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    Anita Loumo

    I know Anita at Loumo very well, hot little half Japanese number from Sampa, very cute.

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    anita 4x4

    Quote Originally Posted by Athos
    Ah Anita has a great body. She used to work at Centaurus and had braces. She is not safada but her body is spectacular. She is not so young 24 and beautiful tits are starting to sag.
    Wow!!! She claimed to be 20 and I thought she looked younger than that. Very much a baby face type. Are you sure it's the same Anita with eye tattoo on the back of her neck and metal bar in tongue?

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    Anita 4x4

    Ah Anita has a great body. She used to work at Centaurus and had braces. She is not safada but her body is spectacular. She is not so young 24 and beautiful tits are starting to sag.

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    Great report cali

    Good report man,

    Did you say you went over christmas? It seems like a bad time man all the girls home with their parents. But u still had a good time. monger on!


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    rio trip part 2

    I had tried generic Viagra but didn't really feel any results. I decided to try instead Levitra. I got the real deal authenitc Levitra before going to 4x4. I went over to 4x4 and it was packed. Seemed like a 5-1 ratio of man to garota. I went to the upper boite and there was some girls doing a show but it was just too packed. I went back down and it was also packed and I was considering to leave. As packed as it was, there was still some cute girls standing around alone. I found Anita (my 2nd Anita). Talk about Hot!!! A 10 for my taste with the black silky hair in pigtails, killer body and beautiful face. She has a bar through her tongue, a stud in her nose and a small tattoo of an eye on the back of her neck. I start talking to her and the Levitra comes on like magic. Holy Shit!!! That Levitra gave me a rod of steel. I'm standing there talking to her in the boite with my rod raging and figure I better cut the talk short and get a cabin. She tried to upsell me but I went with the $r170 cabin for 1 hour. They were so crowded that there was about a 20-30 minute wait for the cabin. This was a good time. The Levitra kept me solid as a rock. Great bbbj and then Anita liked to ride. She was wet and riding for a long time. We ran through many posistions but mostly I lay flat on my back and let her do her thing. I usually prefer missionary and doggie style the best, but with the Levitra sword, it was great to watch this beautiful honey ride me cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

    I went back to copa and called B#$^%$#, the nice girl I pulled from Help. I had vowed to myself not to waste time repeating as I was only going to be there less than a week, but she was so sweet I had her come to Copa and we went for a light dinner and a drink and them back to the room to channel surf and fuck and then watch 'Narc' which I had seen before and is great. 2nd time sex with her was not as good as previous night and as nice as she was, I found myself thinking it was a bad move and that I should've been back at Help finding Veronika or some other just as dirty kind of girl. Oh well.

    I woke up Wednesday and arranged to keep my room till 6pm as my flight was at 8:45 and I wanted to have the room all day. They had a half day charge of $us35. I called Karlas Models and this time I had them send a girl from the names I wrote down. They sent Gisella. She is a cute mixed girl. Nice face and body. She speaks no English but was very cheerful and also gave fantastic long bbbj. I had yet to try anal and this was to be my last chance. I did with Gisella and it was real good. She takes it willingly and seems to actually like it. She also likes to ride the Levitra rod. Not very into dfk but her bbbj and sporting fs and anal were a nice closing to my trip.

    I had 2 girls from Help (and a repeat with one of them), 3 agency girls and 3 termas girls. Pretty good for 4.5 days. Rio is great for the Garotas and fair for everything else. I did not see any violence but could 'feel' it there with the homeless and energy in Copa. I took taxi always at night. I was only drunk the one time inside help and was almost sober by the time I left. Next time I would maybe stay near Ipanema or Gavea. Great time overall and only wish there was some quality mongering in the states even at twice the price!!!

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    1st Trip to Rio

    the 1st thing i'll say is i could've have just as easily been on a bangkock/phukket trip. my condolances to all those affected.

    that was the 1st time i've flown more than 6 hours. the trip is a bear, but worth it for sure. about a 17 hour trip from l.a. through houston and san paulo. got there saturday afternoon. i stayed at premiere copacobana which is a few blocks back off the beach. it's across from the metro that is 1/2 block from luomo. hotel is decent. rooms not much beter than a motel 6, but clean and decent. girl friendly front desk but some guys tried to squeeze guest fees of $r40 from me. i f'ed up and forgot to bring the phone #'s of agencies with me. had one of the hotel guys send me a girl. don't know what service she was from. her name was victoria. she looked a bit like belladonna (the porno girl) mostly cause she had that gap tooth thing going on. service was good with bbbj and covered fs. very open girl with dfk and letting me finger her and seeming to like it.

