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    On the hunt for Miss are (Indian) Part 2.

    Well this hunt is not going well at all. Read the posts about her again and went out to try another spot, certain this was definitely the one.

    Place is opposite the Bus Station and contain a mans name in its title. I walk in and am greeted by a a very obvious Ladyboy / Geezerbird / SheMale whatever you want to call him (or is it her? In a disturbingly deep voice, the lipstick, high heel wearing male informs me that no women are available and this was a male to male joint!

    Suffice to say, not being one to even think think about partaking in such debauchery, I made a sharp exit. Head down and straight home, another reconnaissance mission ending in failure.

    At this stage, any clues to help me locate Miss R will be most welcome.

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    Synergy is no longer synergizing.

    I regret to inform my fellow mongers that another relatively fine MP establishment has closed its doors. I used to frequent the place since the massages were proper, and the girls were friendly.

    So there it is. Synergy MP is no longer in operation, the phones I have (this includes some of the girls' phones) are no longer in operation. I think it's a complete operation shutdown. Could it be some sort of a pre-Eid crackdown? I have my doubts this is the case, however the abrupt shutdown of girls' phones could be a sign of municipal intervention.

    Well, I guess I have to switch to plan B. A not-so-fine establishment next to the bus station that I used to occasionally visit is still in operation.

    I will miss Jenny, Noon, and the rest of the crew.

    The bus station place however features an Uzbek / Kirgiz lady that is quite special. The massages are rubbish, however the BBBJ is good by my standards. But I'll leave that to a FR that I'll be writing shortly (need a few more visits to reaffirm / enrich my observations. For the benefit of my fellow mongers and for the advancement of science).

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    Law Enforcement and AMP.

    I've seen a few comments on LE raids and the rest. The risk is not ultra-high, as you may think / expect. I have information that most of the raids are associated with labour law violations (E. G. Most AMP personnel are on visit visa, doing 3-month recurring visa runs, etc.).

    You may have seen this in the media, but the general statement is: "Police also contribute to the crackdown on illegal massage parlours by performing raids on such facilities and arresting suspects who charge customers money in exchange for unauthorized services. ", unauthorized services including men being massaged by women, etc.

    So fear not, my fellow mongers, LE isn't out to get you, since the case against you might be quite tough to prove. However, if you show off during one of these raids and behave rudely / not showing "remorse", you may end up in the hands of public prosecution, and then it may be quite complicated to get out. Especially if they observe in the facilities signs of "irregular activity" (E. G. Condoms).

    As always, stay safe.

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    Club update.

    Was out Saturday night with some friends. Hit 49 ers for the steak and wine, and spent sometime after at the bar. Girl to man ratio about 3:1. Didn't see any stunners but some good looking ones, mostly stanis, some prc and other. Wasn't picking up so didn't actually check prices but we were about 8 guys and had about 5 or 6 girls hanging on to us literally rubbing hands legs etc. No cover charge at entrance. Was fun with DJ music and then we moved on.

    Walked across (bloody road works!) to LE Meridian and followed a nice looking girl who seemed headed for a club. Went round the back where Captain's Arms is and heard music off to the left. Its called Exchange club (IIRR) sorry was not quite sober enough to remember. Very nice ambiance sort of up market looking with a good vibe and mix of what seemed to be regulars as well and WGs. A trio of hot pinays at a table caught my eye, dancing and drinking but they didn't seem interested in us or any of the guys. A Nigerian spinner soft toned skin good looking but was trying to pass herself off as a Ghanian I wouldn't know any better but one of my mates had lived in Africa a long while and he caught her out. A petite good looking girl at a table by herself caught me eye and I had a chat, she is from Azerbaijan, not very good English, but I took a liking to her. Told her I wasn't taking anyone tonight but she said she liked my company. I gave her 100 bucks for her company and she was thrilled. Started hugging me calling me a good man etc and we ended up with some light FK right there. I was worried the bouncers would pick on us but guess we were hidden and well we didn't sort of go at it like there was no tomorrow. Just kept kissing on and off. I wished I was able to take her. The club again had a mix of stanis and Africans. I must say most of them good looking from what I can remember. I was pretty much corona-ed over by then. The girl gave me her number and said she was going back soon but will be back in a couple of months and promised to keep in touch. Made a mental note to visit this club again. No cover charge, maybe because it was Saturday?

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    On the hunt for Miss R(Indian).


    Although I've been a lurker on here for a while, this is my first post and first FR. I'm not much into the mongering scene but have dabbled here and there when the need "arises".

    I've been reading with interest all posts about the Indian with great boobs near Al Wahda. Similar to another poster on here, read FR's about her a number of times and tried to triangulate her location. Reconnaissance mission one was a failure, went into 2 AMP's across the road from the bus station and was told no Indian available. The rest of the talent was not enticing enough so called it quits.

