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Thread: South China - Hainan Island - Sanya

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    Sanya update

    There isn't much activity in this thread, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Can anyone provide some information on options and the scene in Sanya these days. I'll be there for about nine days later this year and would like to experience some local culture if you know what I mean.

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    Latest Info

    This thread seems to be dead but I'm hoping that someone is still lurking here. Can anyone provide some updated info on Sanya as I'll be going there tomorrow for the Hainan Rendez-Vous show.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Lee  [View Original Post]
    If anyone is in Sanya I can show you around, not a service or anything, so no charge. I know the spots having been here a long time. I'm not so much into it now though as I have 3 gfs that keep me well busy, and if I do get a girl now I get one online usually.

    But I can give you the tour of where to find what you want! Always looking to make new pervert friends.

    Also, one of my gfs (Chinese) is into swinging, and yes we do MMF 3ps, (if she likes you).

    Get at me.
    Where online do you contacts these girls? Unless you can speak and read Chinese.

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    Casual Encounter Classified in Sanya

    Just wondering where to locate causal encounter classified in Sanya. Something like craiglist. It so bored over here and looking for fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko100  [View Original Post]
    Hey Tony, you seem to have loads of local knowledge,

    I am staying during September in Sanya for 2 weeks then up to Haikou for another week. I would love total into the local knowledge and have a local beer with you.

    Tony Knight hasn't posted on this thread for over a year, and his two posts were requests for information. The long, info filled post on the blue background was a post he replied to from Tombak.

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    Catch up

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Knight  [View Original Post]
    I am thinking of going to Hainan in January. How can we meet to share information
    Hey Tony, you seem to have loads of local knowledge,

    I am staying during September in Sanya for 2 weeks then up to Haikou for another week. I would love total into the local knowledge and have a local beer with you.


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    Lets meet

    Anyone interested in meeting up on June 21st night?

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    KTV get together.

    Anybody interested in getting together and going to the KTV's together. The KTV's are only fun if there are a bunch of guys. We can chip in for the room and split the costs.

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    BBS Red Light District in Sanya. Gang Wu Ju (&28207; &21153; &23616; &65289;

    There's a small street that is essentially the red light district of Sanya. It's a small street with almost 10 BBS back to back. Tell the taxi driver "Gang Wu Ju" (&28207; &21153; &23616; &65289; &65292; Get off, walk around until you see a bunch of small shops with pink or blue lights. From the Sanya International Hotel located on Jie Fang Lu, make a right and walk towards the water. One block before you reach the water, you will see a large alleyway with all the BBS back to back. For Chinese guys the price is 150, but if you are a foreigner the price will probably be 300. Some will allow you to take the girl to the hotel if they feel you are safe. If not, you are going to have to do it there. There's no shower there. No frills kind of place. Service is usually 45 minutes. You won't find any GFE's here.

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    HE massage

    Start at the KFC on the corner of XinFeng Jie and JieFang Jie and proceed down JieFang Jie without crossing the street. You will see a MacDonalds across the street. You are looking for the Hengsheng Hotel, if you get to the Bank of China or see the bus station across the street, you have gone too far. I actually saw the advertising on the upstairs windows from across the street. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. The lady actually has a english menu. After some questions, I was pointed to either 'Belgian' at 198 for 40 minutes or 'Passionate' at 398 for 80 minutes.

    Picked 'Belgian' and received very professional massage with oily HE. She wore a short skirt but no roaming of any kind allowed. She is 25 and from Sichuan. I enquired about the FS the best I could with my broken Chinese but was told no 'xiao jie' work here. So that 80 minute massage seems to be just a HE too.


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    Sanya BBS

    JiXiang Jie turns into SanyaHe XiLu as it crosses Jie Fang Jie and it then makes a right turn. Walk on the right side of the road as it turns right and there are number of restaurants plus a BBS. Now the BBS may not be easy to see. One night I walked by and noticed the gals sitting around inside plus the mamasan sitting outside motioning me in. So obvious signs of a BBS.

    I returned another night to check out the merchandise but the place had curtains drawn and a bicycle lock on the door. I could see faint light on behind the curtains but figured they were closed though it was 7 at night. As I walked by the adjacent Chinese hotel, a gal motioned me in and I followed her through to opening between the hotel lobby and BBS. As soon as I entered I noticed a cutie on the couch in a pink minidress who I pointed to; the gal who motioned me in was surely disappointed but quickly asked if I wanted both of them. No thanks. 300 ask was negotiated to 200 easily.

