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Thread: North China - Taiyuan

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    This thread seems to have been dead for years.

    I've found some spots in the town recently. Anyone interested PM me.

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    Spot on the bbs. At shengli street


    Got your intel on Shengli street. However girls are old and ugly. Not worth the penny. Also tried some sauna place via taxi drive same sort old and ugly. So just left. And I went p pingyao. All the previous report about Pingyao is no longer valid. Did not flag a taxi to ask for one in pingyao. That's my report for these two cities.

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    BBS on ShengLi Street

    First find the intersection of Sheng Li Street and Xinjiang Road just east of the Fen River. West of Xinjiang Road on both sides of ShengLi Street there are 5-7 BBS, each with 1-3 gals per shop. Most providers are 30+ but there are a few in their 20's. I was quoted 100,150 & 200 for a HJ. FS will come in a little higher. I picked a mid 20's girl, a next door type with long fake eye lashes for a HJ, she allowed full roaming under her blouse and bra plus under her dress and in her panties. 100 on completion.


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    Taiyuan July 2014

    Staying in Taiyuan until 18th of July. Would really appreciate some help on where to find some nice action, preferable massage. Any tips? PM me!



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    Quote Originally Posted by Santa  [View Original Post]
    Beautiful Old Ming Dynasty City of Pingyao. 2 hours by train from Taiyuan.

    Exit the train station and turn left, you will see barbershops on both sides of the street, but they are hard to see in the day, you need to look in the evening when the pink lights are on. Some demolition going on so some may not survive.

    OR. Exit the station and walk straight ahead for about 5 mins to the first big intersection. On the far right corner there is the Tielu Hotel. They have a few ladies on the 3rd floor. You must ask to see them. I paid 300rmb for ST but I'm sure the locals pay a lot less. I should have bargained more, sorry. However, the service was GFE and she allowed me 2 shags.

    Anyway, the quality was low and options are few. I couldn't find a KTV, but you might.
    Partial update on Pingyao, as I was there on Wednesday and Thursday last week.

    Exiting the train station and turning left, you are on Zhongdu Street, which leads past the north side of the walled city.

    On the north side of that street opposite the Wan Ke Ju Hotel, there are at least two shop fronts containing sofas occupied by ladies of the night (two on each when I walked past). No idea whether they are "barbershops", and the lighting didn't look pink, but if the women inside weren't prostitutes then I'm Barack Obama's twin brother!

    Further along, on the south side of the road, the Bai Fu Long Hotel is at the junction with a road which runs along the west wall of the city. Next to it are two more shop fronts in which I observed sofas with one lady of the night on each.

    The ladies I saw were all reasonably attractive, not as slim as most of the civvy girls I lusted after during the day but not overweight either, and probably thirtyish.

    I did not investigate further. Or enter, despite the temptation. As, on the Wednesday evening (at about 10pm) there were local youths hanging about which I found somewhat intimidating, and on the Thursday I was in the company of my family, being transported back to the station at about 8pm.

    But I can confirm (with a degree of certainty albeit without much detail) that such opportunities continue to be available in Pingyao, and possibly others elsewhere or within the hotels, and perhaps along the KTV strip which is just around the corner on the road facing the city's west wall.

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    Tauyuan Tonight


    I m stay in world trade hotel and cannot found some place for have fun here. Maybe you have a idea where I should go at night?

    Thanks for your help


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    Taiyuan-Latest updates?

    Planning a trip to Taiyuan next July. Can anyone help me with the latest in pay for plays. Only staying for a couple days so wanted to find the best bang for my buck. BBS? Hotel saunas? Will probably stay at the Shanzi Grand Hotel.

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    Familiar to this city

    H guys,

    If you want to know more geography info of this city, you can leave the questions here. I have lived there for ten years.

    Make fun there.

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    Today I again was in that region. The girl from the last time remembered me and was obviously quite happy to see me.

    This time I tried to negotiate a bit. And so I paid 200 Yuan (Short Massage + FS) instead of 250 like the last time.

    Does anyone know if this price is normal?

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    So today I tried to find these BBS. While I wasn't able to find any during the day in that region, it became quite obvious during the night.

    Instead of exiting the trainstation straight I already entered this parallel street and there they were. About 10 BBS. I looked in the windows of several of them and then I decided to go into one (Sorry, I can't describe which one).

    First I was offered "anmo" for 50 Yuan. When I said yes, the girl showed me into a back room with some boxes. She tried to talk to me in Chinese. I didn't understand too much but we had quite a good laugh.

    After that, she showed me that she would take care of my little brother, if I want to. Of course I want to (Additional 200 Yuan).

    She lead the way up some very dark stairs into a room. After a CBJ (I wanted it like that) she seemed to have a bit of trouble getting my little brother inside, it looked like she had some pain. But after a short time she seemed to get used to it and like it. When we had finished, she tried to explain something to me, but I didn't understand again. We laughed a lot again and she cuddled me several times.

    All in all, quite a good experience. Even while I think that I paid too much for this.

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    Thanks a lot - I will try to find them. If I do, I will send a report here.

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    There are some BBS on the small street that parallels the main street, Yingze Dajie, that extends out of the train station. As Santa says in report #17, exit the train station and walk straight ahead for 5 minutes or so and this small street is one block over on the right (to the north of of Yingze Dajie). I think the streetís called Wuyi Dongjie (itís kind of hard to tell in my travel book). There are lots of typical old Chinese apartment buildings on this street and several bus lines run down it. I saw several BBS when I was there early this year but didnít partake because I prefer saunas/bathhouses. A couple of the small massage shops that I saw in this area actually had women sitting in the windows. One evening, one of the women flashed me her tits as I was walking by!

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    I am in Taiyuan right now and I didn't find any possibilites where to go for something cheap. So probably I am looking for BBS or something of that style.

    Sadly I can't bring anyone to my hotel room, so I have to go outside.

    Any hints where to look for a nice and cheap time? It doesn't have to be too long.

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    Ooops, you cant PM me. I don't have that function.


    Hi Budd 2166,

    Are you suggesting that a sophisticated world traveler such as yourself can't afford a $13 subscription to support this forum and all the work I do to keep it maintained?

    Come on dude, a forum subscription is less than 50 cents a week.



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    Quote Originally Posted by sniffer
    Hi! I will be going to Taiyuan for a business trip next week, and will be staying there for almost a week at World Trade Hotel.

    I've checked out this section but found that the most recent entry was almost a year old.

    Just wonder if anyone has been there lately? Would appreciate if someone can share some latest info about activities near the hotel... I'm more into BBS that can provide take out service. Sauna would be another option too.


    I live in Taiyuan and work in building be of the World Trade building. A lot of what you have previously written is now gone or temp. Closed due to a lot of road and building renovation. And I do mean a lot. I'm not big on the local mogner scene here but I do know a little

    PM me if you like.


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