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    Rose aka Sofia and Miss Mahi precious stone spa

    Pending FRs.

    1. Rose.

    I keep track of Delhi forum as I often visit Delhi and a threesome with rose and Mona was on my list which is why I had already taken rose's no. From Rahul bhai.

    When I came to know she's in Hyderabad, I just had to go for her. Messaged her to confirm the deed, fixed it the other day and she was particular about timings.

    Hassle free, reached her room, she opened the door for me, looked fresh smelled good, very pleasing.

    First 20 minutes she gave a good massage and then we bonded over few things. She was acting so cute. Apparently Delhi doesn't give her much business anymore and she was very happy with Hyderabad. After this she'll be visiting Goa. She being happy about the money looked so cute haha.

    I am going to observe no fap for a while so wanted to finish off all my cravings. Which included anal.

    So rose was my first anal and Thai experience, very good reactions, amazing BBBJ.

    All in all, very good experience.

    Looks: she's getting on the older side.

    Boobs, figure: 7/10.

    WIR: in Delhi for threesome.

    2. Miss Mahi.

    If one has received service from miss be then I doubt any one will be able to fill her shoes.

    Miss Mahi did her best, good massage, BBBJ and B2B. But compared to miss be, she seemed ordinary and below average.

    WIR: if there is no miss be, then she is to be opted otherwise no.

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    Urgent help please

    Hello people,

    There is this office client who needs to visit a good spa tomorrow or day after. Please advise, which spa can I suggest in and around hitec city, Gachibowli. Requirement is it has to be a genuine good spa offering real good massage.

    I also hope to visit, so if any extras available I may go ahead for myself. But main aim is to get client a relaxing massage.

    Kindly assist.



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    Any review of the bird

    Hi brethren,

    Any one tasted the bird. Please review and also damages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suhagra  [View Original Post]
    Hi, can someone please share her digits?
    She must have left Hyderabad.

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    Rose aka Sofia digts

    Hi, can someone please share her digits?

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    Hyderabad contacts

    Dear mates and seniors,

    Requesting to please share a few contacts within 4-5 k range in Hyderabad.

    Can reciprocate with Kolkata contacts.


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    I request everyone to stop PM me for digits because as she said she left and she is not available. I am ignoring PM's asking for her contact.

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    Rahul bhai

    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]
    She is good food to eat.

    Very friendly and Vfm.

    Nice tattoo on back.

    Will meet her when she come to Delhi.

    Strange how one person can cheat like this.

    Enjoy mongering.
    Surprised to see Rahul bhai in Hyderabad forum. Those who don't know Rahul bhai let me introduce. He is the king of Delhi forum. A Kind hearted person who help any guy any time without any expectation.

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    Any good contacts in Gachibowli area?

    Hi friends,

    In Hyderabad for a short visit, any good contacts in Gachibowli area? Looking for some classy and good looking companions. My PM is active and can reciprocate with contacts in chennai and Bangalore.

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    Hi guys,

    Heard a lot about this.

    Can someone share number with reference?

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    King in Hyderabad?

    King Rahul are you in Hyderabad now?

    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]
    She is good food to eat.

    Very friendly and Vfm.

    Nice tattoo on back.

    Will meet her when she come to Delhi.

    Strange how one person can cheat like this.

    Enjoy mongering.

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    Thai FR

    I think there are so many FRs already. Great GFE. Age around 35-40 but flexible enough. My first anal experience. Everything's good like all FRs mentioned here. Damages: 5 k includes massage and anal. Place is safe.

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    Rose aka sofia

    Thanks for SitaGunjan and Erect for readily sharing the bird details visiting Hyderabad.

    She wasnt going to be available tomorrow, so had to try her today itself.

    She was very responsive on WA and clear on giving rigtht amout of time for 2 shots and was able to guide me to the location (safe).

    After hearing about defaulting monger, I offered to pay at the beginning itself which she was glad.

    She started with good massage and stretching first, for about 20 min or so. Then I popped anal question, she agree for 1 round for extra.

    I took long time from behind. Johny was unstoppable. Then decided to do regular, changed protection and banged regular for further long time in multiple positions.

    Chest was drenched in sweat despite the a / see!

    2nd round bnegan after some chit chat, I finished in doggy.

    She is levely and total expert in BBJ.

    Damage is 8 kfor 2, anal -1 k extra.

    WIR yeah, if she visits Hyderabad again.

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    In Hyderabad for a flying visit

    Hi people!

    I'm from Chennai and I'm here in Hyderabad for a day. Wanted to know if anyone can help me out with SP contacts or MP contacts near the Hyderabad airport or some other location closer / closest to it. I'll return the favor if you're in Chennai anytime. Thanks in advance.

    My subscription is active, you can direct message me. Cheers!

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    Visiting Hyderabad in Feb. Hi seniors

    Hi seniors and Members.

    I m visiting Hyderabad in Feb staying at HI-TECH CITY, would genuinely appreciate any good SPs, Massage parl (MPs) in and around Hi-tech City, or any foreign girls.

    Could reciprocate in Bangalore. Thanks in advance.

    Happy mongering.

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