    Down the hallway to a large spartan room with a bed and shower stall. She had her clothes off before I had mine off. Off to the shower for a simple wash down. Turns out to be a 22 year old from Dongbei. CBJ and the deed with requisite fake moans. No fingering allowed. Another shower and she was dressed and out of the room in nothing flat. On my way out, the cutie was back in her place on the couch watching TV.

    The place is old and certainly not luxurious but it was just what I needed, simple and quick.


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    Sanya is still great, pretty much everything I've talked about in earlier reports is still open. Some BBS have moved around, while others are in the same place and doing business as usual.

    1) Bathtub massage with HE, 125, 1 hour. Head to Shang Pin Jie, that long windy back st. It's got a big neon sign in Chinese Characters on the outside of the building. Opposite there is another massage shop, no bathtub service at other one though. Head to front desk, told to go to floor 2 or 4, manager shows you menu and you pick what you want. 125 listing is the bath one. Get your gear off, lay down on table and get your head and neck rubbed while you relax and the bathtub fills up. Rose petals, scented oil, the works. Get in, relax and get scrubbed all over with one of those hand glove things, attention is given to your little brother. After 25mins or so onto the bed for an oiled up HE. After this you clean off the "mess" in a connected bathroom, then back to the table for a back rub and your done. Back down stairs, pay the bill, thanks for cumming, see you next time.

    2) Same area there is also a BBS, but this is a new one to me. No pink light, signs or anything you usually see. Just a few cute girls dressed in street clothing hanging around out the front. This is a no English place and I only stumbled onto it because I was drunk and can speak enough to get by, but far from fluent. Chatting to them asking what they were doing, got told at work. 1am in the morning, work it out for yourself heh. Get led up a ground floor entry stair case, to second floor. 250 damage. 1 shot, not sure on timeframe. This whole area is Chinese local, not aimed at Chinese tourist so very off the beaten track.

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    Action. The good and the not so good

    Well, good thing that it was successful. First night went to the place near the hotels. In front theres pizza hut, walked all the way in and there are a few men sitting and just say what business you want. Wanted a Russian for 4000, sadly they couldn't send one over after I waited for f ing 40min. So got a 800 Chinese, after that overnight which is 1300.

    Total. Took more than 2 hrs of fing and I used hand in the end. Very good service. 2nd night fml. Went to dadonghai and went to the bars, told my driver to check it out. He said the one in the last hav alot of people but only 2 or 3 whites. So went to 10th Road in shangyejie or business street to find some action, found nothing. Ask a motorcycle guy and he went off the grid. Literally, he went sonewhere that almost didn't hav any labels in google maps. Got there and wanted Russian. Said to wait 20 min. 45 min later, a fing mongolianish Russian showed up. Said fml and accepted. Back to hotel 40 min later and started. A bit hairy under the arms and down there. Very hard to communicate, no english no Chinese. 1 hr later, tired as f and give 600 for CBJ after bargain from 1000. LOL WTF. After a few min said mouth sore and more fing. I said f it and started using my hand. She said I'm longest lasting Chinese after the 3 yrs she's been here After, she left because I agreed, because my family a few doors away. I think they saw it, what should I do? Well, fuk it. Someone please tell me review of Russian. Not sure why I got it, but in american strip club plenty of white pussy willing to do everything for 300$. My suggestion in sanya is ask cab driver even though they rip the sht out of you. Maybe ask some store owner because they can't rip the sht out of you? First girl Looks 8 service 10 attitue: 9very nice. Russian: looks 5 compared to us service: 5, she can't even move properly, but at least tried. Att: 5. Fing keep spitting on the floor when CBJ. WTF.

    Maybe its my problem since I last a bit too long so the service degrades? Russian left 30 min when I typed this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atzen  [View Original Post]
    Its finally vacation time and I am traveling to Sanya. I will be staying in the Sheraton MGM area, are there any prostitutes there or girls in any clubs that offer services or just regular clubs? Any suggestions?
    I will be going to the Sheraton in YaLongBay early Jan 2013, is that the same hotel? I also wonder about the samething, and I will report back later.


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    Any actions around the five star hotel area?

    Its finally vacation time and I am traveling to Sanya. I will be staying in the Sheraton MGM area, are there any prostitutes there or girls in any clubs that offer services or just regular clubs? Any suggestions?

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