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    New Fantacy located on Ave 9, Between Calle 7 & 9. There is a sign on the front. SEAHAWK

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    Saturday nite the Beatle Bar in Jaco was raided. There were about 50 migracion officers and 2 big busses which took dozens ? (more info later), to San Jose. Anyone with even slightly questionable documents was herded onto the bus, including some gringos. Then they let some off if their docs proved to be ok on closer inspection.

    If you don't carry your passport, at least bring a photocopy AND another id. They were ok with that. Lots of working girls here in Jaco, very beautiful!

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    From La Nacion newspaper:

    Illegal foreigners detained

    Agents from different law-enforcement agencies -including the Immigration Service- raided a couple of night clubs in San Jose and detained some 50 women -including Colombians, Dominicans, Russians, Romanians, and Nicaraguans- a majority of whom were in Costa Rica illegally and now face deportation. According to official sources, the goal is controlling foreigners who are working here even though they do not have the proper documents or have no documents at all.

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    I got some recent infomation that some visitors have found small apartments and have had luck with privacy and with guests. But they seem to be more like small hotels without facilities. I guess it is like a European "pensione?" So if you find something I would experiment.
    Even at large hotels in San Jose it is easy to be discrete. I have seen more than one older gentleman with his college age "niece"sipping a cool one in the bar without raising an eyebrow from anyone. But it is easy to go directly to your room after sign-in of your guest, and use room service. A guest usually can find her way out and to a taxi without you being seen.

    Yes equally good looking girls are in the Blue Marlin and especially at IDEM. And elsewhere on a hit and miss basis. Throphy girls are consistently found at the IDEM and at the Blue Marlin later in the evening --- not in the daytime however. I guess they have other jobs or are students, for real.

    For All,

    Incidently I read another newspaper report of the immigration raids at a few popular "night clubs" which found about 50 illegal female tourists whose papers had expired or were not in order. They included Columbians, Dominicans, Russians, Romanians, and Nicas. They face deportation. I wonder if they can bribe their way out or if this is a major political issue. The local girls are complaining about their agressive competition from illegal foreigners. As you may know I prefer local girls anyway for many reasons but your tastes may differ.

    Speaking of taste, I sure could use a cold Imperial and a hot and wild Tica chica right now. I have found many hot wild energetic thin ones at the Park Hotel on a hit and miss basis. I love it when they love to pose for digital photos, especially after a shooter or two.

    Do a search for Costa Rican newspapers and look for ones in English like AM Costa Rica, Tico Times and also look for La Nacion which has a weekly summary in English. You can learn first hand on a daily basis, all the news that is fit to print. You can also use a translator site to translate the Spanish ones if your Spanish is marginal like mine.

    Pura Vida,

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    ACE00 And Whistle830,

    Thanks for the good advice. Well, as you will hopfully get to know me on the board, you will see that while i don't question advice, I seek clarifications. Just to get the "deal" and all.

    Okay, good advice on the whole. Not to be Pedantic, but I would have thought just the OPPOSITE was true with an apartment. See, I am having a couple of mates from work join me about three days in (secret stuff as their Mrs. Think they are on a fishing trip, etc). So, I would have thought that an apartment would be the best way to come and go, and relatively discreet without having to do the "mornining walk of shame" type thing at a hotel.

    Also, for $165.00 for a week, an apartment seems like it's a cakewalk. ACE, can you elaborate as to WHY most don't rent an apartment (may be self explanatory) and your thoughts on how UN-private it is compared to the hotel? Just some elaborations and clarifications. For instance I rent an apartment in Bangkok and in MOscow whenever I go

    Okay, the apartment that I have an idea on (just one of three) is located at LOS YOSES, AV. 2, BETWEEN ST. 27 & 29. 25 MTS WEST FROM THE K.F.C IN SAN PEDRO (15 MIN. WALKING FROM DOWNTOWN). Is this 15 mins to downtown the Del Ray? Thoughts on the neigborhood? etc. I see from Panadero NOT to go south of 4th avenue. Well, this place mentioned to be is Av. 2. LOL, wondering out loud if that's SOUTH of 4th. Me needs a bloody map i guess. Will go map hunting.

    Also, yes...have been copiously scanning the posts to the board regarding the issue of $100.00 and how NOT to pay that as the "going rate" and all. Get it practically in writing upfront, etc and ALWAYS negociate. Yes, different than Thailand in some ways, but alot like the drill in Moscow. Hence, the interest in CR.

    Again, thanks for the head's up on the Internet Cafe's. Heck, I figured there had to be some at least. Even in Cambodia I can track one down....

    Cool more quesitons as they come up I guess. Oh, as far as tour guides, etc.....if the apartment thing flys, maybe just going to one of the good hotels and getting one is okay. However, if the hotel comes into reality, well's a moot point.

    Cheers all and thanks for the ongoing advice. I appreciate it.

    PS: thoughts on the talent in March?

