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Thread: Ciudad Juarez - 2002 Reports

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    I am putting a figure of 300 hours to take the pictures, write the text, prepare the document, and finish the website. I have 8 days off and will be working on it day and night, so I'm thinking sometime in late January early March.

    Regarding a dental clinic, the George Wasghington Dental clinic come highly recommended to me from two sources, the manager of the Hotel VM and another poster here, Dougie. I believe it is on Ave. Lerdo downtown, but I will check with Dougie when I see him (he is there now).

    Another of the million things to do...

    Feliz navidad to all.

    I'm out of here!

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    I stand corrected - it's not $49, it's $49.99. Well, just let the ex know what your needs are and I'm sure she'll forward the 99 cents. Merry Christmas all.

    DE give us more info on exactly when and how this will be available. I've been searching for a good dentist and orthodontist. And, while I'm not in need of any new chics, I may be interested in the collateral information.

    Thanks again, DE.

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    Thanks for the encouraging remarks about the website from both of you. El Paso, I really got a belly laugh on that comment about only being single twice and having more money the second time around, and happy Birthday Bubba. 40 is a big one in our minds, and I hope you get to spend some time with 2 girls wrapped around you sometime soon.

    As you pointed out, the majority of the information is already posted on Monger Forums but a little science is necessary to bring it all into one container. I have in mind as the final product a downloadable Word document you can print out and stick in a three ring binder and take with you---complete with pictures, maps, and directions.

    It will focus on finding girls, but good hotels and restaurants should be part of it, and it should also contain Emergency Contract Numbers---the number of the American Counselate and telephone numbers for Mexican Attorneys should you get arrested for some reason...some recommended dental clinics if you get a toothache...who to call if your car breaks down...where to ask to be taken if you have a medical emergency. All of that stuff should be in there to make it worth $50.

    Thanks again for the encouraging comments.

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    I would be the first to congradulate and encourage Dreaming Eagle's venture into the website service - $49 would be a well-spent effort. If it were not for Dreaming Eagle's fine posts, I might still be jacking off in the shower every morning. Now, I've found a steady gal in Juarez and she and her girls are the light of my life. I've got sex, affection, love, BJs, loyalty - you name it - I've got it all. She's crazy about me. And I owe a lot to Dreaming Eagle's honest and forthright input on this board.

    The fee will be worthwhile for anyone but especially for those who are short on time. I did have to spend many hours going through all the posts and making notes. It was good info, but I had to dig it out. Save yourself the time and get on Dreaming Eagle's band wagon. You won't go wrong.

    And for you Bigbuddy - congrats on your 40th. Have yourself a great time in Juarez. There are some wonderful people there. I told my 20 year old grandson (I'm 60 but much younger at heart and in appearance) to enjoy yourself. You are only young TWICE. Once when you are about 20, and once again after you get divorced. Only the second time around, you usually have more money. Best wishes to all.

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    That's interesting about what you are doing and wonder how many people will pay for the information. You've done a good job listing the info for free. I also wonder how many people read this site and never submit anything. I would think for every person who posts there are several hundred people who just read. I hope you do well with it.

    I turn 40 in January and worked it out to have 3 days alone in El Paso in February. I do have a 4 hour meeting with a customer on one of the days but that was my excuse to get away. After 15 years of marriage and dealing with kids it will be nice to taste what it is to be young and free again. That's my 40th birthday present to myself.

    I'd use you as a guide not so much to save money but not to waste time. Money I have, time is precious. When I was a kid I had time but no money. It'll probaly be the same when I'm old.
    Anyway, when we get closer to the date we'll work out the details. I've been to Juarez before for a few hours at a time but never got away from the bars.

    Last thing- scratch the theory about you being Martin. I believe you.

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    By March of 2003 I will be posting a link to a website called Dreaming Eagles Tours. The site will feature an information package for $49.99 which will include the locations of all the known ***** bars and massage parlours in Juarez, complete with maps and precise addresses, telephone numbers, hours, prices, and directions to get there on the bus or in a taxi. It might even include strip bars for you guys who just have to pay out the ying-yang for essentially nothing. It will also include a complete guide to the best values in hotels, leather goods, dental services, legal services, auto repair services, Mexican auto insurance, apartments, markets, internet cafes, and whatever else I can dream up.

    It's about time there was a compendium of information in one container which covers all the bases, and with my computer skills I am going to deliver accurate and up-to-date information in book form which can be taken with you to Juarez. A person can spend hundreds of dollars getting ripped off by cab drivers and other forms of hustlers. This Mongers Guide to Juarez will provide maps and exact directions and teach a person how to eliminate taxi drivers from their life or drive safely in the city. It was cover everything from the $15 pussy afoot in el centro, to the ***** bars, to the massage parlours, and also point out the best places to eat and get a room for the weekend. I will also be offering $50 two hour car tours of the MPs.

    Finally all of the pieces of my life in Mexico are coming together and possibly affording me a way to live there full-time and help my fellow mongers save money all at the same time. The for the cost of about 1 girl in the red light district I can give you information which will save you the investment on your first trip, and it will be yours to keep without ever giving me another penny. The website will allow you to download the latest Monger's Guide free of charge at any time.

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    Brenda's has only been open about a month, and I actually misinformed you about the price. It is currently $20, not $25. It's for half an hour, but that's long enough, and I have actually been in there longer the day I took two girls for $30.

    It's at Hermanos Escobar just before you get to Avenida de Las Americas if you are coming from the Hotel Villa Manport. It's upstairs in a strip center on the left side of the street just before you get to that intersection. They are two or three littles ones who are fun to fuck, and the place is very friendly. The rooms are nothing special, and the shower is not in the room. But I like the place and plan to put it on my new website.

