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    Entry is 60 or 85?

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    Laura at Linz

    As I just reported yesterday cute petite Laura was 60 Euros for Basic BBBJ, 69 , & covered sex which I confirmed with her BEFORE going to the room. In the room I asked what extras were available just out of curiosity. She told me 10 E for fingers & 20 E for kissing. I went with the kissing for the extra 20 E just see what it would be like. The kissing turned out to be more passionate then I thought it would be. Actually the whole session was the best out of the 14 girls I have seen so far on our road trip with stops at Funplast, Gt Vienna, Wellcum, GT Linz, & Showpark Prague. Instead of the 80 E I gave Laura 100 Euros which was about what I was charged in the other clubs without kissing.

    I forgot to mention that the 60 E admission for GT Linz included 3 free Beer or other Alcohol mixed drinks.

    Our road trips are usually in Germany but if we ever come back to Austria again I plan to spent most of our time at GT Linz & then Wellcum. There was way too much up -selling at GT Vienna. It was a little less at Funplast with some of the girls. I will try to post more reports when I get home next week as I want to spend as much of the remaining time we are in Europe with the local cuties.

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    No French kiss, meaning really with tongue, in GT Linz? When got French kiss and BBBJ for 100/30 at GT Vienna or Mystic Salzburg. For 70/30 with few girls at Wellcum where not really standard service unfortunately. No good sex for a French like me without French kissing. I usually don t go with not kissing girls.

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    GT Linz

    Hey TP273,
    I got the exact same service with Samantha and Anais during my trip last month as you guys did with Sabrina and Simena, I. E. a quality session for 60 E (save for DFK). I really like this club. So much more value for money compared to FKK Mystic and GT Vienna, although it being a small club (20- 25 girls; maybe a bit more on the weekends).

    I will look for Laura next time. Thanks for the tip.

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    GT Linz

    Me & a couple of friends visited GT linz yesterday. Entry was 85 E & tall beauty Sabrina was 60 Euros for 1/2 HR with natural BJ, 69 , and sex. She was very responsive and I had a very nice time. One of my friends saw a tall blonde, Simena? & got the same service as I did for 60 E. Later I went to a room with cute petite Laura who had a young Kari Russell body & look. Tab for her was 80 Euros that included kissing (actual real kissing) BBBJ, licking her sweet pussy, more BBBJ, 69 , her on top, doggy, & finishing the "regular" way with her lightly raking her nails across my back. I went home very happy that day.

    Food was plentiful & tasty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shark16  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the report. So, it is 60 per half hour in this club? Any upselling?
    Yes, 60 euro per half an hour. Those 2 girls I picked didn't try any upselling with me.

    I find this price appropriate, only issue I find with kissing (which is important for me). Perhaps if a girl would communicate upfront, that we can kiss fine, but she will expect some tip at the end, would be acceptable?

    In GT Wien, where I have also been, girls want 100 euro / 30 min (so called premium, as girls usually don't want to do club's standard 70 euro for 'suck and fuck') and some girls I picked there, still don't do all services one would expect in that high price.

    Some girls I met there don't kiss in that price (or expect additional money like +20 euro for that), some don't do BBBJ in that price (and expect +50 euro more for that).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eryk9021  [View Original Post]
    Entry 85 euro, included in price are 3 alcoholic drinks. Lineup at reception: 35 girls. ... This session was more passionate than Celine, with BBBJ and pussy licking, and more passionate sex.
    Thanks for the report. So, it is 60 per half hour in this club? Any upselling?

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    My first time in GT Linz, Friday at 18:00, June 25th

    Entry 85 euro, included in price are 3 alcoholic drinks. Lineup at reception: 35 girls. Parking about half full. Had to wear face mask when moving around the club. Food was very good! Really wide offer of main dishes, tasty, including desserts. Some garden outside, not to big not too small, most of it is occupied by pool in the middle. Ladies are somewhat active when searching for their prey, at least when you sit in the main area.

    1. First one was Celine (Romanian), skinny blonde, pretty face, very sexy, completely naked. She lied to me that kissing is ok, but in the room it lasted for 5 second, on closed lips!