    i then went out and ate at alcazar near help. it was decent but not great. i got a taxi and what started out as looking to see which termas were open turned into a 1.5 hour 'tour' of the city. i was cool with it as i like to see a new city from a car and see the streets and stores and whatever. luomo and centaurus were closed and he said help was closed (was not). he brought me to barbarellas which i remembered from reports was a rip. right away a penelope cruz look alike glued to me but she wanted $r400 for the night and $r60 'bar fine' and i almost did it based on her looks but her vibe told me it wasn't gonna be right. i bailed and went to help which was indeed open. 3-1 ratio of men to women, but i wasn't giving up easy. found veronika. she claimed she was 25, on a weeklong vacation from san paulo with her girlfriends. whatever. got her back to the room. phenominal chest and nice solid body. tattoo's on her back of paw tracks. very sensual. very oral. tons of bbbj, ball sucking and her licking my a-hole and then basic covered fs. excellent. we didn't discuss price till the end. she asked me for $r300. after hours of her rimming me and her being very wet and seemingly enjoying it as much as me, i wasn't gonna argue over $r100. i could only think of the shitty girls in l.a. that want $us100 just to show up and then another $us1-200 for 30-40 minutes of half assed mechanical service.

    sunday, woke up late and went looking for american football on tv. i knew marriot had a game but was told lord jim's pub in ipanema had a few on. i went there and they had european football on (soccer to us yanks). so i went back to the marriot and watched the colts vs. chargers game. ate cheap and fast meal at burgau (sp?) which is slightly above mcdonalds but was 1/2 block from my hotel. i knew luomo was close but i didn't realize it was like 200 yards away. bell boy walked me over there to show me. 3-1 man to garota ratio in there so i decided to act fast. met anita and thought she looked more than good enough and and i didn't want to dick around with so many guys there. anita is nice and petite. super velvet soft skin. very friendly but with almost no english and i know about as much portuguese. nice time and all but after the agency girl and the help girl, i didn't like the rushed time feeling in the cabin. still, decent enthusiastic service and attitude from her. bbbj and covered fs seems the norm at this point.

    one thing i'll say about termas is flip flops(sandals) can eat shit. talk about uncomfortable. and they didn't seem all that clean either. might as well be barefoot.

    monday, i went to tudo facil internet cafe and looked up karlas models site from this group. i f'ed up again though because i only took the phone number and not the names of the girls i liked. i went back to my room and called them. they sent me gabriella. i'm not crazy about very dark girls but must admit that she gave 110% bbbj. she was fairly friendly but just did not turm me on that much. i have a pet peeve about womans feet at least not being nastier than mine and she had some nasty ass hoofs. i sent her off early and went around copa buying clothes for myself as the prices were more than fair for the polo type shirts i need for work. i went back and showered up and headed out to the gavea jockey club. if you are into horse racing, it's worth a trip. they start 3:30 on friday, 1 or 2 on sat and sun and 6:15 on monday. it seems a bit neglected from what it used to be. with all that stone and tile work and a fantastic view, it must have been something super special way back when. still, it's a decent spot and a good little getaway. the racing seemed legit and they had the track from san paulo on simulcast to bet on in between the live races.

    i went back, took a nap and then headed out to help. the ratio was almost 1-1 and they had the monday night football game on and i started to get stupid drunk fast on some vodka. i went upstairs and decided to chill and sober up. after an hour or so, i went back down and found b#$%^&. she's a cute shorty with fair skin and some freckles and really looks more like a student than a working girl. claims to be 23 and living with her parents. gave me the whole talk about how she doesn't like to work at help but there are no jobs anywhere. she had fairly good english and was very nice and we had a fair time at the hotel for $r300. she brought up the price before we even left help and while i could've have bargained from there, i have a hard time fighting down what is already a real bargain in my eyes. she stayed about 4 hours and it was all pretty good except she will only do a covered bj and covered fs and not into dfk. she was however very receptive to my roaming hands and seemed to get off big time from them. not the best sex for me as i really love bbbj, but a good time with a sweet girl with pretty good english. great visual for me to have this cutie squirming for some time while i pressed her buttons, extacy on her face.