    And, no, I am not Martin, but I have known him a couple of years and trust him. I have referred three people to him who actually did look him up, and all three were happy with the information he provided. One poor bastard was running around in the red light district low on cash and disappointed because he could not use his credit cards to buy pussy (kind of a ludricous idea but this is a true story). I fixed him up with Martin, who took him to a long distance phone place, and the guy had $1,000 wired into his bank account which he could access from the ATM Martin took him to a couple of hours later. He tipped Martin $40 at the end of the night, which sounds like a lot, but you have to realize these things are hard to figure out when you don't know Mexico, and Martin was sure to tell no one the dude had that much money on him. The other two guys just paid him $5 for a walk-around tour of the red light district. I'm not him, but I can't say enough good things about him. If he's ever fucked anyone around it will be news to me.

    It does help to be a regular, and when you are unfamiliar you are going to get pushed a little for more money. Unfortunately, there is not a dang thing which can be done about the situation. But the pussy in Juarez is still vastly cheaper than any escort service in any city in the U.S.

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    Brenda's? that a new one on me, where that one Eagle?
    So far I've been to,
    La Petit
    Both of the ones near the Hotel Villa Manport
    I've heard about Venus, and the one a few blocks away from Genesis and La Petit, but haven't tried them yet.
    What else could I be missing? I want my research to be complete!
    Last edited by BubbaGoes; 12-21-02 at 01:12.

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    DreamingEagle--They see you coming in and say to themselves,"There's Dreamingeagle. He knows the ropes so we better just take care of him."

    When they see a big gringo like me who can't count to ten in spanish they say,"We'll probably never see this fool again so lets get all we can get."

    I wonder if telling the house mother that your doing a review on the internet if you get better service or prices? I had a friend who would tell restaurant managers he was a restaraunt critic if the service was bad. They would freak out since he was pretty convincing. Of course in this case you'd have to tell them beforehand.

    Dreamingeagle-You know so much about the area and speak so well of Martin I have a theory you are Martin. Is that true?

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    Wow, I keep hearing these reports about upselling and am glad it never happens to me. Course, I'm just there to fuck and don't care for the extras and speak at least advanced beginner Spanish.

    Felina's used to be pretty awesome. They had Tamara and a couple of other hotties along the way. Now she is behind the desk and unavailable to all except old regulars, and the pickings are slim indeed. To think they are still charging $35 is kind of incredible, given places like Brendas are charging only $25 and other places only $30.
    The selection seems to be about the same, whatever the price. A bunch of gorditas and one or two slim ones---if you are lucky, which ain't always the case for an occassional visitor on a limited budget regarding cab fares and time.

    Juarez is a *****, man. If you know the town and have a car you can always get lucky. If not, it's defintely hit or miss.

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    Took a friend down to felina's yesterday afternoon. I hadn't been there for a long time but I had read a previous post from a member praising the talents of a girl named Patty, so we loaded up and gave it a shot. I have to say that I was disapointed with the service, first she tells me no La Boca, so I asked for another girl (I had almost taken this short cute busty one that I saw), finally she got down to business. I would rate this one about a 4-5 on talent.
    My buddy got hit up for a extra $6 sexo charge before the service was rendered, I should have educated him better, probably happened because of his lack of spanish.
    That was my education for yesterday.

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    I think it's going to be hit or miss. I was at Panama Club in the afternoon a few years ago and there were 3 real fat woman(how do they make money?) and one ugly thin girl. Since everthing is so close together it'll be easy to go to other places. You have plenty of time to find something nice.

    I hate to say this but if you've never been there before this might be one of those times to let a taxi take you or use one of those parasites always walking around asking to give tours. They take a big chunk of the money from the house which means less for the girl but you really don't have time to worry about that.

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    Originally posted by bubbagoes
    What has happened to Loreyeds? It's been one of my favorites for a while, but when I went yesterday both of my favorites were gone, on to greener pastures I guess. I like them slim, so wasn't too pleased with the heavyweight leftovers, nice personalities though. So were are the good ones now? Having just returned from a 4 week tour of beautiful women in SE Asia I suppose that I'm a bit jaded. Also, every once in awhile I like to go to the backdoor, never had any luck finding that in Juarez, any guidance?

    One MP that I haven't tried yet (for lack of directions) is Felina's can anyone give me some nearby crossstreets and directions?
    I live a short distance from Felina's. It's at Borunda & Peru. To get there take V. Guerrero from el centro and turn left on Peru. The first street will be Borunda, and Felinas is on the second floor of the three story green building on your right as you approach that intersection.

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    Originally posted by hohunter
    formerly known as? how far back? I first encountered as LIP on New Years Eve of 95 or 96. Thanks!
    Actually, I have never been in the place. I try to do all my mongering before dark or the early evening at the latest and the LIP was always locked up tight. I do recall seeing it with the "other" name on the sign, I think it was 95 or 96, got the info from the WSG in it's previous incarnation. The report is still archived, I looked it up. The next time I was the place it had a new sign, still locked up tight at 3:00 in the pm.

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    What has happened to Loreyeds? It's been one of my favorites for a while, but when I went yesterday both of my favorites were gone, on to greener pastures I guess. I like them slim, so wasn't too pleased with the heavyweight leftovers, nice personalities though. So were are the good ones now? Having just returned from a 4 week tour of beautiful women in SE Asia I suppose that I'm a bit jaded. Also, every once in awhile I like to go to the backdoor, never had any luck finding that in Juarez, any guidance?

    One MP that I haven't tried yet (for lack of directions) is Felina's can anyone give me some nearby crossstreets and directions?
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