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    Embrace the darkness

    An awesome African Ecuadorian courtesy of ma man Wilson.
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    Skate board Girl

    Storytime music.

    As you players may know I lived in CA for a couple of years so a couple of no-talent white girls try their hand at skateboarding none of them were any good at it, some of them had personal hygiene issues, other were drug addicts, some had real dusty trailer park attitude, but if any of them had looked like this shit I would have been motivated enough to train to be a skateboarding champion. Ma man Wilson got a batch fresh from the oven in Guayaquil only as you all know PM for details.
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    WLO3IxtL_t.jpg‎   ZGPAW1VN_t.jpg‎   Ipxdz7w7_t.jpg‎  

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    Pamela by Wilson GYE only BTW.

    A veneca she came from the beach so she is kind of a beach bum, she charges 50 an hour, however, her dumb ass did not send naked pics WTF moment 345.
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    Plain Jane from the pimp Wilson

    Ma man Wilson working overtime this girl costs 40 an hour.
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    Model light skinned afro Ecuadorian.

    A light-skinned afro Ecuadorian model if I see her I will definitely be tricking, I will not even post her price since you all are broke.
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    Mishell promoted by Wilson

    Not to be confused by my former mistress also called Michelle this one is new and she costs 40 $ an hour.
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    Wilson's Pimp hand back in action

    I visited Wilson today and he proved that his pimp hand is still strong even though he is making effigies for the new Year full time. This sex worker's name is Melanie I have not fucked her yet unfortunately I am still broke as always. 40 $.
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    melania 44 (2).jpg‎   melania 44 (1).jpg‎   melaniaa (4) - copia.jpg‎   DQAQ6ctX0AEE_0l.jpg‎   DQAReKbXcAAu4MO.jpg‎  

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    Promo for Halloween

    I have no idea how well her service is but here is a promo pic.
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    More struggle chicks

    I will make it clear once again because I have been asked I am based out of Guayaquil so unless specified most of the girls are from the city I am based out of, sometimes I travel not as much as I used to but it's what it's. Now that, that's out of the way once again Wilson is back at it with a hood girl $40/ h.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomBringer321  [View Original Post]
    She is back from Quito she charges 80 an hour Samantha does BBBJ and swallows, she will stay in Guayaquil for 2 weeks.
    That's nice Doom. Very nice. Chicks like Samantha make me want to visit Ecuador. But still don't have enough intel yet on that country to make me sure about a trip. Have not seen a comprehensive, well-written, detailed report from anybody yet. Tomjackin kind of did one, but it's old and pre-pandemic.

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    Chocolate darkness

    The pimp known as Wilson has found some darkness for the foreign players.
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    Tales from Succes Wood

    I poke fun at the struggle in Ecuador however I made a video of what a high tax area in a city at the border of Guayaquil is like hope you all like it.

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    She is back from Quito she charges 80 an hour Samantha does BBBJ and swallows, she will stay in Guayaquil for 2 weeks.
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    6a9d861160383044.jpg‎   46e3e81160383004.jpg‎  

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    Struggle white girl new to the scene

    40 and hour ignore the struggle scene obviously she is broke otherwise she would not be a sex worker.
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    >>> Doombringer: Some idiot today, told me that I only post struggle pics of sex workers and that women in Ecuador are TRASH, I strongly disagree in the most profane way.

    Yep, not only is that dude an IDIOT, but also BLIND. Morons are frustrated with their life so got to vent against the real players.

    The girls you've been posting are lovely and would turn heads in any American city (with its 36% population obesity). I'd have no hesitation smashing any of your girls (well, OK, maybe not the tubbies). I really like how natural they are, without silicone or excess makeup.

    Keep up the good work, DM!

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