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Thread: Should I activate the Survey Feature?

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    I like the the Survey Feature so please keep it active.

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    Voted yes as it is very helpful in some cases.

    Thanks Jakson for keeping the forum up.


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    Voted Yes. I think a poll is often very useful in a forum and everyone participates more by voting (just a single click away); it's a good, useful tool.

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    Voted YES

    It is more ineresting for all the mongers.

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    Voted YES

    I believe it would add something to the forum.
    It will help to know ourselves better, I mean who is the average member.

    Also, it will make us understand how others act or what other think.

    Very good idea.

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    Couldn't hurt to turn it on, except maybe the extra bandwidth.

    As to why not many users have responded yet, maybe they are like me and rarely look at the Admin forums?

    Good luck!

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    I like the idea of a survey feature, and I think it would be nice if there were some surveys only for Senior members, but I think most of them should be to all members, to get ideas of what the average monger things about things.

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    Hey Jackson,

    I think the survey feature should be activated.

    The poll should be kept to senior members will not only increase the vauthentic alidity-profile of the results, but at the same time encourage people to post more regularly thus enriching the WSG knowledge base, and concurrently culmiinating in gaining “promotion” to senior status. At the end of the day we should provide others with useful information and benefit from their own expeirences as well.

    Maybe this might not be popular but if a date of birth feature showing the age like the membership status might be useful to have an idea of what people of simialr age groups like. I find people of a certain generation would appreciate mongering at different levels of entertainment. Although a tad visceral, I think people would find the demographics of those practicing the hobby interesting and greatly improve our knowledge of our great hobby.


    Whiz Kid

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    One of the details I have noticed with regular and senior members are the on going posting of websites in reports. Although I do tend to think there are some sites which can be helpful to all and add some value, I for one am very reluctant to visit any sites suggested, especially from a new/regular member.

    I am not sure if you actually verify and visit every URL added to the WSG, on that note I would expect senior members being conscious as to what they offer to the members of WSG and chances are slim that a competitors website or a mousetrap website will appear.

    I would like to suggest that only senior members have the ability to post URL's, If anything, all viewers of WSG could be certain that the future content of post's with URL's would have more substance and resource. Thank you for keeping up this fantastic website and many kudos to you!


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    This is the only way for find out about legit pussy addict.

    Thumbs up for Grand Master Jackson

    Lover Boy

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    Dear Jackson:

    The survey feature is an excellent idea. It's a great way to get a general sense of the perceptions of the members of this forum. This is already the best site of its kind on the net, and adding the surveys will only make it better.

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    Dear Jackson,

    Superb surveys you have lined up for us!

    Me Crazy.

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    Just my vote: the survey feature should be activated.

    I agree with Toxic. Keeping the poll to senior members will not only increase the validity-profile of the results, but at the same time encourage people to post more regularly thus enriching the WSG information content, and thus at the same time gaining “promotion” to senior status.

    Regards, Havanaman

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    I would like to see this feature actually. Bottom line is this would give people a good general idea of certain places. If a person is skeptical or the results, he can always disregard it and ask the people who post regarding a certain topic.

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    Just a thought, but what about restricting polls to Senior Members only? If people are worried about dishonest post, it would keep someone just surfing the net, who doesn't post here, from voting. I think most Senior Members, would be more honest with their votes.

    Just my thoughts, Toxic

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