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    Becarefull rides on oyo hotels

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    Not good

    Quote Originally Posted by Neo1980  [View Original Post]
    Can any seniors please put forward their opinion regarding the MR site for Hyderabad? TIA.
    Not good bro. I think they are fake in Hyderabad site.

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    Navya Digits

    Hi seniors, can anyone PM me Navya contact details please.

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    Just in case if it helps someone. Forum subscription and activation.

    Hi brothers,

    I was browsing through this forum for a while, and subscribed.

    I do find the instructions here. However would like to share with you that.

    We should not be buying bitcoins using cards via wallets like coinbase. It's too risky. Just in case if your bank gets a hint that you are dealing in crypto, the bank might have something to say.

    Anyways, while the disclaimer is out.

    Here is the summary of terms which makes it easy for someone to understand the bitcoins mechanism.

    Cypto. Digital currency or say rewards.

    Bitcoins. One of the many crypto currencies available.

    Seller and buyer. Self explanatory.

    Wallets. Like your purse where crypto is stored. Each wallet has its own address.

    Exchange. Where you buy and sell crypto.

    P2 P. Peer to peer transactions.

    How to get subscription?

    - We have to pay btc worth $25.

    What are the next steps?

    - Use Google to find the days btc to USD value.

    - Give some levy to it and add minimal increments to be on safe side and to cover transaction costs.

    Once the amount of btc is known.

    Time to get wallet.

    - Coinbase provides a wallet. Use if you want it.

    - But, localbitcoins offers a wallet as well. I used this.

    Just sign up on localbitcoins.

    Check for a vendor who can help you get btc and get the transaction done.

    Once the btc is in your wallet, you can use the wallet address shared by admin here and send it across.

    You would get a transaction I'd.

    Use the contact us page to send the transaction ID. Wait for approval.

    P.S. - I am also waiting for approval, and I don't have anyone to blame as it takes some time.

    Ignore if this is something you already know.

    New to forum. And don't have pm yet as I am waiting for approval.

    So, just wanted to add what I felt could help someone.

    There are many alternatives. Having an idea about terminology and others would help in finding a good one.

    Sorry for a lengthy one, and ignore if you are already well versed with all of this.



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    You guys are the best!

    I am so thankful for both of you, PartyHard7 and BabyKutu, to guide me through this and be supportive. I want to message both of you but your inbox is full, if possible please make space for me. I wish to seek guidance.

    After watching a lot of comments on the forum board, I've understood that the birds are divided into 3 types.

    1. Indies / WG 2. MPS 3. SP (already mastered this).

    I can understand the Indies and SP part, like how to identify them but how am I supposed to know if the MP is a something that provides FS or extras?

    Also, when contacting the Indies through WA, is it safe to use your personal digit?

    I read few comments that say about the birds initiating the calls and asking them to refer.

    Is it safe? Doesn't that expose our identity? If not, how do we use a fake ID / WA or a fake digit.

    I've also seen that DFKs, DATY and BBJ are risky on WGs as they might carry something but a lot of Senior members have rated the birds in these characteristics.

    I understand that it is ones choice but if someone does get infected with something, isn't it possible for them to report back so that we can at least narrow it down to a small circle?

    Sorry for bothering you all with such newbie questions, I am new to the scene and would like as many pointers from your amazing experiences.

    Its because of Mirrorwali that I am so extra cautious and spooked. If possible please PM me these few details.

    Digits of Navya and Rose.

    And how to reach the Diamond konda spa / Precious stone spa. Fancying Miss V and A far too much. Johnny is going mad crazy.

    Thank you in advance, I will return the favor with best of my skills. I have 20+ SPs, cheap ones to model ones, I will reciprocate with them.

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    [Email address deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Lady Doc

    I see that you don't have PM. I don't vouch for this lady doc because I had not visited her and don't want to make her famous suddenly.

    If you still want to go to her, you can search for sexoloqist in that area in maps and you will find her.

    P. S. Spelling mistake is intentional.

    Quote Originally Posted by Madmax00  [View Original Post]
    Hi bro,

    Really like all your suggestion. Looks like you are pro at this. I am new to Hyderabad and looking for guidance. Also, can you share the doctor details in JHills? I live close to there.


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    New member

    Hi Seniors,

    I am a new member here. Got subscription today (thanks to Laddubabu bro).

    Could anyone please share contact of an independent girl with GFE.

