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    This is She!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sreeni  [View Original Post]
    Is she Rani from Madhapur? Asking for insane 17 k / 2 hrs.
    Rani she, A. K. A all money down the gutter.

    Dead fish still got some flesh. Rani is rotten fish. Go not by her looks, deceptive they are. 17000! Hah!! Not more than 1500 for a quick. Everybody I know of has regretted LT with Rani. Nobody has either written anything home of ST with her.

    May sanity prevail over Rani, the ridiculous!

    Even the birds in her cage are worse than street side hokey dokeys!

    Strictly avoid becoming a lamb on platter to Rani.


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    Cam session with local language girl.

    Hi friends,

    I had another cam session with girl. Luckily found in locanto. I paid first but she didn't provide. But later she WA me and provided service. Good service. She have good tits . Shared her WA no with couple of people in forum.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dev13  [View Original Post]
    5 K for 2. Can't be true. She is asking double of that for single. Better to avoid her.
    Mi Amigo,

    Owing to the fact that, Shruti quotes way too high, I know it's not possible to convince her for 5 K per 2. Honestly, even I didn't think she would agree, I thought she'd say just one pop for that price. But before she'd say anything, I asked her for 2 pops in 1 hour. I don't know if she heard the complete thing or not, but she agreed. It's true that I didn't go for the 2nd pop as I was in a hurry, so technically, you can count it as one. But she did agree to it. Probably, she was in dire need of money, I couldn't say. The reason why I'm saying that she might've been desperate is, no matter how much we try she wouldn't meet a guy without reference (like me), as far as I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rsujoy  [View Original Post]
    Anyone tried this bird? Seems to be an indie. Only sex nothing else. No BJ or anything. Is quoting 2500 or 4000 2 shots?
    Don't even try her. She is Siri but goes by many names like Diksha etc, I have tried her many times in hope that she'd improve her service. But each time, it just got worse. Very mechanical and completely money minded. To make things even worse, the place is like a dump and makes you feel claustrophobic at times.

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    GFE contacts.

    Can you PM me the GFE contacts your mentioned?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinkysafe  [View Original Post]
    Have many contacts of serious GFE girls, ping me and I will share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BumchikBabloo  [View Original Post]
    Have you experienced her mate what was the WIR and your experience.
    No I didn't experienced her but I read reviews about her and also saw pics of her. With that I tried to approach her but she always quote more than market price. Due to this I removed her from my list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dev13  [View Original Post]
    5 K for 2. Can't be true. She is asking double of that for single. Better to avoid her.
    Yes 5 K for 2 she does come all you need is to not to hurry. I had multiple times for 10 K for 4 times (FN). You just need to bargain and bargain. Someday she will come down.

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    Request for digits.


    Can you please PM her number. Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sreeni  [View Original Post]
    Is she Rani from Madhapur? Asking for insane 17 k / 2 hrs.
    17 k for 2 hours is a straight no bro.

    You will get much better indie than her.

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    Spa above Jamba Jewerly.

    My first FR: Hi everyone posting it little late as this happened couple of weeks back. Also I am not a very good storyteller so please excuse my writing skills.

    This is my first experience with a girl in Hyderabad. I went to this spa during evening on Sunday, luckily the restaurants around it were empty hence it was easy for me to directly walk into the spa. Upon entering the spa the first thing that I observed was too much smoke may be because of some scented sticks. There were two guys at the reception and he showed me the catalogue and I selected Swedish massage. He allocated me a small room. I changed my clothes to dispo and after some time a girl entered. She had average face and slightly chubby body structure but her assets were good. She gave me good massage and was constantly asking me if the pressure was right. Since this was my first spa experience I was very shy in asking for extra services but after 20 minutes she herself popped the question and offered HJ + TL at 1 k and B2B at 2 k. Since I only had 1 k cash remaining opted for first offer. She gave me good HJ. Overall the service was good so far for me.


    Cash: 2 k + 1 k.

    WIR: yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JemmyJerk01  [View Original Post]
    It's in be. Pet below metro station and nothing to hide here LE is well managed the pub / resto will run up to 12:00 am.
    All reviews say its an unsafe place and not very happening.

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    Mad Rani.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sreeni  [View Original Post]
    Is she Rani from Madhapur? Asking for insane 17 k / 2 hrs.
    I think that is her tenth or inter photo. She is not even worth 3 k per hour. Never ever go for her. All you get with her is big big bifi dissatisfaction and that's it. Better to go with your hand bro. If you are too desperate.

    Thanks. Digiman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sreeni  [View Original Post]
    Is she Rani from Madhapur? Asking for insane 17 k / 2 hrs.
    Yes Rani from Mpur. Tell her to get lost.

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    FR on restaurant floor spa.

    Couple of day's back I walked into this restaurant floor spa. I visited this placed like a year ago and had FS. After reading the recent FRs I wanted visit this place again.

    At the counter I was asked if I am going have any extras. I said don't know. Just want to have a normal massage. Do not want to pay at the counter. Did that last time and masseuse advised not to pay at the counter.

    I was shown the room and a lady walked in. I called the counter guy and asked him to show the line up. I choose a lady from the pics on his mobile, I was showed.

    Miss S who is half Punjabi and half Bengali walked in and said she will be back in a while as she in middle of doing eye brows for a lady customer. And asked me to change mean while.

    After a while she walked back into the room smilingly. I was wearing dispo and had the towel wrapped around me. She came close and pulled the towel away. I was about to lie on the message bed, she touched my Johnny and said not ready yet. With that touch Johnny got ready.

    She leaned over me letting me touch her. I held her by waist and she started conversations and told me about her. I reminded her that there is message to be done. Once I got on the bed without any delay I was asked about the extras. After settling at 2 k she let me do LFK and occasionally kissed balls. She said no for BJ. While I was working on her upper body she stripped down and asked me to her rub down there. Once I am done she finished the rest of name sake message.

    She talked a lot about her personal life. Willing to meet outside but she is trying a separate number for that. She said she will share that number once she gets it.

    Read about the LE heat in the recent posts posted by seniors and that too special mention about this particular place. May be I was lucky enough to be safe. I will not be visiting that place any sooner considering the seniors advise.

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    SP and not indie.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaximumsFrost  [View Original Post]
    Is she an Indie or with a SP?

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