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Thread: Hyderabad / Andhra Pradesh

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    2 FRs on Spa.

    Hi all,

    After being part of this forum for quite a while and asking for help from legends like Babykutu sir, was very excited to give a try but then suddenly the raids happened and I could not try anything. Finally after understanding that I am not contributing anything here and hence not getting any help, decided to venture out. Below are my 2 FRs on the spas I visited:

    1) spa 1 (resembles gas, in a mall) my first ever massage experience.

    With lots of excitement booked up an appointment with the spa and reached the place. This place had good looking girls and good ambience, my excitement reached another level looking at the therapists. One therapist escorted me to the massage room and asked me to change. She was a Thai and decent looking. I was not knowing on what to wear and how to lie down as it was my first time. Somehow I managed to get on the massage table lying on my front and the therapist enters. Massage was very good and I was waiting for the hints. But she seemed very professional, no talks, no hints and strictly massage. I was waiting for the question to pop out from her at least in the end, but nothing asked and she said "Massage done, take shower". I was very very disappointed, took shower and left.

    Massage: 9/10.

    2) Spa 2 (name resembles "get it" in hindi, in a complex) my second experience till date.

    This happened today. Again with lots of excitement and hopes of getting myself some pleasure, booked the appointment and went to the place. Good ambience and I was shown the room by the guy at reception. Went in and changes. Therapist Ms. K entered, had some chat throughout the massage, she is a thai, little aged but decent and were discussing many casual things. Midway through the massage, looked like she was expecting me to ask about extras but I kept quiet. She asked herself when there were last 15 minutes left:

    She: you want HJ or not.

    Me: How much do you charge.

    She: 2000.

    Me: No.

    Me: I will give 1000 for B2B and 500 for HJ.

    She: Never do.

    Me: OK.

    She did not even comedown a bit.

    And we both were quite for remaining massage time of 15 minutes. She left. I took shower and left. Again sad and feeling bad.

    Massage: 3/10 (Just rubbing).

    I request all senior members including Babykutu sir, please help me with spa which has good looking girl with decent rates for HJ, B2B and fs. Sincere request please.


    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was originally written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERING and thus was edited to normal case text. Writing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERING in the internet equivalent of shouting and is thus is prohibited on this forum.

    In the future, please do not write reports in ALL CAPITAL LETTERING. Thanks!

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    Kindly inbox me her digits please. Greatly appreciate.



    Quote Originally Posted by MongerClub  [View Original Post]
    In past I asked for reviews on this girl but since no one responded, decided to go ahead and try myself. Met her yesterday. Muslim girl. Didn't expect her to be so tall. Nice figure, I liked it. For those who are looking for big boobs, you will be disappointed. Her boobs are small but I am not a fan of big boobs. As usual started chit chat over a couple of drinks. She smokes too. She started opening up. DFK, GFE, Said she will do CBJ but since I insisted on a BBBJ she agreed. She kept licking me all over my body while giving BBBJ and I kept fingering her since I am not into DATY. Started in Mish, Lotus and finished in doggy. Rest was all regular like clean pussy, nice GFE and other such things..

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    Hey guys need some help!

    Hey brothers,

    Will be in Hyderabad this weekend, will finally get some time away from the wife. I would appreciate if anyone has some decent contacts even SP that provide some decent girls. Price is not an issue as long as the girl / service is up to the price. I don't want to overpay and I know that is a big problem in Hyderabad. I would surely reciprocate with my Delhi contacts. Last time I was in Hyderabad a lot of bros helped me with contacts, which I truly appreciated, but most of the girls were no that great looks wise or were charging a bomb!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dev13  [View Original Post]
    Last I heard was 8 K for 2, please double check.
    She is a good GFE, worth 8 for 2.

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    New to show.


    Am new to this forum. Can someone please help me with good birds.

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    References for Navya.

    Can someone PM me references for Navya, she doesn't respond without references.

    Thanks and will replicate.

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    Visiting spa safe now?

    Can anyone update on safety of spa visits please.

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    Back in the city after a long time seniors. Please suggest some spas. Will be grateful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightRider12  [View Original Post]
    Can anybody help with details of the lady. Found the pic while seaching the forum. Following is the link to photo.
    She quits bro, does very very selected clientele in coastal city. No more of the regular fare.

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    8 k for 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sreeni  [View Original Post]
    Anyone tried Sruti from be. Hills, with digits ending 704, she is asking for 8 k a pop, is it worth?

    Appreciate some pointers please.
    Last I heard was 8 K for 2, please double check.

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    Lady from Mumbai

    Hey folks,

    Came across this lady with the handle "slutyns*ani* on AFF who looks good to try. Anyone tried and has first hand information?? Appreciate your feedback on her.



