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    Don't worry guys, its a troll:

    "Friday night, the Tijuana police stopped me in the back street south of the Hong Kong club and Adelitas, tooked my ID and forced me in the back of the police car. There was another police car behind but no non-Mexicans around."

    The 'back street' south of HK and Adelitas is the Alley. As we all know, the Alley is closed to automobiles, due to big holes in the road, not even police cars can get in there now. Just forget about it.

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    Interesting report re Tijuana Police! The Monger's first post documents a TJ police robbery. The incident lacks specifics as to why this fela was stopped? how much money was taken in cash? How much money was withdrawn from ATM and at what location? Most ATM usually allow $300 or $500 maximum per day. That would mean TJ police took at least $500-$700 from monger's pockets in addition to the ATM withdraws? Nor, any description of how many officer's were involved or their Patrol car information. Stopped South of Hong Kong and Adelaita Bar? That is rather vague...AD & Hong Kong are not located together! While these incidents do happen, until I hear it from regular poster's, I am a bit skepitical. I have been going to TJ for over 1.5 years at all kinds of different times and I have never been stopped. I always take taxi from and to the border. Only walk between AD & CC and to the Alley and that is it. The board recommends to take less money and always hide it on your person. May be credit/ATM cards are not a good idea to take to TJ!

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    Headache, sorry for your lost.

    Amigos. This is easily avoided. Carry your license, cash and what ever vitamin 'v' you plan to use. Being an old man of 40yo, I can pretty much preidict whether I'm going to pop 1,2, or 3 times in an eveing. I multiply each pop by $100 and that's all I carry. It gives me enough cash to get a room, beer, food, tips for the dancers and of course getting laid. I can do an AB girl, SG or none at all. So when if I ever get jacked by one of pinche federales, policia or wanna be's they can get what I have on me but no more. If I ever needed 30 pesos to get back to the border I know a few people that would help me out or I'd just walk.

    There's no need to carry ATM cards into TJ.


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    Headache, did you file a complaint with anyone? Under the street walkers forum I posted a link to TJ"S internal affairs division where you can post your complaint, along with some phone numbers.

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    The shakedowns seem to happen a lot at night, like Headache's post of 1-24-04.


    Can you clarify what time of night that happened to you?

    What were you wearing? Maybe you looked like someone who'd have money, so they targeted you. How many times have you gone before?

    Do a Forum Search for "cops" etc & read some previous posts on what things you could have done to avoid those situations. Hearing about these shakedowns is really discouraging.

    Also, you may want to activate your Private Message feature in the User Control Panel to allow people to contact you thru the board without cluttering up the forum.

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    Friday night, the Tijuana police stopped me in the back street south of the Hong Kong club and Adelitas, tooked my ID and forced me in the back of the police car. There was another police car behind but no non-Mexicans around. They took all my cash and took me to an ATM and ordered me to take all my cash out. They looked at the receipt and told me to repeat the transactions until every last dollar was gone (the payout was in Pesos). Then they took me to the border (in the front seat of the police car) and gave me $10 of what used to be my money to pay for parking. Total loss about $1000.

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    fellow *****beeists,

    i have finally moved into my new home and now have consistant internet access. i wish i would have had this three weeks ago. it would have saved me $150.

    today i have sat around reading all your post for the past months. believe what you read about shakedowns! the heat is on. is there anything that we can do?

    first off, sorry for this long post. take from it what you will. it's all real and scary no matter how i try to make it sound.

    last sunday (jan 10) i went down to tj to take care of business and have some fun. i ended up staying until tue. on monday i did not leave my hotel until 11pm (only because i partied until 9am on mon., damn 3 ways!) and walked over to revolution to deliver some cologne to a bartender / friend of mine and decide to stroll back to our alley. wrong. this was about 2 am. from now on i will always take a cab. again, taxi libre. as i was walking down 1st (arch, to the left) my spidey senses went off. i ignored them. 5-0 rolled up and waved me to their car. i feel like an a-hole. i spoke in my parent's native tongue and only proceeded to sound like an idiot to them. never again. better to sound condesending, i think. sure enough they searched me and found evidence. great, guilty. in the us if they had even attempted to rifle through my pockets without pc i would have reminded them of the law. i highly doubt that it would have even gotten this far. i'm actually glad this happend. was i worried for the next hour and half while they drove me around? sure. it's true, they have guns and for all i know, why not trade a $.50 bullet for some dough? why am i glad? never in my life could i ever, ever, ever come up with the comedy occured. i now have some great material for my tj script. it is simply laughable and i now know what it will cost me to get out of almost anything if i can somehow manage to play it cool and remain semi-serious.

    things to know about my experience:

    i somehow felt that i would never see "the judge".

