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    For anybody coming to Conce, the red light district is located on Bulnes, beginning with Ongulmo and going for about 3 or 4 blocks west. You will see a number of girls working on the street, don't be fooled because they aren't girls.

    The majority of the real women working girls are located inside the clubs between Orompello and Tucapel on Bulnes. However, be careful because these places are a little on the rough side. I'm not what the prices are like now, but before I have been quoted about $30.000 pesos per hour. The quality is not very high.

    There are also a couple of transitory hotels located nearby. I have never used them, because I live a half a block away, but I have had friends who have and have had no complaints.

    You can also try the Cafe con Piernas located in the Galeria Amanacer (O'Higgins between Colo Colo and Anabel Pinto). The girls working there aren't pros but may be receptive to some outside work.

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    Well i meant to post this some time back, but time flies.

    Went to Conce 2 week of december and visited tia Olga's located on Olgolmo with Bulnes.

    As usual place did not start till past 0030 am.

    The usual girls were there, Javiera (thin beautifull brunette) had her tits done, great jugs now, as well as barby (thin beautifull blond who covers her body/hair with cream).

    had a couple of whisky's at 3500 each, and took a girl back to my hotel (diego de almagro) no chica problem there.

    My gal cost 100.000 and gave me the time of my life, Yes i have been with her before so maybe it made a difference.

    All in all, Olga's is still the best in concepcion. Girls are 5-7 with both before mentioned girls definitive 9s



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