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    Phil in my place

    My first post.

    Hope you will enjoy.

    Met her in Ratsky.
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    Nice pics Blr Hot Rod. What a great pair of tits!

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    I don't know why last time the pics didn't get uploaded. Anyways. Reloading it.


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    Can you share contact info for this lady?

    Dear Eric,

    Can you share contact info for this lady?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric T
    Some were curious... this is fair warning


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    Pick frm GH.

    Dear Pals.

    I have not found time to post my report on my Dubai trip yet. But will do soon. In the meantime enjoy these pics. Picked from Grand Hy**t where I was staying during last week of May.



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    In Dubai

    I'm going to be in Dubai on the 23rd of July. Anyone else gonna be there. Also what seems to be the key with getting these fine classy ladies to take their pictures? I've tried with a few as I fly thru there every 3-4 months, but I haven't managed to accomplish this feat.

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    Illogical - Congradulations

    Nice booty for 1000 th Post.

    Nice work dude.

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    New Pics Illogic

    Nice work.

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    Wow thats really great.

    Your 1000 and mine very 1st anyway congratsss.

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    1000th Post Celebration LOL

    A let down on the photo side for my 1000th post but the broad was not photogenic and I don't blame her. I wonder what most mongers will say if the WG whipped out the camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric T
    I was lucky with this gem...

    You indeed were lucky, but I checked your trip reports and could not identify the place / organisation that you found her.

    If you could be so kind as to clarify I would be greatful.

    As a trip is looming, just doing my research.

    Many Thanks.

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    Big titted african

    Huge for such a slim girl. They are actually bigger than they look in the picture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric T
    I was lucky with this gem.

    This was indeed a gem.

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    Hi eric

    This is really a gem.

    Would you mind to share contacts.

    What will be the damage.

    You can send me on my PM. Will appreciate that.


    Quote Originally Posted by Eric T
    I was lucky with this gem.


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    great legs and nice butt
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