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    Castellon de la Plana is between Barcelona and Valencia, but closer to Valencia and there are girls with whom to enjoy very well. I've been several times in passing and have very good services, plus the site is amazing and has some very cool beaches!

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    Actually the places I have listed are closer to Villareal and Santa Maria Magdalena than to Castellón de la Plana.

    If you come from Valencia, Villareal comes before Castellón.

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    hi mike hammer,

    have you any news about Villarreal and a place that should be called santa maria magdalena close to border with cataluna? thkx

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    My colleagues, here is my report about Castellón de la Plana.

    Castellón is a small city, much smaller than Valencia. There is little or no street action and same can be said about apartments.

    In spite of that, Castellón, and more precisely the Carretera N 340 Barcelona - Valencia is full of brothels just beside the pavement.

    There are two specially renowned close to Castellon, but not in Castellon.

    The "LUNA AZUL", is located in:
    Carretera N 340 Barcelona - Valencia Km 945
    Chilches - Castellon.
    Telefono: (+34) 964590244

    The locale has been recently refurbished, is kind of a relax stop alongside the main road in Chilches, you can´t go wrong about the place as there is a blue moon neon light on its façade and there would be a spread of cars parked.

    Not particularly of the high standing type, but the atmosphere is welcoming and there are some regular parties and you can watch football matches with a babe in your knees (or working inbetween your knees!). Been there three times before the refurbishment and the girls just have been improving more and more, as the competition amongs brothels is fierce here.

    You can have a look at the place, the scheduled parties and the girls at:

    Another one worth a visit is a huge relax-luxury complex, called LAS PALMERAS and PUNTO X, wich is located in "MASIA DE LA PROVIDENCIA" at the industrial poligon of ALMAZORA. Again there is a huge neon sight with the names. Girls are better than the other with more from Eastern europe.

    The phones are: 96 456 80 81 and 659009637 for PUNTO X, it has a gym, massage parlour, swimming pool, anything for not wishing to leave. Is an hotel with babes serving your every wishes. Open for 12h till 22h.

    The phones for LAS PALMERAS are: 964565330 and 646 930 379, this is more like a bar-show type. Open from 17h onwards.

    Hope this would be useful.

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    Castellón de la Plana

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