    tuesday, i decided to try the centro area termas. once again i f'ed up because i thought termas 502 was at the address 502 almadanga and from rue buenos aries, i went walking through the searing afternoon sun looking for it. i went blocks through this open air shops / flea market type place only to give up and head back to try 4x4. after all that walk and almost getting heat stroke, i found 502 right before i was gonna go to 4x4. i saw the blue awning and went up the stairs. it's a dinky little place, but at $r107, i was bound to try it out at least. one very tall black girl came over to me and asked me to buy her a drink. i don't like girls who are so much taller than me so i told her best i could that i wanted to chill. she finally went away and i saw it was kinda slim pickings in there. i saw a girl sitting alone near the front door that at least looked petite. they sure do keep it dark in there. i had to go over to her to see her face. she wasn't great but was a little cute and petite and for $r107, i figured what the hell. of course, as soon as i agree to go to the cabin with her, i see a much hotter girl come in and sit down. oh well. i went to the cabin with julieta. one odd thing with her when she take her clothes off is that i have never had in my hands such uneven tits. she had like a b-cup and a d-cup. at least the nipples matched and stood out very long and perky. she had a somewhat indian llok and was not real hot but was hot enough when she smiled. good attitude, fair service, great price. i would not hesitate to try it again in the future. i made sure not to pop with her as i knew i wanted to go right to 4x4 and find something special.

    i left 502 in search of dinner 1st. it seems like the centro restaurants close when the businesses do. at 5:30 pm, it looked like my choices were mcdonalds or a street vendor. i found a guy with a cart in front of the itau by mc d's. he had shishkabobs of all kinds of meats. stuff looked good so i tried the chicken. absolute fucking candy!!! he rolls it in some spice. i had 2 but if i wasn't going to fuck, i would have had 3 or 4. he has some plastic stools and you can sit right there and eat. it was maybe the tastiest food i had in rio. excellent.

    to be continued.

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    Rio Bob

    Thanks for your suggestion. I previously visited the site but was unsure about the authenticity of the photos. I don't know if you are familiar with the and forums, but the general consensus in those sites was that the photos in viprj were fake. I am glad to have your input though and will give the agency a try during my upcoming trip.

    All the best,


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    High end escorts

    Quote Originally Posted by Bambino

    That second site has 200R for a couple hours. Is this what you mean, or should one expect something like 300R and up ( like I have heard about some places) ?
    The second site I wouldn't say is not a high end escort so if she quotes 200 reais then that is what she is asking for but I think she is negotiable as she is an independent. I just posted her their as some guys may like that type.

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    The first question about the big blond, she is 22, lives in Ipanema, price on website.

    VipRJ each girl depending on her level commands a different price so when you arrive you need to call and ask what the price is for the girl you like. One girl I was with told me that the day before she was with an international soccer star and she wouldn't tell me his name. Another told me that for Carnaval week one man paid $5000 US for her company.

    The girls will meet you on the side if they want too. The discount depends I guess on your negotiating skills but generally the agency gets half.

    A general ball park figure for a real gem might be in the 500 reais for 2 hours range on the high side and 300 on the low side depending on your pick, generally the girls on the front page go for more.

    Take a look at the ruiva section, I recommend it, one of the girls came for 2 hours ended up spending all night with me and no extra plus I still talk to her now and then and hook up too .

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    Just curious, but how much would I have to expect to pay for one of these gorgeous girls? Will the do the usual 1-2h service?

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    "High end escorts"


    That second site has 200R for a couple hours. Is this what you mean, or should one expect something like 300R and up ( like I have heard about some places) ?

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    hey buddy

    Did you actually try that girl? Her hooters are large on her site but she looks like she's on the older side. Is she good? Could u pm me or reply telling me about her?

    Thanks man.

    Robert palli

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    Re: Viprj

    Quote Originally Posted by Rio Bob
    Ira check out they have higher end escorts especially their VIP selection. Of course the cost will be higher end also as you can imagine but they boast that they are real models ]
    RIo Bob,

    Just curious if you could enlighten us as to the general ballpark figure these girls go for in your experience? Also, will they make a date on the side after they've seen you once (outside the service)? If so, what kind of disount can one expect off the agency price.

    Thanks for all the great info!

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    Higher end escorts

    Quote Originally Posted by Ira Glub
    I will be visiting Rio in a few weeks. Can anyone recommend high class escort agencies in Rio? I have seen the agencies at, but I was wandering if there are any other ones in the top bracket.
    Ira check out they have higher end escorts especially their VIP selection. Of course the cost will be higher end also as you can imagine but they boast that they are real models working in real model jobs looking to supplement their income. I have met several of these girls and they have all been real nice outstanding nice girls. I read about some other escort services and the guys say that the service was good and she was pretty enough. These girls are more than pretty enough but you won't get them for 100 reais like Karla escort for example, you will have to cough up the dough for these garotas. Im not trying to put Karla escort service down in any way as it represents an excellent value but VIPRJ just provides a different level. You asked and this is just my opinion. Also if you like the big blond type from the south of Brasil check out this one: WWW.BIARIOSP.COM

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    high class escort agencies

    I will be visiting Rio in a few weeks. Can anyone recommend high class escort agencies in Rio? I have seen the agencies at, but I was wandering if there are any other ones in the top bracket.

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