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Thread: Crime, Safety, and the Police

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    It is nothing new. The police drive around with their red and blue lights all the time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackie888  [View Original Post]
    Zona police is using a new strategy, specifically to deter crimes instead of arresting perps. They now turn on their police siren lights (but in silent mode) and slowly slowly slowly cruise around the zona norte. Interesting since they do a switch-a-roo and like to do their busting on Busting-Sundays.

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    Zona Policia

    These policia perverts are cruising slowly to look up street girls' skirt, drooling of eating those wet pussies.

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    Zona police is using a new strategy, specifically to deter crimes instead of arresting perps. They now turn on their police siren lights (but in silent mode) and slowly slowly slowly cruise around the zona norte. Interesting since they do a switch-a-roo and like to do their busting on Busting-Sundays.

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    Yesterday the police checked health cards on many street girls in the alley and took some away.

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    HK's sniffing dogs

    This is such a good idea.

    HK should employ a dog to go around and sniff bar girls' pussies in the club. Once he finds a fishy or rotten pussy he's trained to sit on her lap and block off all contacts until she goes to the locker room to clean up.

    Sure helps prevent a few sudden heart attacks in the room when the stinky pussies blow up!

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    Lots of army guys searching guys on the streets lately. Why don't they just bring a dog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaBeeJoe  [View Original Post]
    American is just to risky to even try this.

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    Sexual Misconduct

    CB Joe.

    This guy Cooley is a beast, making advances on his own sister in law, forcing kisses on her, squeezing her boobs, groping her crotch under the panties. He lost his honor, career, family and friends for that stupid, ugly, sexual power play and he deserves it. I admire his sister in law for her courage to prosecute. We cannot condone that kind of sexual abuses, especially within their own families. Damn I was disgusted that a US general would do that kind of stupid, nasty shit.

    The sailor you mentioned was damn lucky he got off. US women are extremely ugly, stupid, shifty in personal relationships. One minute they want to fuck your brains out, the next day if they feel slighted, they would take their stinky pussies to LE and scream rape. That actually happened a few times decades ago when I was in undergrad. Girls cried rape the day after and got guys in deep shit legal problems, ruining their education and future.

    The young generation in US is now scared shitless dating women. Very few would go out on dates, engaging or marrying. There is nothing sacred anymore, only beasts clawing each other to bloody deaths to gratify their power hunger and blood lust. These ugly, evil women deserve their miseries.

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    Sexual Misconduct

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo  [View Original Post]
    Lost his career for kissing and groping his sister-in-law. Gen. Cooley should have moved the Air Force Research Lab to Tijuana to really live his life and avoid this kinds of troubles.

    I remember when I was in the Navy, there was this Sailor at Court Martial for apparently raping 2 girls at a party, he was facing 30 years to life if found guilty of these crimes. The verdict luckily was in his favor as they discovered it was all consensual and all three were drunk. The case was dismissed. It is shit like this and that first time felony in Texas for Solicitation that drives me to only monger in foreign countries where it is legal like Mexico. American is just to risky to even try this. I did visit a massage parlor back in the day in Eastern Washington, I had a nice time with a young sexy white girl, as she was a good fuck. Most of the US providers have been duds, and don't get me started on the strip clubs in America! We got to face it, Tijuana and Mexico is a pretty good deal for a mongers, sure beats a felony conviction.

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    Air Force Maj. Gen. William Cooley guilty of abusive sexual contact

    Lost his career for kissing and groping his sister-in-law. Gen. Cooley should have moved the Air Force Research Lab to Tijuana to really live his life and avoid this kinds of troubles.

    Now you can guess what the thousands engineers and scientists in AFRL do all day.

    Verdict announced in court-martial of ex-AFRL commander.

    Maj. Gen. William T. Cooley, ex-commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory, delivers remarks during the McCook Field Centennial ceremony in Dayton on Oct. 6, 2017. (USA Air Force photo by Wesley Farnsworth).

    By Thomas Gnau April 23,2022.

    Verdict comes in sixth day of trial over abusive sexual contact charge.

    A military judge found Air Force Maj. Gen. William Cooley guilty of one charge of abusive sexual contact on the sixth day of an historic court-martial at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

    Air Force Judge Col. Christina Jimenez deliberated for some five hours Friday before recessing for the day. The verdict was pronounced as soon as court opened Saturday morning.

    The charge had three specifications involving how the two-star general was reported to have touched the complainant in the case — forcing his tongue in her mouth, forcing her hand to his genitals and pushing his hand between her legs and cupping her breast, according to an Air Force charge sheet.

    The judge found Cooley guilty of the first specification and not guilty of the latter two.

    A former commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Cooley was charged with abusive sexual contact in an encounter with his sister-in-law inside a Jeep when she gave him a ride after a family backyard barbecue in a New Mexico off-duty incident nearly four years ago.

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    The victim in the case, the wife of Cooley's brother, is a civilian woman who is not a Department of Defense employee. Cooley's brother works for the Air Force in New Mexico as a civilian employee.

    Cooley had faced loss of rank, pay and benefits and up to 21 months of confinement. And he may have to register as a sexual offender.

