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    Poi Pet

    Will be in PP next month, but thinking about also hitting Poi Pet on the way out of town.

    Doesn't seem to be a big girlie bar or casino girl info on Poi Pet on-line. Any 1st hand info would be appreciated, just to see if it's worth visiting.

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    No one has updated anything about Kampot the past few years so I'll do it. The old market and city center is now filled with ladybars. Just a few years ago I remember them being a few hundred meters away from the market but now they're in the middle of it all. There are probably more than a dozen of them but talent isn't great. I've taken a few girls from there and I think I've paid about $40 for ST. Nothing spectacular though.

    Does anyone have information about Koh Kong these days? That town was filled with small shops before but I haven't been back since maybe 2014 or 2015.

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    Strange as an auss mate spends a lot of time in battambang for some reason. Can't figure why.

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    Battambang: One more try, unsuccessful

    I'm not the Grinch necessarily, but this visit to Omega Massage was a disaster. I went for the 2 hrs. Oil massage and when it started the completely dressed, unfriendly girl started complaining, "2 hrs. , Uhm, aah, oh no" untill I decided to pull the plug and go for 1 HR. Instead. Atmosphere was ruined, setting the tone for everything else. Of course no happy ending here. I'm looking forward to go back to PP tomorrow. Something I'm not doing right it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otari  [View Original Post]
    I'm thinking about going from Pattaya to Sihanoukville via Koh Kong. Is there any action / reason to stop?
    There is some action in Koh Kong, but not really worth stopping for as there are far more options, and better quality, in both Pattaya and Snooky (yes, I know this is a reply to a much older post, but hopefully it'll be helpful to others making the journey). There's a very small chicken farm just outside the town of KK with (from memory) 4 houses. The times I went there, there wasn't much to choose from; maybe 10 - 12 ladies in total. The quality wasn't great, although I did find one that was relatively attractive. I paid $20 but get the feeling I could have bargained down a little. If you want to go there, it's not hard to get transport for a dollar or so. In the actual main Koh Kong town, there are a number of KTVs which would appear to cater more to an Asian clientele. I rode slowly past several times on a motorbike, but the girls showed this white boy absolutely no interest. However, when Asian guys came by in their cars, the girls were up and out to the street side to try and get some attention. I quite liked Koh Kong as a town. Small, ramshackle. And it has some nice beaches a short ride away on the other side of the bridge, but I wouldn't stop there if mongering was your sole goal.

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    Battambang or Siem Reap

    Hi Juicyclam!

    Is your report about Battambang or Siem Reap? Your heading reads Battambang, but the text looks like your are writing about Siem Reap. If you do have information on Battambang could you please give some more information so that I may narrow my search. I arrived in this remote provincial center earlier this afternoon, and I can't find the parlors you mention!

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    [Indecipherable Text deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because the text contained so many strange abbreviations, misspelled words and local slang that it was literally unreadable. It was so bad that the only way I can describe it was that it looked like English translated into Chinese, then translated back to English, with every third letter subsequently deleted.

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    Not much action here but it is the low season, so not alot to report.

    Stayed 2 nights as a mate was looking up some Cambo friends he hadn't seen for 5 years.

    Pub Street had only about 5-6 bars that were open, the busiest area was around the White Rose.

    You could get a girl back to your hotel from one of the massage parlours for 30-40 USD overnight the choice was limited.

    Alternatively, ask one of the Tuk, Tuk guys to get a girl for you, we did this and it worked out fine for the same money as above.

    They all speak good English.

    They also get the girls from the massage parlours but if you tell the guy what your after at least you'll get something close, at least we weren't disappointed.

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    Pattaya Kohkong

    Quote Originally Posted by Otari  [View Original Post]
    I'm thinking about going from Pattaya to Sihanoukville via Koh Kong. Is there any action / reason to stop?
    Hi there,

    Is NO aircon bus anymore between Pattaya and Trat anymore so better take a bus from Bangkok Ekamai station.

    It seems chickenfarms in sihanoukville and also in pailin are not anny more like 10 years ago from what I Read everywhere.

    O those happy 5 dollar massage jamjam boomboom Days where Nice in sihanoukville 10 years ago but even hiring a motorbike was forbidden 8 years ago for tourist.

    So my advice is to expect no chickenfarm annymore.

    Maybe streetwalkers and hookers hang arround lonely plannet restaurants or the disco at the chickenfarmroad. In the Old Days chickenfarmgirls liked to go there with me.

    And be carefull. Not all hotels are girlfriendly. Especially the New resort in the North of the town.

    O I hope also on fresh information on Pailin and Koh Kong.


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    Kampong Thom

    Can anyone suggest me any chance of action in Kampong Thom?

    In the past I know that there was a karaoke at the Arunras Hotel but never tried. How is the situation now?

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    Not much action in Battambang and very hard to get blowjobs.

    Massage places

    Had not luck getting handjobs in Khemara 1 (shared rooms), Omega (private room) or Classy Hotel (shared room). For regular massage, I would recommend Classy since girls are better trained there and quite young, and you get use of sauna facilities. Will cost you around USD10 for an hour, mandatory tip at Classy.

    Massages places II

    Full sex can be had any time of the day at Spring Park Massage for around USD15 (massage price included) depending on your looks and your Khmer language abilites. Need to ask for oil massage and ask for a private room. Girl 30-35 year old, cannot choose.


    Rushed sex can be had for USD30 for foreigners w / the girls in the two main discos. Don't expect anything great though.


    Again, rushed sex can be had w / the girls walking along the riverside, or near Sky Club. USD25-30 is the going price. They will take you to short times hotels that cost around USD5.

    Girls in clothes shops

    This is the best way to get enjoyable sex but it also takes more time to get into their pants.

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    If you intent to monger here you a) either have to be really desperate and check out the 'beer bar' establishments, such as the one across from Palm House Resort.

    B) bring your own from Phnom Penh. I tried the first and was actually shocked what I was offered. You need to go past the beer garden to the very back of the large site. There are a few newer masonry buildings, each with a chair in front. The ages range from about 20-30, in the looks department it is a 2-3, the most. One of the girls had actually a nice face, but almost no teeth, the other one had such a terrifying fresh big scar on her leg (why would you wear a mini-mini-skirt with that?) that I had to pass. All this is best done with a local tuktuk driver. There is also a chicken farm some 8 km out of town, but I had enough already.

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    New pub street in Battambang

    Quote Originally Posted by BukoMax  [View Original Post]
    Even thought Battambang is a provincial city, there are bars, restaurants and discos that are open late. Stop by a joint called Madison Corner on 2. 5 street to get the low down on any action.

    Brief update: Battambang's new governor is the former governor of Siem Reap. He is Siem-Reaping Battambang. For example, he recently declared a stretch of road to be "Pub Street. " That's its official name; you can see it on Google Maps now.

    Unfortunately, the "Madison Corner" pub mentioned above is mis-spelled as "Madison Cornner" in Google Maps. Just FYI.

    Here's an article on Battamberg's new Pub Street:

    I haven't been there yet, so I have nothing to report. Still lurking.

    Anon Y Mouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otari  [View Original Post]
    I'm thinking about going from Pattaya to Sihanoukville via Koh Kong. Is there any action / reason to stop?
    Good question. I want an answer to this too.

    The destination is known or used to be known as a prime visa run spot with cheap sex and everything else.

    I'd like to know in anticipation of my next trip.

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    Koh Kong

    I'm thinking about going from Pattaya to Sihanoukville via Koh Kong. Is there any action / reason to stop?

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