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    Looking for a repeat of your experience. Please inbox me her digits and reference.




    Quote Originally Posted by HydMong  [View Original Post]
    Met this indi yesterday, super experience, she told that she came back to service after 6 months, which I don't trust.

    Coming to looks she seems to be muslim lady but have other ladies in her basket who are fair. This lady ne is wheatish in Colour and aunt type. Went to place in the evening, a warm welcome with cool water, place is complete private and no disturbance. Once we enter she changed her costume to silky maxy, and came closer with a DFK with all tongue twist inside and got handful of boobs. Nice to suck and squeeze, she won't resist you in playing with them even she likes it which she said while playing. Then gave me BBJ, for CIM she charges extra or else ok with bbj. Then entered her in missionary, pussy was slight tight, she started moaning a lot with good facial expressions, they are real not fake. Except anal ready for all. First deed done in missionary, and after 10 min break entered in doggy, wot, spooning, lotus, all done without any hesitation. She is ready for threesomes also..

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    Follow up / FR on Lucky.

    Hey guys,

    Last week I had a good time with this bird lucky!

    Back story. Some 2/3 weeks back Redfox shared her contact to a bunch of people, he paid 10 k for two pops but the people that he shared bargained for as low as 6 k and also contacted her at odd times, she is basically a wannabe model and only does this when she needs money, so she blocked people left and right including me! I got blocked at "HI, I'm so and so and the reference" one dude got so pissed here! But I took it up as a challenge because back when I was in Dubai I could easily get 7 or 8's but it was tough to get that stunner 9's or 10's, usually there are only 2 or 3 stunners in a club full of 50 plus birds, they basically get plenty of attention, so someone said if you can't get a girl to sleep with you for money then you got to have a game dude! So I was inspired by this and after a week messaged her from another number, made some sweet talk and she agreed! Yay! Felt good! But she she quoted me 12 k but I bargained for 10 k but finally agreed on 11 k.

    Coming to deed she said she likes breezeres, so I got some and waited for her at a common agreed point, she arrived after 10/15 minutes, when she got down from her taxi and when she was getting into my car a bunch of people were staring at her! Not so in a good way, I thought damn! What kind of situation I'm I getting into as she has this crazy dressing style, heavily torn jeans and all, she looks like she might be in her early 20's, very slim, small but perky boobs! They are so perky without any support! But her face is OK types, we did small talk for a while, we connected on music, one best thing that I liked about her is when I wrapped my hand around her I could easily reach the other boob too, she is that slim and has a sexy waist! Downside with this bird is she doesn't do DFK or LFK and seems like she's got a bit of attitude but that slowly wore of after some talk, and also she has a typical WG type face, no wonder people were staring at her, I like it when the girl doesn't look like a WG! We started the deed, did her in Miss and Doggy, and finished the deed, played some music that we liked and finished round 2! Overall it was good! Thanks Redfox for the contact! On a side note, I know most people treat them right but this is for those guys! Just because they are WGs doesn't mean that you can call them on whatever times you like, I would be pissed too if my client calls me in odd times! Just respect them like the way you would respect a regular person and that would be the currency to get a great service!

    I cannot share this contact with everyone as she already blocked a bunch of people, if you are okay with her price and if you will treat her right then message me! Attaching the pic! And a request. Last time when I shared a contact to few people, I did get some contacts, thanks! But I did not use any of them as the seemed very average! I usually prefer quality to quantity! If you do have some good ones then do share it if not then never mind brothers!


    Face- 5/10.

    Body- 8/10.

    Attitude- 6.5/10.

    WIR. No.

    Expenses- 11 k for two pops.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_5587.JPG‎  

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    Please inbox me her digits and reference.


    Quote Originally Posted by LongLund7  [View Original Post]
    This is a very late FR, this encounter was about 2 months ago.

    Thanks Rsujoy for the contact. This was my first mongering experience in Hyderad.

    Indie from Begumpet, place is good and secure. She has a lot of dogs, just FYI.

    She is a little on the heavier side, loves foreplay and DFK. She gets really horny for it.

    Fuck her good in doggystyle and pull her hair, she will moan like crazy.

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    Definitely too much.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChiracClient  [View Original Post]
    20 k is too much for her service. She is decent enough in looks and figure but not very DFK or DATY friendly. And she feels like a heroine at times. Just stay at <8 k. It'll take time but will work out.
    Ya definitely! 20 k is way too much! She quoted me the same, I said the best that I could do is 12 k, she bluntly said not interested! So ya I let go! BTW too many bros said she thinks she is some heroine! Haha! Some attitude!

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