    Aside of that fail, rest of service was pretty good. Dirty BBBJ with eye contact, responsive pussy licking, sex in 3 positions.

    2. Second was Lori (Romanian), also skinny sexy blonde. This session was more passionate than Celine, with BBBJ and pussy licking, and more passionate sex.

    Good satisfaction, I would repeat. However she also lied to me about kissing on the lips, which later lasted for 5 seconds and then she does not want anymore!

    I would really prefer that girls don't lie when agreeing on the service!

    I liked this club, and there were some more girls in the club that I could try out next time.

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    You should check this one for escort Linz, I found nice girls there. Have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirioja  [View Original Post]
    How many girls? Can compete for looks with GT Vienna, or Wellcum 2017?
    The top 3 girls or so can compete with the top 7 or 8 at GT vienna. But it has only half the number of girls also.

    When I say it reminds me of FE in atmosphere, less people and less stressfull for the girls is a large part in that.

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    How many girls? Can compete for looks with GT Vienna, or Wellcum 2017?

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    Massimo Potente: you are not entirely correct. I agree upselling at GT Vienna is less now than 2 years ago, but I also experience the worst upselling by any girls I have met in 2 years (since a certain Turkish at Artemis) by Vanilla at GT Vienna. Horrid room!

    But aside from her, it was from good to great. Some girls are trying to upsell kissing and BBBJ for 30 e. While others include that for free.

    At GT Linz I experienced absolutely zero upselling! Nothing whatsoever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaIndigo  [View Original Post]
    The service seems a lot better than GT Vienna and despite all the previous reports about upselling I did not experience any.
    As far as I know the upselling days and therefore the reports are old news. AFAIK the management dealt with that problem already 1-2 years ago. But it was indeed a problem back then. What I experienced was similar to what you wrote but it was a while ago and there were less good-looking girls there than expected. I don't know how good the line-up currently is.

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    Golden Time

    I was here about a week ago and the place exceeded my expectations.

    I do like the decor and layout of the Vienna GT much better, but this place was reasonably large. There were around 20 girls at the peak but this was Wed night. Some of the girls were quite good lucking but not up to par like GT Vienna.

    I went with the girls and there was no upselling. One girl did not kiss but all gave good BBBJs and one deeply tounge kissed. The service seems a lot better than GT Vienna and despite all the previous reports about upselling I did not experience any.

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    Goldentime Linz-Leonding - A pleasant surprise!

    In retrospect I have wondered why this club surprised me so positively, and I guess it is a combination of modest expectations, a good session, and an awful experience at Maxim in Vienna the night before (more on that later in a different report).

    Let's face it: There are not much reporting about this club on ISG, which in itself should be an indication of a club not worth visiting. Also; while most reports say the layout of the club is great, almost all agree the selection of girls are only average at best. The first is true. The second seems dated. Or maybe I was just lucky this time?

    I have to confess I never planned to go to Linz for mongering, and I had only a small window of 3- 4 hrs of opportunity to visit. An opportunity that I as FKK lover gladly took. And maybe I was lucky that my opportunity came in the afternoon of a Saturday in late June? Who knows. But bear this in mind when reading further.

    A few details about the club:

    - It opened around 5 years ago (Oct 2014).
    - Getting there: A cab for around 10- 12 euros in the afternoon from downtown Linz. The club is in a somewhat rural area.
    - Entrance fee: 85 E (including three alcoholic drinks and a robe). A bit steep from my German perspective, but this is Austria, and most things are more expensive.
    - The club is "clean, new, stylish and chill" as someone else reported before me. Very true. It feels spacious, comfortable, and with a modern design.
    - No separate money lockers (but there is a safe deposit box inside regular locker).
    - Friendly staff and girls. Gives out a welcoming and relaxing vibe. Although you need a little bit of patience to be served by the bar (which is ok by me, the bartender here are also given other tasks).
    - Thumbs up for an excellent chef who delivers fresh and above average selection of food (by FKK standards). Have I ever witnessed a better buffet in a FKK club? I doubt it.
    - Mostly local gents. Not many international visitors as far as I observed the few hours I was there.
    - A small pool and garden outside. Very clean, stylish and chill here as well. Small, but I really enjoyed the facilites. And completely free of those terrible ants I experienced at Goldentime Vienna a few years ago!