    As I do not know about this forum earlier, I tried loc and Hyderabad VIP 69 blog on my own. Loc experience is very bad.

    Blog experience is good as I went for Russian then. It is little on higher side 7 k per session.

    I will contribute to this forum as and when I get experience.

    Best regards.

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    Met Manisha today!

    Good experience. Darjeeling bird. Safe location. She lives with a helper guy.

    She needs a drink to turn on, and once she does, she's a wild one! Carry some alcohol if you want to build a good rapport.

    I'm a teetotaler, though she likes guys who would have a drink with her. She offered me a drink the last time I was met her a year and a half ago.

    An overall good experience. Boobs are medium and firm with erect nipples!

    Report card:

    Looks: 7/10. Used to look prettier a couple of years back.

    DFK- 9/10: good DFK.

    BBJ- 8/10. Started BBJ without me asking.

    Boobs: 8/10: medium, maybe 34 C. Those boobs are a turn-on!

    Cat: 7/10. Not too tight.

    Body: 9/10. Not slim nor plump. Just about the right size.

    Service: 8/10. Service was good! Semi-GFE.

    Damage 5 k / shot.

    WIR- Definitely for a dry day. She likes repeat customers. Semi-GFE.

    Will share with brothers who have helped in the past and our good old responsive seniors!

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    How does this work?

    Have been curious to know how does this work?

    It so happens what we get requests on PM. And once we share the contacts. The bird sometimes feels like is flooded with requests and suddenly a good Lead goes Underground.

    How does one deal with this?

    Seniors throw light?



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    Can any seniors please put forward their opinion regarding the MR site for Hyderabad? TIA.

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    Tashu- not considered

    Thanks bro, you saved my time and money. As per reviews, I decided to not to meet her.

    Thanks everyone for quick response.

    Happy mongering.

    Quote Originally Posted by PartyHard7  [View Original Post]
    This one is on SA with username Tashu. She is old and there are few posts on forum about her. Meet her casually before you proceed.

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    Subscription using localbitcoins

    Quote Originally Posted by LadduBabu  [View Original Post]
    Awesome bro. Glad to know it worked. And surely happy to see a good note. Keep FR'ing.
    Thank you bro. It worked for me as well. It is very simple and easy process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajKumar1988  [View Original Post]
    Hi everyone,

    Any review on below attached women, quoting 25 k for night, trying to get down to 15 k. Anyone tried her, any reviews?
    Not worth, she is half her beautiful self without App correction. Much older in reality.

    Avoid at all costs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SadBoyz  [View Original Post]
    Hello brothers,

    I am very new to this forum as well as the mongering scene.

    I am 24, a fairly attractive male with athletic physique but my johnny is just 5 inch and it doesn't last more than 10-20 seconds in first shot.

    I've already given up on my Johnny and am looking to improve my other skills.

    I have more than 20+ local SPs who quote as low as 3 k for 2 shots to SPs who quote 10 k for 1 shot.

    None of them ask for any advance and all the images they share seem to be genuine as I've tried few of them and also reverse searched the ones that seemed too good to be true.

    What I wish for is the guidance of all the senior members and share digits with me (if possible) and I will reciprocate the same..

    Firstly size of jhonny has nothing to do with sexual satisfaction, fact says 2 inches and upwards is enough to make a women orgasm. So relax there. It is what it is and we Indians are lucky.

    Coming to you not lasting more than 10 sec's well. For starters stop watching porn or reduce watching porn, wanking once a day reduces the sensitivity of the blood vessels under the glans which makes you to come early. Jhonny gets more used to your grip and hand than the warm and mushy pussy. In short stop / reduce masturbation.

    Practice delaying tactics like withdraw before climax indulge in foreplay or kissing or cuddling and start after few minutes.

    DATY / DFK are STD risks doing these on WG / Pro's will leads to STD infection. Avoid as much as you can.

    BBBJ. Sure short infection. Get used to CBJ safe and most women in Hyderabad don't even know what a sloppy BBJ is, at best you will get a teethy CBJ. Avoid as much as you can.

    GFE time with chicks has 2 angles. You will need to win their trust by frequenting them and treating them with utmost respect & not being forceful till they open up. However refrain from getting personally enticed and drawn into infatuation. So the trick is make more trips and she will open up. Patience is the key here.

    The above are my 2 cents, rest is your call.

    All the best. BK.

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