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    For my trip to CR in November, I used the travel service from Grupo Papagayo. They have 3 resorts - two in Guanacaste and one jungle lodge in the Northease.
    The local (San Jose) agent was Milagro Miranda. She booked my hotels and rental cars. Her email address is:
    I don't know if she'd be much help with hotel accomodation in San Jose but it wouldn't hurt to ask. The reason I'm recommending her is that she got me a rate of $25.00 a day for a mini 4X4 which was about 1/2 of what could get on my own (the rental agency was Alamo). She's very personable and seems to care a lot about finding the best deals. She's just a travel agent so don't ask her about the sex scene in CR...PLEASE!
    I bought the Fodor's book on CR before I went - it included a map and had a lot of good advice. There are 100's of Jungle tours, rafting trips, etc. Generally, you should be safe with recommendations (of tour operators) from Fodors, Lonley Planet, etc.
    I went to Mal Pais on the West coast for surfing, up to Liberia to view a volcanic park, down to San Jose for a coffee plantation tour, and two volcano tours (Poas and Arenal).
    Oh yeah, I got my balls sucked and fucked dry in San Jose...but I've talked about that in earlier posts.

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    My number one rule is don't go south of 4th Ave. Exception: IDEM. Other than that there is absolutly nothing there and you will be mugged. A good friend was mugged Saturday, daytime on Calle 2, Ave 6 & 8. Three guys pulled him into a office space, closed the door, beat him up, and bit his hands. This guy has lived here 3 years and is well experenced. They didn't get much, he knew enough not to carry much. Believe me this is a city of crime, take a cab or stay in the gulch until you know your way around. If anyone needs a tour of downtown get ahold of me. SEAHAWK

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    CostaRica Newbie,
    I would read as many of the past posts, as possible, to answer your questions better.
    Here is a summary. Speaking spanish helps a lot. Brush up on what you can. The neighborhoods become fairly apparent as to which are not nice. Never walk at night. Take a taxi. Taxis from the airport are painted orange and strictly regulated to avoid ripoffs. Dont worry. It is US $10 prepaid there to the downtown area where most tourist hotel are located. It is US$12 to return from downtown (el centro).
    In a small apartment, everyone knows your business and there would be no privacy compared to a hotel which are larger and less personal. Almost nobody uses an apartment for short visits.
    For guides, I would avoid individuals unless you have a personal recommendation and, instead, use the tour desk at most hotels. They book the same tour companies which are very reliable and fairly reasonable. Your original passport is needed to enter and leave Costa Rica and to cash traveller's checks and maybe at check-in to a hotel. Other than that, keep it in your safe and carry a copy. I have never had to show it. Internet cafes are abundant. There is a fine one called Netopia on the same block as the Del Rey, at the Southeastern corner of the block. About C500 per hour. Serves coffee. Your phone. I cannot answer that. CR is changing it's cell phone technology next year sometime anyway.
    Finally remember, do not ever pay the asking price of $100 for the girls at the Blue Marlin. $60 is the going rate at the BM and better yet go to the IDEM for $40 plus C500 (US$1.40) cab fare. And, I try to get nice local Costa Rican (Ticas) girls and Nicaraguan (Nicas) as they are less agressive and more likely to give a GFE. And they are more likely to be true part timers, earning a few extra bucks to pay the rent and feed the kid.

    The bartenders at the BM are mostly taken and very seldom, if ever, can a tourist even get a date with them. But they are nice and friendly and honest. Certainly not play for pay girls. They would be fired. There is a knockout blond named Jessica who used to live in Los Angeles and speaks perfect English. Interesting to talk with when she is not busy.
    Remember never pay the $100 asking price at the BM. Never. I boycott the agressive bitchy money grubbing foreign girls and select nicer Ticas and Nicas. If I wanted an agressive, money grubbing, complaining ***** I would stay in the US.

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    Hey everyone, Happy Holidays

    Wanted to get some 411 on Costa R. I have been a good monger over the years with about 12 trips to Bangkok, two to the PI and two to MOscow. Have not yet experienced the Latina Lovelys as of yet. LOL, in all those travel, not ONE Spanish girl. Imagine that.

    Why CostaR? Well it's closer by to the New YOrk area and I am not looking to do the 24 hour trip again to BKK this year. Already been twice. So, no....I don't expect CR to be anything like BKK by a longshot, but still....I keep a very open mind about mongering in CR as a TOTALLY different experience.

    I am looking to go in Late February for let's say a total of 7-10 days including the flight day down and the flight day back up.

    Now, I can speak a little bit of Spanish. However, I was looking for advice about Hotels versus let's say renting a place for the week to ten days. I would totally be down for a nice little apartment for that time. The only thing that concerns me is security of personal effects and other forms of security. However, I like the hotel idea beause of room safes, etc. BUT, I don't like hotels overall due to the fact that too many folks come and go and my business becomes everyone elses. Maybe that makes sense, maybe it does not.

    However, I am TOTALLY unfamiliar with the neighborhoods in CR and if there is even a "safe area" with which to rent in. Other than that......from what I have been reading, the Presidente and the Del Ray seem to be at the top of the food chain in terms of access and convenience. That is an added plus.

    So, any thoughts on all of this....please let me know. Also, flight times from NYC. Any local guides that folks have used, suggestions on taxi service from the airport (to avoid being ripped off) and additional security precautions. Does one need to carry the original passport, or will a photocoy do just fine, reastuaruants, Internet Access and Finally Cell Phone GSM Service. I have a T-Mobile GSM Phone for world travel, so what are folks experiences with that.

