song in Ukrainian. Funny guys.

    Brunette typical Ukrainian girl.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails xhamster.com_8810429_murat_ile_ukrayna_turu_25_12_2017_3_720p.mp4_snapshot_00.01_[2019.01.18_21..jpg‎   xhamster.com_8810429_murat_ile_ukrayna_turu_25_12_2017_3_720p.mp4_snapshot_00.06_[2019.01.18_21..jpg‎   xhamster.com_8810429_murat_ile_ukrayna_turu_25_12_2017_3_720p.mp4_snapshot_00.08_[2019.01.18_21..jpg‎   xhamster.com_8810429_murat_ile_ukrayna_turu_25_12_2017_3_720p.mp4_snapshot_00.32_[2019.01.18_21..jpg‎   xhamster.com_8810429_murat_ile_ukrayna_turu_25_12_2017_3_720p.mp4_snapshot_00.22_[2019.01.18_21..jpg‎  

    xhamster.com_8810429_murat_ile_ukrayna_turu_25_12_2017_3_720p.mp4_snapshot_00.28_[2019.01.18_21..jpg‎   xhamster.com_8810429_murat_ile_ukrayna_turu_25_12_2017_3_720p.mp4_snapshot_00.13_[2019.01.18_21..jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyle  [View Original Post]
    Dreamed about having this threesome with beautiful girls.

    Called and these two girls showed up.

    From left to right.
    Hey, the brunette girl on the right, who showed up, isn't so bad, was she?

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    Scam girl. Victoria Ignatyuk

    Her name is Victoria Ignatyuk
    Her email is
    She is from Lugahnsk

    Looking good, right?

    She has the angel heart and melts your stress away by all sweet words.

    She has awesome body you crave for and she said, she would do anything for you.

    So you buy airplane tickets and go there and wait for her. She disappears and saying her parents are sick or war.

    Whatever bullshit you can imagine.

    Guys, wake up. ! Don't send any money before they undress in front of you!
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    When you fantasize and order then.

    Dreamed about having this threesome with beautiful girls.

    Called and these two girls showed up.

    From left to right.
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    A good hard fuck in the city of Sumy.

    Rabid animal fuck in the city of Sumy. 330 km from Kiev. (4 hours).

    A good hard fuck in the city of Sumy. Girl 23 years old.

    Nice nice voice. Attitude to the client is polite. A little joked on different topics. I was given a cup of coffee.

    Fucked her like Stalin's executioners fucked wives and daughters of influential Soviet officials and other repressed, enemies of the people, I was yesterday in good physical shape and my balls were filled with milk. Gave vent to and released all his animal instincts to freedom. Sex was mostly when she was lying on her stomach. With her legs spread apart. I love this position and I like to see the delicate elegant back of the girl and the defenseless ass. Very heavy blows like a hammer. I do not know if she liked it or not, but she moaned plaintively and maybe with pleasure. I hope that I moaned with pleasure and not pains. Huh. I wanted to cover her back with my mayonnaise but she tightly squeezed my dick with a pussy and made several impulses with the muscles of the vagina (a small Ukrainian female trick, they make it so that you finish faster) so suddenly all of my milk flowed into the condom with a powerful stream. Damn it was a brutal great fuck. A little rest and a little nice chatter. Then a thought arose when looking at her fair skin and chest to sit on her and fuck her between breasts. She agreed.

    Slightly licked tongue my balls and masturbated my dick.

    After which I began to fuck her tits / no bad. For a long time could not finish and the sperm was very small. In the end she do good HJ and I finished. The apartment is quite clean. Not very expensive interior but the apartment is in the center of the city. It's convenient. Anal did not try. Maybe next time. The price of all this fuck 800 hryvnia (30 $) (no bad for this poor Ukrainian region) . Plus bought her fruit for 70 hryvnia and chocolate for 50 hryvnia. At parting gently touched tongue to my palm. A very pleasant feeling.
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    Good city Poltava

    Slim thin Oksana. 2011. Poltava city. Acquaintance in a shopping and entertainment center in the city center. She drank coffee with her friend. I do not remember her name, Olia or Julia. Friend Ola was ugly and as I understood, Oxana is friendly with her just for visual contrast. Small female tricks.

    They obviously came to the city center to meet someone. On their faces there was a disappointment. I a little revived the situation for them.

    The second date at the cafe was interrupted. She said that she needed to go urgently. After which I let her know that I do not have much free time for meet and I'm ready to accelerate the process. And is ready to help her a little financially. The third time we met near my house where I rented an apartment. In Blowjob, she is not very skilled. A bit her teeth sometimes prevented me from enjoying. But she did not refuse to work with tongue with my balls and sucked them. No bad impression. I like it. The tip of her tongue tickled my testicles for a long time. Then she saddled me in the position of a rider and very energetically began to work with her hips and pussy. As I understand it is her favorite style in sex. She so brutally and vigorously did it sitting on me that condom tears with me and stayed in her pussy. I was a little scared. (maybe she have AIDS or venereal diseases) but it all ended in a slight fright). Good city Poltava. Very nice.) second photo-Anzhela, the city of Sumy (northern Ukraine). Good blowjob, but without Kim. Nightclub in the city center in 2013 year. She did not agree to anal / she said that even her boyfriend can not have anal sex with her. It does not like and hurts in the process.
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    Totally avoid this girl. She goes by Anya on mamba or What'sUp.

    Am I hindering her business? LOL.
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    Mia from Caucasus

    Mia from Caucasus.
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    My impressions in July 2017. Mia from Caucasus

    Budgetary good option / Takes in their apartments. Not Slavic nationality. The girl from the Caucasus region. The apartment is a bit poor in appearance. Talked a bit. The girl is not very sociable. Pragmatic. I liked her big firm breasts and succulent good ass. A little oral sex and then a little hard fuck in a few poses / Price 600 hryvnia hour for local Russian-speaking guys. Cheap but not bad fuck for this price segment. Face is not bad but for an oriental beauty lover. Cons-cheap apartments and not a good bed /.

    Plus-tits very big elastic and hot. And ass, too, not bad. It was good to fuck her in a pose doggy style.

    Age maybe 22-23 years.
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    Great pro

    Got lucky when I went to a private apartment in center. The stupid madam told me there were 3 women available on Viber. I went and in fact there were 7 women, not 3, but 6 were unbangable (is that a word? If not I claim copyright LOL). Old and ugly. Then there was her. Talked to her in private, she was cool w / BBBJ for tip. She blew my mind. Fucks like a nympho, loves rimming, gives anal without asking for it, great attitude, some of the best sex I've ever had. She's so cool I'm thinking of inviting her to visit me in another country.

    Unfortunately she's gone back to her hometown, don't know if she'll come back.
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