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    There is a local celebrity whose real name is Veronica Suarez alias "la China" what is Chinese about this broad I have no idea except a slightly slanted eye, we "dated WAY BACK in the day she fucked one of my friends a Dutchman as a I recall, well she has hit THE WALL gents. You see gentlemen when a woman has hit the wall, it means she cannot attract the males that she finds attractive but rather what she can get, this happens when a woman gets older you see back in the day this particular shorty used to get movie stars and foreigners and TV execs but now that she is close to 40 she is periodically putting up naked pics of her on Twitter so that she can stay in the lam limelight. SAD what has she come to, since the link down below she has gone through 2 marriages a lesbian relationship she was in prison about 2017 for traveling with a weapon with her "boyfriend" one of many she had back in those days. What a disaster but you see gentlemen no WOMAN no matter how valuable she is in the bedroom is worth losing your head over ounce a woman has a high body count she is for the street her ability to pair bond becomes null, while we men in the WEST complain about how stupid women all love BAD BOYS we also love BAD GIRLS this is why most PFCs in all branches of the service in the US end up marrying strippers, this particular woman while is tragic what her life has come to however more tragic still for her young daughter who will turn into a hooker or a showgirl just like mama did, you see these women have a category and that is FOR THE STREETS, feminism has made women all over the world drink the cool-aid that they can do things just like a man but sex is different things for men and women this is why you don't see porn stars become housewives, our species has evolved and nature has given us tools that wired us differently for a reason. She now claims to be in love with a man #1257 and that she will retire from the limelight and wants to be a "good mother" it won't last I believe the man she is with is an asshole executive who is in his 50's he will put her down in an instant if she gets out of pocket it's not a matter of "if" is a matter of "when" this woman is nuts but it's what it's, so enjoy some throwback pictures of an orgy she did back in the day.
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    Galapagos touristy action.

    My former bodyguard known here in Guayaquil as KingGato is now a welder in Galapagos he is always sending me these touristy pictures of the fauna in the areas, why humans from all over the planet travel to these Islands at great cost I might add to see gigantic turtles is beyond my comprehension but it's the biggest tourist attraction in Ecuador so it's what it's.
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    The madam started out the week on the right foot.

    A new recruit by the madam.
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    Doom putting out content like there is no fucking tomorrow

    The pics are from Wilson's girls on the skinny one is named Camila the other one I can't recall her name lives in Duran he procured these two women on his dime because I helped him in peace treaty it's what it's the link on the videos are two ratchet chicks their content I put out in youtube I uploaded it on my channel they are potential recruits for Wilson's harem however they need work being broke and ghetto is not attractive to even Ecuadorian men much less foreigners. I am wiping my hards drive so before the content is lost I might as well leave my legacy on the net.
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    The madam ounce again

    The madam is recruiting with breathtaking speed. Carolina new to the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomBringer321  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday after some shit went down with some players, I decided to give the crew some much-needed work so they decided to make a house party around the CAPWELL stadium in Guayaquil with some girls from the hostess bar called B2, just as a side tip, I would not recommend you go in there it's usually a bar for gangster crews unwinding and it definitely gets rowdy more than one person has been shot outside it's definitely not a place for some stupid gringo to walk in without being backed or known by the boys. One of the girls in the party agreed to do a photoshoot for my main man Wilson aka "the pimp" she charges $30 an hour.
    Did you creampie that nice tasty puss* ??

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    Natasha new recruit

    Brought to you by the Madam you all already know what time it's.
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    The madam is recruiting like a madwoman.

    New recruit who goes by the stage name of Pamela.
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    Kiara new recruit by the madam

    New recruit Kiara new to the game exclusively to the madam 19 years old.
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    Wilson doing MILF's?

    Knowing the man and his proclivities it surprised me the age of the new recruit however apparently some of his clients want MILFs it's what it's I guess. She charges $40 an hour.
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    Mishell BBW madness teaming up with the madam.