    Finally, if a small comfortable apartment is okay, does anyone have a suggestion for a website, or ideas on costs versus the hotel, or REPUTABLE contact info for rentals to start the process.

    Thanks all, I appreciate it.


    "Low Drag and High Velocity"

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    Hi......Typing this in the Del rey restaurant...Last night around 10 immigration along with TV cameras present raided the Del Rey.Adios to many fine Columbians..At least 50 girls were arrested and deported.

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    To answer Tasty1
    The Del Rey is a bit worn at the edges. The Holiday Inn is now reported to be guest friendly by others. I have visited there but not stayed there. I believe that the report I read on another board said it did not charge for guest. The Presidente is a good more upscale alternative and is cheaper IF you request the "TSM" rate when making the reservation. That place is getting so popular with the gringos, that I hope I can get a room when I need to be there. It is a real hoot to see 60 year old gringo men with bald or white hair, with beautiful 20 year old models hanging at their sides. Of course they must be their neices.

    To answer purplengold,
    Go LSU? Is that the purple and gold?
    The Presidente does not even require a credit card to make a reservation. Nice huh? If you choose, you use a credit card to check in but pay cash in full upon checkout and they will tear up the credit card voucher and return it to you at check out.
    Or you can pay cash or use your fake visa check card. They may require a cash deposit if you have no card to secure the hotel and indicate you will be paying cash. Request the "TSM" rate when making a reservation by e-mail. It is too late to ask after you are there. They are guest friendly if you wish, (be discrete as always) and there is no charge. In other words do not bring a loud drunken chica from the Blue Marlin to the bar at the Presidente. Sign her in at the side of the registration desk where the sign in book is located.

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    Does anyone know if the El Presidente checking into a room without a credit card? I have a cash card with the Visa logo, but if I try to use my real credit card, the charge will be noticed by my significant other. For obvious reasons, I'd prefer this trip be less noticeable.

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    Very interesting! You are organizining a sex tour and you do not know where "747" is! "747" is the premier brothel in San Jose- best value for your buck.

    By the way, 747 is the actual street address. From Del Rey go north until you hit Av. 7. Make left on Av.7 and keep walking for 10 min until you come to Calle 4. Make right on Calle 4. 747 is the 2nd or 3rd house on your left. Next to 747 is a pink house called Cha Cha Cha. Same action, little bit more expensive. For my money and taste, 747 is the best. Ask for Roscio. Look at her picture under DonGordo's site. You will go back to her in an hour, if you can wait that long!


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    You are right about strip clubs - if you find what you're looking for at the Del Ray, why bother. I liked Tango India because my $6.00 cover got me 4 drinks and for 2,000 colones, I had some beautiful women come into some very intimate contact for a dance or two. It was a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and I had a great time.
    However, the private dances can be a waste of money for the economical traveler - as you mentioned, it only takes a couple of dances to spend the equivilent of an all-nighter with a pro. If you are budget minded and have some discipline (even after a few drinks), it's still a good deal to get your 4 drinks and watch the girls on stage and off for an hour or two.
    Summary - it depends on what you're looking for and how much you want to spend.
    Padding the credit card? Yikes, I hope not. Stay tuned as my cc bill hasn't arrived yet. Fortunately my cc company is good about reversing unauthorized charges. I'll let you know if it happens to me.

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    I never went to Brazil, although I spent 2 nights with a Brazillian goddess from "Black", the most upscale night club in Beunos Aires. She was angry that I came to Argentina instead of visiting her country first. I promised her next time I will visit her in Brazil. Few of us are planning for "Rio" next year. General impression is that Brazillian girls love sex whereas the Argentinian girls give you more of a girlfriend treatment. Having experienced with both kinds, I kind of agree with this observation. By the way, about 20% of the girls in Black are from Brazil.

    I would like to clear something about my previous post regarding Blue Marlin girls. In Beunos Aires, the club scenes are highly dominent. Being of european decend, the girls are predominantly fair skin. In addition, they really dress elegantly most of the time. You get the feeling that you are with a girlfreind rather than a working girl. In Blue Marlin, the girls are not only ugly but also dress as "hookers". This was the big turn off for me this time. One of the girls told me that if they don't dress provocatively, the security will not allow them to enter in Del Rey. I am sure there are many girls in BM who will be good for short sessions. However, since I only take them for whole night , my options at BM were very limitted this time. I would like to stress that these opinions are solely based on my perceptions and I totally understand if other people do not agree with me.

    The one other thing about Argentina is value. Since the devaluation of Peso, everything is very cheap. You can have a full course steak dinner for less than 12 USD. The girls who used to charge 300 USD for a whole night session, could only get 300 Peso (roughly 100 USD) now. There are many girls who will do a whole night session for less than 50 USD. In addition, Beunos Aires, known as Paris of South America, is heaven compared to downtown San Jose. Even you are not involved with girls, you would just like to be there to enjoy the beauty of this place. In my opinion, Argentina currently offers the best value for our hobby.

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