    Unfortunately mission two was also unfruitful as I thought I had locked down the place (defence Road side) but again was told no Indian. Was shown a couple of other ladies by the lady behind the counter (lets call her Miss G) but had to decline as they were not what I was looking for. Miss G was wearing a low cut top with assets perked up and fully on display. She is on the chubby side and in that transition phase to full MILF! With her noticing me noticing her, she replied she was also available. Having watched American Pie recently and with the words MILF MILF MILF running through me head, I thought what the heck and went along with it.

    She showed me to the room and asked me get changed. Room was small and dimly lit and she walked back in offering a choice of oil or dry massage. I went with the former.

    Miss G is Thai and has conversational level of English. Glad to say massage was decent on it's own. Face down with a towel to cover my modesty, she occasionally made contact my balls and rested her ample bosom on my back. Enough to let me know more may be on offer. On the flip, mini me was still sort of mini me which I saw her notice. She proceeded to massage the rest of my body and but with plenty more accidental touches which had me teetering between half and full mast.

    With 15 minutes to go, she asked how the massage was going. I replied it was fine but could be better if the bit she had not massaged yet could also be given some attention. She looked around the room, as if she had never asked this before and said it would be 100 extra for a HJ. Not really looking for anything more than this, I negotiated 150 with access.

    Off came her clothing and she climbed on top proceeding with a very good HJ cupping by balls in one hand and stroking my shaft with the other. I prefer a bit of meat on women and the sight of her titties bobbling up and down was enough to get me going. I requested a boobjob to finish and told her to keep going right till every last drop was out. She kindly obliged and I exploded right between her mammary glands.

    All in all, a decent experience but dampened somewhat as I didn't get to find Indian Miss are. If a kind member can PM me her precise location I would be extremely grateful.

    Review for Miss G.

    Place 6/10- Clean, although room was tiny.

    Body 6.5/10- On the chubby side but I personally prefer that.

    Massage 8/10- good massage even on its own.

    HJ / Boobjob- 9/10 - No complaints. Had a smile on her face throughout.

    Damage- 100 house, 100 HJ, 50 for access. Total 250.

    WIR- 50/50. I may go back.

    First FR over. Cheers.

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    Tanked at Illusions.

    Went to Illusions last night. I went last night and blew a few months of mongering money.

    Went to Illusions Tuesday around 10:30 by 11:30 mostly older CIS. Saw a youngish petite girl- Zaina from Azerbaijan or Turkey, she said DFK and CIM. First refuses to go home and wants hotel, she offers to pay so I am game. Go to a cheap hotel across the street and she doesn't want to do DFK, can't get beyond my tip in her mouth and keeps stopping to spitnin a towel (I know my dick don't stink) and my breath was minty fresh too. Gives a sucky OWO and let's go as soon as I start to come, so I finish my self. Then she like come again so we can go. Gave up after 30 minutes, goes into the bathroom and next thing I know she's by the door and ready to go. I didn't want to create a scene or be rough so I let her go. Damage 1000 AED. I agreed to 1000 because she said all night and she said yes to everything I asked.

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    Nice one!

    Thanks for the reply bud!

    I still went out on my own, and must admit it was a decent night.

    Checked in at LRM, even though the rooms are pricier than the Gold Rush, they are simply so much nicer and comfier! Left my car there and flagged a taxi to Gold Rush, reached there around 10:30 as I wanted to grab a bite but the place was packed. Seriously felt uncomfortable there, don't know why but it felt really stuffy. Plus the thought of going through the pain, not to forget the walk of shame, of getting a taxi back to LRM with my new friend.

    So went back to LRM and got a table there, entrance for hotel guests was AED 85 (did not have to pay the fee), if I remember correctly. The guys know me there, especially the girls, so I felt comfortable pretty quickly. It was AED 945 for a JW black, managed to go through 3/4 of it and left the remaining with the guys behind the bar. Oh, and I ended up going with an old friend of mine, a more mature lady, mixed Russian and some Eastern European country, at least that's what she claims. Not a looker, but decent body and great attitude. AED 800 for full night, that included two rounds, one at 9 AM in the morning and I dropped her off at her place very close to the Russian embassy around 10 AM. All in all, a very decent Thursday evening in ADX.

    I'll drop you a msg and we can agree on the logistics.

    Take care and be safe!

    Quote Originally Posted by RockyBigboner  [View Original Post]
    I'm up for it this week returning to AD Tuesday- even up for weekends but the weekends tend to be pricier. DM if interested.

  8. #5484


    I'm up for it this week returning to AD Tuesday- even up for weekends but the weekends tend to be pricier. DM if interested.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkKnight2016  [View Original Post]
    Good evening gents.

    Just thought of floating an idea past you hardcore mongers.

    Feeling like going out for a hunt this evening at Dana or Royal Meridien tonight, 2 August, 2018, however I am on my own this weekend. How about meeting up, getting a table and hunting in pack.

    It will be cheaper, more fun and maybe get to make new friends.

    Let me know.

    Have fun and be safe!

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    Skinny girl at Miss Y's place.