    how many cops do you know that will drive you around on their beat because both "the judge" and "the doctor" that is able to administer a [CodeWord140] test is busy?

    because of my honorable line of work (actor) they were nice enough to not cuff me but rather let me dangle my hands into their plexiglass window while i was driven around and itimidated. us cops are never that nice.

    one officer, the one in the passanger seat that waved me over originally, had what can i only describe as nasal drip. for about the first 45 min. of our tour of the outskirts of tj (the cemetary is very nice) all i could hear from his was sniffle, sniffle, drip, drip. i will buy him some cold medicine next time i go back.

    if you listen hard enough and understand my language you can hear the officers talking back and forth to each other. i know the passanger cop told the other one, in a low voice, that i had $200 on me. boy, was he off, i only had $194. dummy.

    i tried to keep a straight face and look wide eyed and scared while they explained to me how brutal a "mexican federal prison" is. i'm sure it is horrible, but i somehow felt that reform for me was not their true motive.

    be prepared for the tj inquisition, where they get info out of you

    -where do work?
    -do you have to be at work tommorow?
    -boy, won't your family, friends, fans, be ashamed of you when they read about you in your newpapers. i had no idea that tj and the us had reciprocale (who gives a crap how it is spelled) newspapers. if you do read about me, please don't judge me, ok?
    -did you drive across?
    -where is your car?
    -you realize your crime will end up costing you 10k in the long run?
    -do you have a lawyer?
    -how much do you have on you?
    -do you have access to an atm? (idiots, read my "credit card", all i have is an atm card on me, learn the differance!)
    -try not to bust out laughing when the officer that is both driving and doing the questioning turns down a one way street, the wrong way, and goes against traffic. at least he pulled by a closed store and asked his partner if this was the place. officer sniffles plays along and quitely replies: "no, i thinks it's closed." please guys, it's 3am, everything is closed on this block.

    i offered $100 for their "higher ups". i was informed that this was as offensive as offering my lawyer, that wanted a $2,000 retainer fee, a "chicle". i happen to know that chicles are only worth about 5 cents. i was also informed that even the offense of "[CodeWord134]-[CodeWord134]" in the streets warrented a $200 fine. i didn't think i heard right so i had to say "mande?" once again i was told that to offer $100 is nothing because going "[CodeWord134]-[CodeWord134]" alone would get me a $200 fine. i think "[CodeWord134]-[CodeWord134]" must be a medical term.

    once i told them that there was no way i could come up with the $1,000 that it would take to wipe my record clean ("it's not for them but for their higher ups who must delete your horrible crime off of their computers") they then took me to the slammer. i figured that that was it, once there, no turning back. hahahaha / jajajajaja (spanish).

    even if you do end up in the slammer, there is no padlock on it. hello mayberry. there is, however, a drain where you can take a, and here is a quote, a "[CodeWord134]-[CodeWord134]". pretendending i couldn't undertand what he said, i actually made the officer repeat it twice to me. [CodeWord134]-[CodeWord134]. (same officer, not another one)

    ok, again sorry for the long report. in the end it ended up costing me $150 which i had in "efectivo". the great thing is that they were nice enough to give me a ride back and drop me off a block away from mermaids (across from ab). the jerk in me almost wanted them to drop me right in front of either place.

    please stay safe and feel free to contact me for any more details.


    donkey punch

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    Let's put it this way very simply. Very little has changed in TJ. There are some corrupt cops and some who aren't. They always have and still do random searches, especially in the drug areas which is the zona norte. (where the hookers are) It's no big deal. If you haven't done anything wrong, they don't do anything to you. It's more of a scare tactic.

    Driving is tougher because they can easily say you rolled through a stop sign. It is unsettling getting searched or stopped the first few times but it is common. Just go with the flow. If you did nothing wrong, hold your ground and pay nothing. They just bust your balls and then let you go. If you are that afraid, just stay in the US or go and stay with your friends when in TJ.
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    let's knock off the b.s. and focus on the issues that this forum is intended for, the ladies!

    i don't think that the government is going to consult with this forum to determine their immigration policy. i could be wrong.

    on the issue of the tj police i have been coming to tj for more than 10 years and have only been harassed once and on that occassion i was admittedly speeding. i currently live in baja california and drive all over baja. i am extremely white and do not at all look like a native. i drive a late mode land rover with california plates. i just returned from a trip in which i drove from tj to cabo san lucas and never once had a problem with the police local or federal. in fact, i got directions from the police and advice on what hotel to stay in on the route. from my experience the majority of people that are harassed by the police here bring it upon themselves. i know of at least one person that constantly rags on the tj police on this forum taht was pulled over because he ran a stop sign. he paid $40 and considers this a "shake down." the same offense in california would cost you more than $200.00 plus a day at traffic school or points on your record.

