View Survey Results: Should reports meet minimum posting guidelines?

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  • Yes. I believe that reports written to meet the minimum requirements are easier to read, and that the current posting guidelines are reasonable.

    451 68.02%
  • Yes. I believe that reports written to meet the minimum posting requirements are easier to read, but I also believe that the current posting guidelines could be less diligently applied.

    123 18.55%
  • Maybe. The posting guidelines are unimportant to me. I don't really care either way.

    24 3.62%
  • No. I don't believe there should be any minimum posting requirements because I believe that they may intimidate some people from posting reports.

    38 5.73%
  • no i dont believe there should be any minimum posting requirements people should be able to write any way they want if they want to write like 1st graders its okay with me

    27 4.07%
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Thread: Should reports meet minimum Posting Guidelines?

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    Yes to posting guidelines

    I voted for the strict Posting guidelines as it will keep the respective forums clean and will also help the real mongers.

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    I agree with the last poster. I think addresses should be given in very basic hints for those who don't have PM yet and are legit in wanting to monger. Actual addresses of establishments which may be "unethical" should be sent via PM to those genuinely interested, as Romano said.

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    With this posting guideline forum is more clear we can read easily, but I think there are a lot of reports for some threads and few for others threads. So people will be happy with more nice and new reports not only general discussion or theory on the country, cities or girls. We want to have adresses, links, photos and phone numbers by PM.

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    Jackson finally encaged the violater. Might God and all other members thank him for doing so. The Thai section will hopefully be a much more peaceful place from now on and we can return to post infos about "how and where to find women" instead of bashing each other.

    As the saying goes "good things need more time than bad ones"

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    I believe that we should have strict posting guidelines. This would dramatically increase the quality of this site. To much trash talk is done and it is often very time consuming to extract the real info from that trash.

    It's a matter of fact that we can't trust Jackson of nuking abusive posts.

    I am getting stalked by one of our fellow members for over two years now, have been called names, threatened and anything you can think of but Jackson did not interfere.

    This member constantly violates several posting rules and had a whole section turned into turmoil again and again by his attacks against other members. Almost all members of that section are fed up to death by his constant flaming and insulting but Jackson still doesn't issue a warning or bans him.

    Why ? I don't know.
    I can only guess that he allows him to go on like that because he does know him in person.

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    I apologize for the double post, but I forgot to address an issue in my previous one.

    It's obvious that Jackson is not at all afraid to edit member's posts. With that in mind, I submit that we all could trust Jackson to simply nuke abusive posts rather than post them after eiting for grammar.

    I am aware that he doesn't want to get into edit-for-content style moderating, but if the goal is to make the boards a great place to exchange ideas and information (and it's obvious that this is in fact the goal) then we can all agree that 'flames' and other personal insults are easily recognized, and as such are easily dealt with.

    Oh, did I say one more thing? One MORE thing! Why can't we edit posts? I know that the code for this board allows the admin definition of limited time periods to allow users to edit. There doesn't seem to be a good reason not to be able to edit one's own posts within, say, 15 minutes of posting them. Of course, this would only matter if regular members were given real-time posting ability.

    That's it. I said it before and I'll say it again. Keep up the good work!

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    While it is admirable to strive for literacy in any forum, I believe that the draconian way that posts are withheld, edited then posted has a chilling effect on forum participation. Also, the extreme delays in posts appearing on the forums have a significant negative impact on the usefulness and timeliness of the information provided in many cases.

    I would suggest allowing the posts to appear right away, but then edit them after the fact if you must. This method wouldnt' tak any more time of resources than the current method, but it would allow for time-sensitive information to be enjoyed by members, even if the grammar was initially leaving something to be desired.

    One last point is that I have seen several instances where rules of grammar were actually incorrectly applied. For example, 'South Carolina' is a proper noun, but 'South Nevada' is not. However, I've seen posts with wording like "I went to north Louisville" edited and 'corrected' to read "I went to North Louisville," which is actually incorrect. Also, the use of "..." is proper if it is applied correctly.

    Ok, that's enough bitching for me. The good stuff outweighs the bad by far, and I think everyone agrees on that. The fact that Jackson cares so much about the forum is a triumph in and of itself. Also, the fact that a Senior Member can post un-edited is a large mitigating factor towards the posting guidelines. In general, I say "keep up the good work!"

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    You would think that people who use the internet and computers would at least be able to express themselves in a manner that is intelligent, concise, and comprehendable by everyone who reads them so that they may benefit. If we didn't have the posting guidelines, the reports would diminish in their usefulness and effectiveness.