    You can see more details on their website:

    The girls:

    - Around 25 girls seems just about right for this club on a Saturday afternoon.
    - 90% Romanian. The rest was said to be Bulgarian and Austrian. Never met them. Met one black girl from Haiti / France who said she was passing through.
    - A very young and goodlooking line-up except for 2- 3 that were too old or out of shape. Nothing less of what I saw at Maxime in Vienna the night before, and not too far off what you can experience in a Frankfurt FKK club on an average night. No supermodels here (note that I rarely find any in German FKK Clubs either), but plenty of goodlooking and friendly girls (7- 8's) I would be happy to return to.
    - Good F / M ratios the hours I was there (a positive surprise for me).

    Session fees:

    - 60 E per half hour (120 E /60).
    - I was informed by a girl CIM is 60 E extra (anal I assume anal is 120 E). This may or may not be a slight upselling, as older reports in this thread indicates extras are 50 E for CIM and 100 for anal. I cannot verify.
    - I have a feeling that tipping is more common in Austria that in Germany, but cannot verify (my Austria experience is too limited). Note we are talking small tips here (5- 10 E per half hour).


    - I was well informed by reports in this thread that there were horrible upselling at the start up of this club 5 years ago, but later reports indicates that upselling has stopped or at least improved. The latter seems to be the case when talking with the girls. None I spoke too indicated extras for normal services like DFK or BBBJ, or demanded minimum one hour commitments, etc. The girls gave a very chill and friendly vibe. Though note that I only spoke with a handful of girls.

    After having relaxed and scoped the talent as long as I could (only around 30 mnts this time) I was approached by Alexa.

    Name: Alexa.
    Nationality: Romanian.
    Language: English and German. Prefers German (which is fine by me).
    Age: Around 25?
    Height: Medium.
    Hair: Brown. Somewhat curly in a ponytail.
    Face: Pretty and smiling. Not too much make-up.
    Chest: B-cup.
    Body: Slim. Not too skinny. Absolutely lovely curves to be feasted on.
    Personality: Smily and fun. Relaxed. My type of girl.


    I decided not to discuss prices and see what would happen. We went upstairs (the rooms are upstairs). We took a shower together (all rooms have showers without the rooms being humid). She showed me her watch (nice touch) and explained the prices (no surprises). Kissing (LFK) and BBBJ without hesitation or upselling. DATY, 69, followed by MPOS sex. All decent. One minuspoint for talking a little bit too much and abrupting the BJ at times when it started to feel really good. No stress though. She was good fun. 120 E for ih + 10 E tip.

    - Would I go back to GT Linz? If I happen to be in Linz, without hesitation.
    - Are there other opportunities in the Linz area? Don't ask me. This was my first time in Linz. I am primarily only interested in FKK clubs, and this is the only one in Linz (I think).
    - Would I pick GT Linz again if I stayed in Vienna? I don't see the point. Vienna so far seems to be mongering central in Austria, and Linz is too far away (2 hrs).
    - Would GT Linz be my primary club to visit if visiting Austria again? Well, my Austria experience is far too limited and my visits too few at this stage. I am more intrigued to explore Andiamo and Wellcum next time to be honest (I still have not been there). Vienna is full of opportunities. Linz is a long way from the other clubs. But this visit was indeed a pleasant surprise. If time permits, I will make sure to revisit.
    - Would I pick Austria as my playground in stead of Germany? No. First of all because of logistics (Frankfurt is too easy to get to, and even NRW not too far away). Secondly because Austria generally is 20% more expensive. Thirdly because the tremendous opportunities in Frankfurt (5 major clubs only 20- 30 mnts apart with up to 400- 500 girls combined), and till date I know how to avoid the upselling risks there. That aside; I happen to enjoy Austria very much for touristic reasons, and I find Austria very friendly, clean and liberal with good mongering opportunites on the side. I can assure I will be back.

    Many thanks to Berthold, Zumboit, Massimo, Steve and others who have reported before me and made my stay at this club very easy. Hopefully someone can benefit from this report as well.

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