    for people that say that the tj police are just more street thugs, i can only say that tj is a very dangerous city. on top of home grown mexican scum they receive a number of gangbangers that are deported here from the states. accordingly, there are a number of active and very dangerous street gangs in tj along with common and ruthless thieves. if you should happen to turn down the wrong alley you may find yourself wishing that one of tj's finest was what you ran into.

    i drove down to cabo with my girlfriend so i was unfortunately unable to hobby. i did note, however, that practically every town on route 1 has a ladies' bar just outside of town. i did not get to check any of these out but they did peak my curiosity. i did have a couple of afternoons to myself while my lady was at the spa and the beauty salon. both these days i took a cab to the ccc, a large store in cabo, like a walmart. on both of these days i began speaking to the cabbies and both times they offered to take me to casas that are frequented by the locals and not tourist spots. again, as i was traveling with my lady i declined. i don't know if it was b.s. or not but both of them only offered after we had spoken for quite some time and both came into the store and hung out with me while i shopped and both only charged me $5.00 which is very cheap for a cab ride in cabo. so while i don't know for a fact, i suspect that like most cities in mexico there are numerous casas in cabo that cater to the locals, you just have to have a local show you where they are.

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    CJ does not have TJ cops on his payroll and only CERTAIN fat white lazy Americans are good for nothing.


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    as for corrupt tj cops, maybe cj has a few on his pay role? after-all he boasts how only mexicans know how to work and all us fat lazy white americans are good for nothing.

    more importantly, are you people for real here? there is no surprise when it comes to tj cops. they are all corrupt! this is hardly some big secret. tj cops have been hassling us americans for years. they are constantly biting the hand that feeds them. until we all decide to boycott tj, it will go on forever! be real! they are nothing but thugs, and have less respect for you then the common street thug. true, you do have to show them respect when they are shaking you down, but realize it's only because i am in their country where people have been known to disappear.

    i have known of two americans who supposedly traveled across the border and "committed suicide" in both cases the mexican authorities kept the bodies of the deceased for weeks before turning them over to the families. one guy was just 17, no reason to comit suicide was found shot in the head in a remote area. it's more then likely the tj cops who are up to this.

    i would not advise mentioning you're an attorney if they decide to basically [CodeWord123] you. the reason is given the timing of such a statement. if you decided to mention this info after they have already violated your "rights" and robbed you and they get the idea you are capable of making trouble, you can bet your chances of "disappearing" in tj have just ten folded. trust me it's best to act respectful and meek to these thugs! give them what they want, value your life. tell them you're a fry cook or something, but never anything that pertains to le.

    the mexican government from top to bottom is corrupt. everyone knows this. just ask any mexican. they steal people's property, homes, cars on a daily bases. they add taxes in any amount they want to a mexican's citizens property and basically steal if from them whenever and wherever they want.

    the policia in tj will only take your $ and rattle your nerves if you handle it right, but do anything else and you're sure to be a goner!


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    HoMaster, pls tell us more. How many times have you "gone to the station"? Were you driving at the time? Did they make you follow in your car? I have seen signs in TJ on Revolucion with a toll free number to report shakedowns, I will write the number down next time I go and post it here. (I realize that, in theory a lot of this stuff is off-topic, but hell, there isn't much to say about TJ hobbying except park your car at the border, walk across, take a taxi to Adelita's, check out the alley and CC, make your selection and negotiate your deal, and take a taxi back...)

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    You will never end up "seeing the judge". Just be courteous and tell them you understand that they have to take you to the station. They will try and intimidate you and you'll be thinking, shit I'll be waiting for days, etc., but go to the station - 9 times out of 10 the shakedown will dissolve without you going to the station. And if you go to the station and are reasonable, you'll be apologized to and set loose. And get the cops names and car license numbers so you can go back the next day and report them. I've done that each time I'm shaken down/attempted shakedown. A pain in the ass to return, but if we all do it, the bad cops will be impacted.

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    I have driven into TJ many times and never had a problem with the police. Of course, I could have said the same thing about walking before last Saturday.

    To keep some perspective, I do also note that of all the times I have gone to TJ, I have now been stopped by police 3 times for no reason-but two of them were on the US side. I wrote about this on the forum a few months back. I have twice been pulled over by San Diego police in the border for completely pretextual reasons because they were, in effect, randomly searching for drunk drivers. Of course, on the US side there is no fear of a shakedown.

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    You are at MORE risk if you drive down, IMHO. Having been shaken down several times while driving recently, I now park USA and walk across. Sorry to hear that now pedestrians are getting the shakedown too! Very discouraging. I have walked up Constitucion 200+ times, and also been dropped off at Sentri an equal number, and the cops never bothered me there when I was walking. Anyone else been hassled while walking?

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