    The madam offering thickness on this day, I cannot tell you guys enough I love living and fuckin here it's the bomb.
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    The madam is back in buisness.

    New additions to the game.
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    Wilson's pimp hand back in action

    Ma man Wilson as always putting it down. 50 an Hour.
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    More migration from Cuenca

    This particular gem is returning to her roots she has been working in Cuenca for the past 7 years my main man Wilson aka "the pimp" is already putting her through the paces can't wait for my homeboy from NY to try her out.
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    Flocking birds.

    This gem comes from club 155 in Quito. The time has arrived Coronavirus, the economic realignment of the country has come. Don't know what I am talking about well allow me the opportunity to illuminate you and perhaps I can get through that thick area that you humans call skulls.

    Storytime music.

    You see gentleman this country like most Latin American countries except for maybe Colombia and Mexico has a centralized power structure, inherited from Spanish overlords why not a different system well as you guys can read from a history book a novel idea nowadays I know, Spain never looked at Latin America as nothing more than a fertile land to control and exploit for resources so a top-bottom approach was needed when dealing with the locals until a little known French General Bonaparte decided it was an awesome idea to take over Europe and voila! All of a sudden the bastard children of Spanish royalty who were in control of the colonies were getting funny notions of freedom and liberty and such, funny that these ideas were not propagated when the crown could send armies to put the restless locals down, but I digress.

    So liberators such as Bolivar and Martin come and go the bastard children that wrestled power from Spain took over and are still in control of most of the wealth resources and political power not much has changed irrespective of how idealized certain local history books like to portray the story.

    In that particular vein of thought, here comes a little known small Andean nation called Ecuador for decades in fact a century and a half Quito ruled with an iron fist just as their predecessors the Spanish had taught them, they had no other model to draw upon, but Quito as a geographical and resourceless area is, in the end, useless, what do you need to create a great city?

    Access to goods and services.

    Stable water supply.

    An influx of capital.

    Diverse culture base to attract the best and the brightest.

    Economic opportunities for said best and brightest.

    Guayaquil is a port and the most capital held in PRIVATE hands, ounce this country relented and gave self-autonomy to its diverse areas and an interesting thing started happening the Capital became less prominent because they had to compete for resources and no longer had subsidies for good and services small cities that were little known became prominent Cuenca, Manta, Guayaquil. Quito of my childhood was awesome because quite frankly the state allotted a large number of resources to make it that way, once the city started competing with other cities it started losing in many areas because they lack natural resources, the city was built by Spaniard royals who had more a defense mindset who would in their right mind build a city between two mountains? Only someone that wants a lasting control power base that is easily defendable that's who. So COVID comes into the picture and the government is breaking up, out of necessity many industries had to be privatized or and the role of government had to be lessened as a city that has lived of the government tit they were the most hurt by the pandemic the effect of rona is over but it's the economic impact will be felt in decades to come.

    As far as mongering is concerned this was affected as well, I always found it odd that such a straight laced socially conservative pro catholic city such as Quito, had so many sex workers they were definitely not local you would be hard pressed to find a Quitena working as a hooker or any other sexual related profession, even the women you find in Badoo they got all these rules like no sex on the first date and other such nonsense, I have to assume since all jobs were related to sectors of government and as a city that lived of the government services, the logic would be that sex workers fallowed the money so they gravitated towards Quito, ounce government had to cut out the fat because of rona they were the first ones to get the axe all of Ecuador has REACTIVATED their entertainment sectors however Quito is far behind as far as quality sex workers why no one's has money, as a city that leeched of the government they are struggling it's even worst with a pro-business trained banker, with ties to the US at the helm, so just like Canadian birds flock to Mexico for the winter hoes are flocking to much more prosperous areas for their hunting I can't tell you how many girls that used to work in Quito and ply their trade are migrating to coastal cities, and here is a fine example of Ambar that hails from Club 155 in Quito, she is going to have to eat coastal eggplant emoji's from now on since this is where the money is at.
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