    Miss U is awesome and she is so horny. But I decided to go for a skinny girl that I always saw when leaving her place. I think she was miss M.

    Miss M has a nice body, face, medium boobs but it wasn't the same vibe as why. Massage was good, she says she watches YouTube videos to learn (and showed me some), but didn't want to kiss even though I had a breath mint, she was reluctant to give me a BBBJ but eventually did. She gagged when I came in her mouth, so she's definitely not that experienced. Also, when she left the room for a bit I heard why screaming at her for taking "her customer"!

    Next day I went to another nearby place and after about a dozen fat chicks found a skinny chick, but miss You has spoiled me with her attitude.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrDameti89  [View Original Post]
    I have been lazy when it comes to writing reports but will try to change this and post more often.

    So to start, let me report on miss why. I got the contact from a nice senior: Mr Pallav.

    My visit was about 10 days ago, got in touch with her to get the location and planned for an appointment. However she asked me to come a bit later as she now had a customer:

    That being said, I arrive at the place and pay for 1 hour = 100, and meet miss why and follow her to the room. Room was okay, with actually a proper bed and not just a mattress thrown on the floor. She then proceed to do the massage and to be honest it was one of the best massage I got from this kind of place. It's about as good as a massage you would get in those posh spa centers, but at least here you know you can get extras..

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    What's the plan for tonight?

    Good evening gents.

    Just thought of floating an idea past you hardcore mongers.

    Feeling like going out for a hunt this evening at Dana or Royal Meridien tonight, 2 August, 2018, however I am on my own this weekend. How about meeting up, getting a table and hunting in pack.

    It will be cheaper, more fun and maybe get to make new friends.

    Let me know.

    Have fun and be safe!

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    49 ers the many advantages of being good to people

    I was at the 49 ers a couple of days ago went in early a bit too early. Found very few women and finally they started coming from 11 onwards.

    A couple of women walked in together and the first one smiled and she had an awesome face which just closed it for me. Went up to her and asked her and we were off to the room.

    Not the best body I think a see section gone wrong but she compensated with some passionate kissing and GFE.

    Exchanged numbers and off she went.

    Had another session later that night which was a mistake.

    The next day sometime in the after she messaged Hi saying that her friend was free. I was a bit tired so I told her would message her later. Went for MI movie later that night and by the time I came back it was 1 AM, got a few messages from various women.

    Asked Ms if her friend was free she said they were at the LE Meridian. Told them I was at Dana and within minutes she was at the lobby with her friend. Her friend had a baby face and was totally new here in AD. Couldn't understand much English but that was the only issue rest that followed for an hour of fun.

    300 AED each for all 3 experiences.

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    City of Roses with Jasmine in Camp Area

    After having fun with the Ukrainian lady, tried to get in touch with a few people without any luck.

    You won't believe the amount of research I did on MR / We chat / Craigslist etc etc. A lot of scammers around just be careful. Finally WeChat people nearby paid off.

    Got a number and the place was like a few hundred meters away from where I was staying went in and paid 90 for an hour and choose Jasmine.

    Get into the room I change into the towel she handed me over in she came and asked me to lie down and within minutes I said no massage and started talking about Thailand I had been there a few times but always to Bangkok and she was from Pattaya, she started teasing me that Pattaya is a must and you didn't see anything within minutes she was lying next to me with both of us kissing.

    She was a naughty girl at first teasing me a lot and she says no FS but could do b2 b agreed for 200, gave 210 as I had that 10 leftm. Then followed an awesome GFE experience I would say my top 10 and believe me it was really good I have had my share of women from all around the world. She was really really clean I never went down on a WG on my first meeting but she was an exception. Smelt really good and that dash of naughtiness just made me wild and went down on her damn it was fun. And finally I came with a HJ as we were doing DFK.

    After that she religiously cleans my tool and the whole body I asked for mouth wash she gets me that and I said I'll shower at home as I am quite near by and then she helps me dress up and then we exchange numbers. Hoping to meet her at home soon.

    This was my first AMP / massage experience in AD I usually like to go to clubs here and damn it was a memorable one. Hours of research finally paid off.

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    AMP / Massage Camp Area

    Hey guys,

    Could someone please PM me the details of any good AMPS near the camp area. I am actually staying right next to Mama cup cake.

    Never tried any parlours in AD.


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    White gold place.

    Paid a visit and by chance took the pinay miss mm. Slim body smallish boobs very talkative. However service vice cannot be compared to the Thais. She did strip and I managed to coax a couple of fingers around but she wouldn't let inside. Also refused a BJ. Not sure if because my first time with her. The desk took 160 without me bargaining. Usually 180.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arjun31  [View Original Post]
    I seriously doubt that you'll have an issue with getting the girl to the room in the same hotel.

    LE Meridian is better than Dana in terms of quality I think and prices are also higher compared to 49 ers.

    LE: 500-1000.

    49 ers: 300-400.
    Thank you for the informations!

    The previous posts about police's check scared me a bit!

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