    The new guys, especially who haven't been mongering for a long time really wouldn't know how to post an effective report if we didn't show them.

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    Dear Cat Scratch,

    Still a long way to go, but not are improving

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    Dear Whitee (dear oh dear indeed)

    To quote Jackson in his insightful appraisal of your inane correspondence:

    “If you can’t write like an intelligent person, then please do not post”

    I won’t bore you with my academic qualifications nor my publishing credits but it is obvious that you are punching well above your intellectual weight.

    As for my comprehension skills I would suggest that any interested reader follow the thread of this discussion or click on the search function under your last post to decide who is challenged in the coherency department. Then again they don’t need to waste any further time in assessing your credentials than to read this typical quote from a previous post”

    “Viper Z, aiya, not request but comment leh, and my PM to you request don't cover all la, just my FR. Other braders may still want you to paste leh...”

    Although Whitee is an enthusiastic participant in class, he continues to struggle and is not yet ready to progress to the next level. As a result he will be required to repeat the current course and undertake remedial activities. D+

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    When I was a 'regular member' and my posts were first reviewed by Jackson, none of them were held back due to grammar. I am no the best with grammar, and even saw a mistake or two that slipped by.

    Also, I have put "..." in some of my posts and I have never had them removed. Probably because it was in one sentence and truly used for emphasis. I never let the evil "......" run rampant throughout my posts.

    It has always appeared to me that Jackson has let things go if the posts are very readable otherwise. I think that is about as fair as it should be.

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    Dear Cat Scratch,

    Seems like writing in good English didn't help you in the comprehension department. I have clearly said that I have nothing against the rules, only the way Jackson showed his comments in the blue fonts. I have even agreed to that after realising the options Jackson has tried, and since I no better ideas.

    So your comments that "If Whitee had his way then the Malaysian board (and, by extension, all other boards) would end up an incomprehensible mess" belongs to one whose retarded comprehension faculty is beyond the help of good grammar.

    Have a good day.

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    I see I am in the minority re the grammar issue here, but I'll post my comments anyway.

    I am of the opinion that if something is totally unreadable or very difficult to read, fine, go ahead and make the person re-write it or you re-write it or whatever...

    But I have a B.A. in English, and have written professionally for magazines. Yet, normally, when telling someone about something, in the case of a Report I would write here, I like to use these ...'s because it is my style of writing, especially on the net, as I write more of a stream-of-consciousness style, with run-on sentences and such. I would have put 3 dots after the such at the end of the last sentence, for example, were it not for this super-strict interpretation of the rules of grammar, here.

    Okay, some people find it annoying, and some people don't like it. But it isn't hard to read, and I think it should be allowed.

    Because I love the board and respect the right of the Moderator to run it the way he wants, I will write more straight-laced English. But I don't like having to do so.

    Just my 2 colones.

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    There was one other thing that I wanted to add. Minimum quality in a post is made up of more than just proper grmmar, spelling and punctuation. What about content?

    I've seen so many guys who engage in endless "chit chat" style of posting. This seems to be particularly true of many so-called senior members. Once they get the ability to have their posts put up immediately, they start yacking back and forth at each other in many of the forums.

    A good quality post should have at least one of the following:

    A picture of a girl.
    Some info on where to find some girls.
    Some info on how much to pay for said girls.
    Reasonable requests for information regarding the above.
    A (true) story on one's experiences with a girl or girls.
    A well formed opinion on a topic in it's respective forum.
    A well reasoned rebuttal to someone else's opinion.

    I realize that this would be almost impossible to monitor or enforce. However, I don't see any reason why there couldn't be a third category of membership. Highest would be a senior membership, with the privilege of immediate posting. Next would be Regular membership for those who make quality postings. Members who make frivolous postings could be placed into a lower category where their postings are delayed by a week.

    This might encourage WSG members to strive for quality postings. At the same time it would discourage much of the frivolous posting and flame wars that frequently occur in some forums.

    You can slam me if you think it's dumb, but I thought the idea was worth mentioning.


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    I think it's a good idea to keep up a certain standard of writing for all posts. It's not a hard thing to do and it has the effect of making the posts easier to read.

    On the flip side, there's some real dumbasses out there. Sometimes they make insults or uninformed statements about things. What if their posts were allowed to be exhibited in all their illiterate glory? Then their ignorance would be on display for all to see.

    There are some really good examples of these in the banned users section. Personally, I've enjoyed a good laugh many times from reading them.


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