    Now after Saturday's verdict, in terms of confinement, the maximum possible sentence is seven years per charge. An Air Force spokeswoman said Saturday that Cooley does not face loss of rank. It was not immediately clear Saturday what impact the conviction will have on Cooley's career.

    This is the first time a court-martial of an Air Force general reached trial.

    "Today marks the first time an Air Force general officer has been held responsible for his heinous actions," the victim in the case said in a statement from her personal attorney, Ryan Guilds.

    "Sometimes family members are the abusers, abusers who count on silence in order to wield their extensive power."

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    Complain to Tijauna's Internal Affairs chief

    Lic. Alfonso Rafael Leyva Perez.

    Email: *

    Blvd. Independencia 1350, Zona Urbana.

    Rio Tijuana, 22320 Tijuana, b. c.

    Dear Sr. Perez,

    Too often and too many times my friends, visitors and I have been stopped*by Municipal Policias, wrongfully*accused of violations, threatened and demanded bribes when we never violated any laws.

    Specifically on Sunday April 3 at about midnight, I was stopped by 2 policias in their patrol car (I have #)* on Ave Constitucion near the border, harassed, threatened, taken to the policia*station, shaken down and robbed of all my money by 2 policias.

    My friends and other*visitors have been threatened and robbed by policias*many times in the last few months. * There must be many more unreported incidents. ** It looks obvious that Tijuan's policias are not preventing or prosecution*criminals but are spending all their time on the job shaking down visitors.

    There have been many complaints that make Tijuana famous with*corrupt policias and rampant crimes. I wish to make sure policias pursue criminals*and not abusing*visitors. *.

    Estimado Sr. Pérez,

    Con demasiada frecuencia, mis amigos, visitantes y yo hemos sido detenidos por la policía municipal, acusados injustamente de violaciones, amenazadosy exigidos sobornos cuando nunca violamos ninguna ley.

    Específicamente el domingo 3 de abril a eso de la medianoche, fui detenido por 2 policías en su patrulla (tengo #) en la Avenida Constitucin cerca de la frontera, hostigados, amenazados, llevados a la estación de policía, golpeados y robados todo mi dinero por 2 policías. Mis amigos y otros visitantes han sido asaltados por policías muchas veces en los últimos meses. Debe haber muchos más incidentes no denunciados.

    Parece obvio que los policías de Tijuana no están previniendo ni enjuiciando a los delincuentes, sino que pasan todo su tiempo en el trabajo sacudiendo a los visitantes.

    Ha habido muchas denuncias que hacen famoso a Tijuana con policías corruptos y crímenes desenfrenados. Deseo asegurarme de que las policías persigan a los delincuentes y no abusen de los visitantes.

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    Tijuana's Internal Affairs chief: Lic. Alfonso Rafael Leyva Perez.

    He's the chief city attorney responsible to investigate all government employees' conducts. Complain to him via email or letter with with specifics and details.

    Lic. Alfonso Rafael Leyva Perez.


    Blvd. Independencia 1350, Zona Urbana.

    Rio Tijuana, 22320 Tijuana, be. See. default.

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    Tjiuana's mayor and police chief

    The bros should write many letters complaining about INM's shakedowns at the border and policias abusing, shaking down tourists. Also contact Mexico's consulate in San Diego and the press, make a big stink about these corrupt government employees.

    File official complaints against specific individuals with details. Go to Sindicatura in Zona Rio near hotel Pueblo Amigo to press charges.

    Don't let the stupid monkeys bully and take advantage of you:

    Mayor Arturo González Cruz.

    Palacio Municipal.

    De La Independencia No. 1350, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22320 Tijuana, be. See. , Mexico.

    Polcia Chief Rafael Vázquez Hernández.

    Calle uno norte why uno poniente s / and City. Industrial New Tijuana.


    Secretary of Security and Municipal Citizen Protection.

    Blvd Cuauhtémoc Sur why Río Suchiate #2141 Colonia Marron.

    Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogers69  [View Original Post]
    Policia in Mexico are not same occupation as police in USA. Mexico policia is equivalent to a bar security doorman. They can do whatever they want. People are complaining in beach communities now about it as its spread. In Tijuana its normal for police to empty your wallet, even at times I've seen on the news "the cop said sorry my kids need x mass presents go back to USA now don't come back here's 20 dollars of your 10 k for some gas money".
    The cops only "empty your wallet" if you let them. And I know of nobody who has had $10,000 taken from them. Nowhere even close to that amount. I know of nobody who is foolish enough to walk around the ZN with anywhere approaching that kind of money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBToys  [View Original Post]
    Tropical is also owned by HK. Not sure how you got drugged unless it was a chica that slipped you something. Maybe flashing a lot of cash? It is a rather boring club, but can find some hot chicas every once in a while.
    I dated the infamous Yamilet from Tropical. It very well could have been her on one occasion but the other time she wasn't there. The first time it happened, I remember getting hauled into a taxi by several waiters and Yamilet at around 10 pm. Woke up the next afternoon at 4 pm in her apartment next to her. She told me that the waiters there have rufeed several dudes. Especially those that are drunk or treat the women like crap and then rifle through their pants to steal money.

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