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    Looking for recommendations for Uni aged girls

    Hi guys,

    Going to Kuching next week. Looking for University aged girls. Possible to share any contact or location? Prefer local or white girls (if even possible).

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    Local FL. Rosana

    Dear bros,

    Share your latest thoughts on being released:

    According to my local friend, this Rosana said that it was a local famous, and agreed to her request to transfer money to her bank to arrange the meeting without any doubt.

    To the agreed time opened the room and wait for her, but she did not appear, Whatsapp and called also no reply, end out she turns off the mobile.

    A good mood is completely lost because of her selfishness. Now local players need to be careful, they maybe do service, but they can also cheat you.

    This is the first time I've been cheated, you have to watch out for her.

    Please pay attention to spread her news and cut off her cheated.

    Wishing you all the year of the rat rat can find much much money for pa pa pa.

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    Scam report. Rosana from Bau

    All bros,

    Having a deal with so call Famous local FL. Rosana from Bau, asking bank in for petrol oil wait at the hotel room.

    As explained by the agent friend, I do bank in. End out was a lot of disappointment, she never comes and turns off the mobile contact.

    Please stay away from her and tell everyone about her deception.

    Looking for more local FL, support local economic.

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    Hi fellow cheongsters,

    First time back in Kuching in many years, tried to use WeChat to find some fun like I did before but it doesn't seem like any girls are on WeChat anymore. Can someone give an update on how to find girls using these apps? P.S. I saw someone mention michat but it isn't available for download from the store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtreamity  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone knows all the available streets action in Kuching?
    Quote Originally Posted by Notiguy  [View Original Post]
    Most likely a scam.
    Definitely a scam LOL.

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    Mai Kuang Foot Reflexology Beauty Centre

    Location: Shophouse next to 56 Hotel, Jalan Tun Jugah.

    Nationality: PRC.

    Number: No. 2.

    Age: 40+.

    Boobs: Medium.

    So, I was bored one afternoon, decided to try this place out. Was entertained by No. 2, massage for about 15 minutes, turnover, asked if I wanted extra, I agreed, she stripped, gave a powerful BJ then proceeded to missionary. She moans loudly and a lot, to the point she had to use her hands to cover her mouth. When done, she cleaned with baby wipes.

    Total damage: RM150.

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    Wishing all bros a happy new year. Happy chiong and stay safe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reaper78  [View Original Post]
    I manage to contact a couple of local FLs in Kuching using MiChat. What I'm posting here is what is the deal with requesting between 20 to 50 in Digi prepaid on top of the actual service fee?
    Most likely a scam.

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    FL prices

    I manage to contact a couple of local FLs in Kuching using MiChat. What I'm posting here is what is the deal with requesting between 20 to 50 in Digi prepaid on top of the actual service fee?

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    Hello fellow mongers,

    I will be travelling to Malaysia in the month of March. My question is that is Kuching better than Kuala Lumpur for mongering? Because as I'm reading more and more in the Malaysia forum I have noticed that mongering scene is quite dead in kl so is Kuching better than KL?

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    I found GMH port. Anyone can share contact for Aeroville? Have read it some many pages back but could not seem to get a firm contact. Please let me know via PM if don't want to publish here.

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    Went to Borneo at ACH and was assigned a ML. I asked the counter if I can view and pick, they said no and that they will choose a good one for me.

    In came a China MILF. Like the next door auntie. Looks is 6/10, the-boobs and a bit chubby. No choice rushing for time so go up.

    I purposely stripped all including underwear and did not bother to put on the disposable. Laid down and the massage was quite good. Then turned over and she did an extended dick juagen or manhood massage. She loosened her bra and I reached up to grab them then she ask me if I want FJ. I was horny so agreed. Put on condom, she said to do it miss style. No DFK but can suck nipple. Her pussy smells a little but it was done and over.

    She asked for RM150 for FJ. She said that is the rate there. I am surprised as I read about RM100 at Cannes.

    All in all much regrettable session as I could have spent the money at GMH for a SYT FJ.

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    Questions on streets action

    Does anyone knows all the available streets action in Kuching?

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    Street Action Kuching

    For those who want to try street walker, just go to the back lanes behind Long House Hotel Padungan. Quote rm100 can reduced to rm 80. Age is above 40. Don't expect much on GFE. Just take off your pant and fuck.

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    Wechat escort contacts

    I am new here, I wanted to try getting some quality / pretty escort through incall escort, any veterans here mind PM me the wechat contacts for these escorts in Kuching? Thanks a lot, I have one but I think maybe most of you already know. Thanks for your kindness, brother in arms.



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